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  1. OOC: LOOK! I haven't been upset, I havn't been rude, and I haven't done anything other than ask a few questions. I wasn't complaining, I wasn't trying to make a point, I was only asking why things were happening, and I'm not trying to cause trouble, because, once again, I was just asking. And twilight, quite bluntly, I have to say, this doesn't concern you, so I don't need you getting on my case about it. If you guys want me to be rude about it I could be. I was, once again, just asking about the post as to weather or not it was all legit. THAT'S ALL!. I can get upset if you want me to, would that make you people happy? Now! I will finally post my IC, now that all of my questions have been answered. Such as the reason why everything happened, and the clearing up of the fact that it was not god modding, and I must have misread it. IC: Indeed the blow landed on the back of his head, sending Kitsu out of the river and onto dry land. He rolled to the side to try to breakfall the blow so the land wouldn't hurt him, but still pulled a muscle in his shoulder when he landed. He pushed himself up off of the ground, seeing the bear charging, he stood his ground for a moment, before jumping to the side swiftly when the bear was just about to get to him. He took off in a run to get away, hoping the bear had enough momentum to keep him from turning around for just a moment or two to get him a head start in the opposite direction, crossing the stream again, the cold starting to hurt his feet. He continuously looked in every direction looking for a place to lie low or at least try to find somewhere that a person can get, and not a bear. He soon found a rocky slope and climbed up about 5 feet before turning to look if he had lost the bear or not. OOC: Canis will be posting tomorrow, he hasn't been able to get to his computer for a day or 2.
  2. OOC: Well, every time I've seen "this is what will happen" things, they have little key words like "if this succeeds" or things like that, not just....continuing. And I'm not getting bent out of shape. Just asking questions ^^. How can I learn if I don't ask questions? and also, that boot to the head thing is still really questionable....why would it be invisible?
  3. OOC: Well, here's the thing. You continued to post as if it had already happened, which basically lead to my understanding it as godmoding. And, there are actions I can take after the attack happens, meaning that you didn't need to post that entire part of Kitsu being carried off by the bear and whatnot. Because the landscape is not set in stone, and there are places that a large bear can not fit into, that a small child can.
  4. OOC: I'd like to ask you about a few things about your post enkou. Not only have you given me no response time to post a reaction, and went ahead and decided that I didn't dodge it, (which my character has high flexibility so there is a chance I can), I want to see a link for that jutsu. But I do believe there is a rule against forcing someone to be hit by something, invisible or not.
  5. OOC: sorry I've not posted in a bit. I've been really busy with RL stuff. Military (trying to join) work (is hell) and school (just as bad as work) have been getting the best of me. I'll post when I have enough time and energy, for now, I'll just pick up where the bear was just let out of the cage I guess, since I plan on not being connected most of the others here (I hope). IC: The bear cage swung open and Kitsu's eyes flashed as they darted around looking for possible outs to the situation. He looked to the stream, the forest, and then decided on a way to go. He dashed to the stream and quickly crossed it, to erase his scent trail, granted that the bear would be able to pick it up after he crossed over. He ran for a short distance to get out of sight, and then crossed back into a shallow area of the stream and walked up river for a few moments before jumping out and heading toward the forest to look for a place to hide. He also looked around for lots of snow or foliage to hide himself quickly if he needed to. All the while he could only think to himself, "GOOD GOD THE WATER'S COLD!" and, "I hope Canis will be ok..."
  6. OOC: Need sleep tonight so a short post to keep things moving IC: Kitsu wracked his brain trying to think of jutsu that help with stealth. He couldn't think of any, but managed to start daydreaming about Canis. With a dreamy look on his face, he blankly, and obviously, stared at Canis.
