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  1. I love this idea would be nice to see something like this. I could have additional bonuses are just used simply for show either way I like it.
  2. I have a feeling that I saw this rejected in a previous Core not sure. If you wanna money for currency just sell rep. I have a feeling rep wont be as useful as the previous Cores though since there isn't much to buy with it but people looking for BLs will be willing to buy for sure.
  3. So has anyone else been playing around with the reduced AI encounter on the crafted armors? It doesn't seem like its there or maybe its like a small percent reduction? I still encounter about as much AI as I would without the armor on. Is this new effect applied to the existing armors are only the ones crafted after the update?
  4. Hmmm just got this as a crafting option http://prntscr.com/4ey977 Who makes Iron Studs? I'm assuming a weapon smith?
  5. You can't be attacked while in arena but you can be attacked right after leaving it if you are not fast.
  6. http://prntscr.com/4eu229 Here is what I have so far.
  7. I've been getting random log out on both Firefox and Opera as well all this morning not sure how its produced but I can log on and like 10-20 mins later I get auto logged out. Tested Chrome and IE and get the same result on both of those too. I think its the actual game and not the browsers.
  8. If anything hits 0 its gone for good doesn't matter if its crafted or not.
  9. IGN: Legend Buyer/Seller:Seller Amount seeking to sell or buy: Selling 20 reps for 1 mill or Gold fed for 1 mill Note: I'm a well know rep seller from Core 2 so you either send yen first or use mod/admin as middle man since real money trumps fake money. I document all paypal receipts so if any issues come up just let me know. Offer: Send me a PM in game about this offer.
  10. Meh, I can craft 90 durability leather armor thats about it D: Should be able to do Jounin stuff soon. Just let me know if anyone wants to buy its cheaper for Shroud villagers but I don't mind spreading the love depending on who is asking for it.
  11. Alright, thanks for looking into it. Guess we wait for Pana now. Edit: Alright I can trade leather pieces on the regular trade but its limited to boots and cap for some reason. First screen shot show what I have in my inventory. http://prntscr.com/4d439l Second shows what I can actually sell. Can only sell http://prntscr.com/4d431s Also are these items not supposed to be traded on the Grand Market under the Town hall tab? 5,000k fee is kinda crazy when i wanna give them away for cheap to villagers.
  12. Yeah I would assume so but I don't get an option in either the Grand Market or Regular Trade o.o
  13. Seems like a good ideal especially if you don't wanna play a combat role and more of a supportive role. You have to wake up to train and do missions thats plenty of time to catch someone awake. Why not make the Trade and Grand Market accessible during sleep or at like a ramen stand.
  14. Yeah I'm curious about this too since I had 1k stats invested into EM before it was removed.
  15. http://prntscr.com/4co89p http://prntscr.com/4co8sb Screenshots of what I'm trying to sell and and my profession level if that helps. The items are the Chuunin leather armor pieces.
  16. Username: Legend Location: Shroud Village Item Trade Priority: Medium Bug's Effects: From what I've been told armor that is above simple should be able to trade. How the bug happened/how to reproduce: Simple, when you go to the trade tab it says you have nothing to sell.
  17. Once you actually get crafters weapons won't deplete as fast due to increase durability and it literately costs nothing if the weaponsmith fixes them. I've been repairing the event items and it takes roughly 5 mins.
  18. How would you even use a jutsu without a weapon. It makes since how it is imo. Could of sworn weapon jutsus are cheaper to buy due to weapon upkeep.
  19. Also remember some Tai moves require weapons.
  20. mangekyoulegend

    Core 3 Q&A

    Ahhh so regen cut is technically off atm? Thats good to hear :3 Lol @ Faithy you either go hard or go home here.
  21. mangekyoulegend

    Core 3 Q&A

    They seem to be avoiding this issue its been brought up a couple times now.
  22. So now BLs only have element weaknesses? Or is there still that square where Nin beats Weapon, Weapon beats Gen, Gen bats Tai and Tai beats Nin? My take on the BL names? Most of them sound fairly good except for a few. Polarity Shifter: Is probably the best sounding outside of BBE and BEE who ever came up with this name hats off to you. I really enjoy this one pretty much the reason why I got it this Core. Vaporia: sounds kinda plain in my opinion guess since most the other BL names have two words and it just has one. Reminds me of something that would be used in Final Fantasy like a spell or something lol. Savage Hurricane: would sound better if it was the same name as it was submitted. Yaketsuku Netsu: I must agree sounds out of place here since majority of them are in English language but the name looks cool. Endless Erosion: Not sure what to think of this one sounds more like a jutsu than BL name. Demonic Parade: Is a little weird sounding but if it summons demons I guess it fine Demonic Renaissance or Rebirth would sound better imo. Aura Weaver: Sounds like a good name thought it was nin looking at the name at first. Skybreak Dragon: Thought this was Tai looking at the name and I'm pretty sure many others did too but I love the name. Frost Blade Executioner: Not a bad name but felt Legend of the Blue Blade was the better name since its an obvious copy. The returning Core 1 BLs always had cool looking names Blood Enchanted Eyes and Blue Blade Eyes glad to see Blood Enchanted Eyes got bumped up to S-rank this core. Solar Soul: Sounds cool reminds me of SY from TNR Deep Heat: This one caught my eye reminds me of a dog in heat when ever I see it XD
  23. IGN: Legend Buyer/Seller:Seller Amount seeking to sell or buy: Selling One Gold Fed for 250k (take it or leave it) or 20 reps for 250k (which ever sells first) Note: I'm a well know rep seller from Core 2 so you either send yen first or use mod/admin as middle man since real money trumps fake money. I document all paypal receipts so if any issues come up just let me know. Offer: Closed for now may open again in the near future.
  24. Someone delete this one please server lag/crash is annoying D:
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