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  1. Something something final nail in the coffin something something already dead something something...
  2. Nope. Not really. But I'll change it just the same for the sake of getting my stuff through creations.
  3. The feathers that would regrow would just be feathers. The jutsu turning them into kunai is a different jutsu entirely. ALL this does is allow his feathers (all of them) to regrow quickly, which is crucial if he's going to be flying a lot.
  4. Yup, the other thing didn't need a rank bump, so this is still good.
  5. Blanket "yes" from me. I'm liking everything I'm seeing. Nobody would be forced to lose their RPC. Their RPC is also not written out of existence; we're simply skipping forward 100 years. Same world, same story, same everything, but with simplified jutsu and creations stuff. Hopefully that'll make things easier on staff (god, I hated going through all the custom creations section as a mod), and things can move quicker. I also love the idea of an ever-expanding global list. It avoids a lot of the... custom crap that happened. "My custom did that generic thing, you can't do that generic thing too!" Yeah. Not going to rant. Just yes to everything.
  6. Victor canceled this transformation a second time. There would likely not be a third; the situation did not lend itself to lengthy techniques. He should have simply arrived with the transformation in place. Unfortunate oversight on his part, but he would suffice. There were plenty of challenges involved in actually getting at Victor now. He had a nigh-impregnable wire shell around him, which would stay in place to block most of the attacks. His techniques would continue to fuel themselves through the use of Chakra Absorption on any defeated mice. This would likely have a difficult time keeping up now that the numbers were a bit thinned... but there were plenty of enemies still there to be sapped. So it was time for Victor to take the offensive. Zaulyl was primed to deal with the ground forces, so Victor would take to the skies. His wire net would expand as much as he could, as he used a couple more Wire Prisons to increase his supply of available wire as the net reached its limit. Before long, there would be a massive mesh of wire covering the skies. If Zaulyl were to guide his birds through the net, this would defend them from any attacking wyverns, as the net would react to the puppets by shredding them and sapping the mice. Finally, it was time for Victor's bow to make an appearance. Using a combination of the homing ability and the Potshot Arrows, Victor would flood the skies with exploding arrows, each of which would find its own wyvern to detonate against. Even better, the arrows would dodge any attempts to prematurely detonate them, and the homing ability ensured that any blasts of wind would only deter them momentarily. Any falling wyverns would be caught, and promptly sapped of their chakra. If Cagnazzo was going to throw an army at them, Victor would teach him fear.
  7. RPC Name: Victor Ryuuko Jutsu Learning: Chi Note: At the end of my jutsu list on Victor's profile, there is a section for monthly trainings. Add this to the end. I have Zaulyl's permission to learn this, but I'll prod him to come in here and confirm it when he gets a moment. This is my first monthly since Victor's acceptance. All his slots were filled upon being accepted. If there are any other issues, please let me know. Thanks to whoever takes the time to look this over!
  8. Victor would stop his transformation, reverting quickly back to his natural form. There was a chance to hit the base hard, so Victor would capitalize on it. When he saw the shield go down, he'd blast the base with everything he had - all the lightning he had absorbed from countless attacks. The amount of raw power in that blast would likely be enough to destroy the lower half of the research facility; at the very least, Victor was hopeful that they would no longer need to worry about the flying wyvern puppets. Of course, this left Victor in human form. Darn it all. He needed to increase his defenses before attempting that transformation again. So he began to cast Wire Coffin on himself, enveloping himself in an airtight nigh-indestructible shell of wires. Like Gaara, really, except with wires instead of sand. Victor is a Gaara clone. Screw the rules, I'm fucking Victor Ryuuko. Once he was inside his shell, the outside layer of wires controlled via remote wire manipulation would defend against the lightning while the inner shell would defend against most physical attacks. This was the most defended Victor could get without outside help, so he tried again. It would be another full minute. How's that for a counterattack? You're not the only one who learned some new tricks in our time apart. Sorry to ditch you again, but you seem to be doing alright. I'll be back in action in a moment. Make sure nothing disrupts this again? Victor would telepathically send the thought to Zaulyl as he began to change into wire form once more. And once he was finally in that form, he'd be a machine of destruction. But it would take a full minute...
  9. http://www.twitch.tv/twitchplayspokemon This right here is madness.
  10. I removed the speed-boosting ability since I can do that later with a jutsu. It still has a few abilities that need chakra, though. Can be kawarimi'd with (not sure if that qualifies), can be snapped open or shut at will by the user (minor ability at best, can remove if really necessary), and returns to the user at will (the important ability). Is this sufficient, or would you like me to remove any of the above abilities? I'm keeping the "returns to user" clause, but the rest can go if absolutely necessary.
  11. Name: Feather Regeneration Rank: B Type: Ninjutsu Fighting Style: Physical Range: Self Element: None Village Origin: Nagare Description: Vincent focuses chakra into his wings, causing his feathers to regrow at a very rapid pace. This technique does not require handseals. Creator: Vincent Cross
  12. I had intended to use it that way. It actually never occurred to me that this could be used without flicking the wings to shoot the feathers. I have made the edit. Also, could you go to Feather Launch and add in the following line at the end of the description section: "This technique requires a flick of the wings to actually "launch" the feathers, meaning the feathers do not simply "shoot" from his wings." I want the same thing to be held true for that jutsu as well. Thanks in advance, and sorry for the unanticipated hax.
  13. The presence of cooled lava caused Victor to take note. Zaulyl had gained a few tricks in their time apart as well, it seemed. But now it was Victor's turn to ramp things up. His lightning bid was going to need work; the flying puppets were in the way. Victor needed a minute. Literally. Zau! Buy me some time. I need around a full minute. It'll be worth it, though. And with that, he would begin. His wires would keep the actual puppets at bay. Their attacks were suitably defended against by Zau's lava and the wire defenses. Now Victor could do something he had never had a use for before. You need me. Yes. So be it. Take my power and make it your own. I have no power to refuse. Victor gripped Zoushuuwai, the living sentient shapeshifter that he had bound in the form of a wire. It was a living thing, capable of its own thought, and once upon a time, a great and powerful terror that even the demons stayed away from. Now Victor owned it as his own... and he was going to steal the beast's powers. Using Shin Henge enhanced by the power of Heartstrings, Victor began the relatively long process of transforming... into Zoushuuwai. Physically, he would become a shapeshifter bound in the form of wires. In one minute, Victor would be made of wire, with all the enhancements he had placed on his own wires now placed on himself as well. He would be nearly indestructible... and capable of regenerating any wounds that actually managed to happen. And he could turn any aspect of his body into a weapon using Wire Saw. Even better, he would be able to hold massive more amounts of Raiton chakra, as that power would be stored inside his own body. But he needed a full minute...
  14. Name: Violent Feather Stream Rank: B Type: Taijutsu Fighting Style: Physical Range: Long Element: None Village Origin: Nagare Requirements: Feather Dagger, Feather Launch Description: This is a technique that allows Vincent to launch his feathers in a fast-paced continuous stream of shots while Vincent himself side-steps, spins, and flips around, moving in different directions as needed to bridge offense with evasive defense. This technique directly mimics the taijutsu Hageshiri Nagare [Violent Stream], except it incorporates his wings into the ability, allowing him to fly at the same time as firing his feathers from his wings. This technique requires a flick of the wings to actually "launch" the feathers, meaning the feathers do not simply "shoot" from his wings. Naturally, flying and firing too many feathers will cause problems with flying. Creator: Vincent Cross
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