  7. Kitsu wrote his name carefully and artistically on the top of the paper, so much so that he folded it up and put it in his pocket when he was told to throw it away. Kitsu stood up at the side of his desk and said, "Stealth is the art of silence and shadow. Stealth is being unseen and unheard to mask your movement and presence to your enemy." He was standing at attention the whole time, taking the class way to seriously. He sat down after saying what he wanted to say, looking very confident. This was a subject he knew a bit about. One of his better ones besides speed and combat. He was always a stealth based kinda cub. Always sneaking up on pack members and pouncing them when they weren't looking, or hiding from his parents when it was bath time, and even hiding his vegetables when he was being forced to eat them. You know, the childhood things that you cherish so much.
  8. Kitsu was sharply told off by Canis, being told to shut up and stop annoying people by talking. Kitsu reached up and took a hold of Canis's ear and pulled at it. "Oh shut up you, don't make me get violent, now," Kitsu said to him with a harsh growl in canine, his ears folded back and his mouth open in a feral, threatening way. He turned to the instructor when she clapped her hands, and his demeanor changed from angry to a perked up stance. His ears raised up and his tail started wagging as he trotted to the nearest desk and signed the paper that was on the desk. He was in a habit of signing things and not reading them, being the trusting person he was. With a wide smile and a still waging tail, he walked up to the instructor after signing the form and handed it to her. He turned around and started to walk away from her, and took out a piece of jerky and took a big bite out of it, chewing it happily, and also not planing on sharing with anyone.
  9. OOC: Animal Speech (Canine) in Bold Orange Kitsu had dragged Canis to each sign that he found. Each told him to go to another location, and another location and another location. Eventually he showed up in the place where he needed to be. He had brought with him some dry food from his dorm room, which now had a room mate, Canis, so it was much less lonely. He had on him a large amount of dehydrated pork jerky in a bag. He never ate vegetables, and was a self proclaimed carnivore. He didn't know what Canis had brought with him because Kitsu was busy strapping on his gauntlet blades and getting the rest of his gear ready. He didn't find any blueberries like the sign said, so he wouldn't get to do whatever it is that is planed that pertained to them. He showed up in the clearing, holding Canis's hand, but quickly releasing it when they came upon the scene that was playing out. He saw a large wolf in the clearing, and another student or ninja in the area, and also a sleeping female. "Well, I don't know who the teacher is yet, but we'll find out," Kitsu whispered to himself. He decided to give something a try that he hadn't done with any other animal other than the domestic ones in town. He approached the wolf and made a few yips and barks along with a large amount of body language to convey, "Oh, hi, what are you doing here," to the wolf, before turning and greeting the others that were present with the same words, but in common instead of his yips and barks.
  10. OOC: Sorry if this seems godmodish, or whatever, but we have a class to get to, and we can do another mission, but classes are harder to get...especially a good one like the one coming up ^^ IC: Kitsu giggled at Canis being mopey. He couldn't help it, it was cute to see him covered in paint. He followed him to the front door of the elderly couple's home, and would wait till they answered the knock on the door. If they did a good job, he could tell the elderly couple "Your welcome, it was our pleasure," and be on his way, taking canis by the wrist to take him to shower off, but if they did a bad job, Kitsu would say, "My apologies. We have something to do though, and we will come back later to finish the job if you would like," and eventually take Canis by the hand and lead him away. They were off to the class, what awaited them, they wouldn't know. ~Exit Kitsu~ OOC: Once again, sorry for the rush through this, but like I said, missions can be done over and more can be done, but classes...blah blah....yeah.
  11. Kitsu finished his side of the house, upstairs and all. He turned the corner to go find Canis and heard a loud crash and ran to find out what happened. In an instant he was doubled over in laughter. Hardly breathing, and tears falling from his eyes, he walked over to Canis and said, "You missed a spot," and picked up his paintbrush and painted a spot of non-painted skin on Canis's face, and then smiled a pointed tooth grin at him before offering to help him up.
  12. OOC: gotta hurry with this mission because we have a class lined up for us ^^ IC: Kitsu grabbed a roller and a pan and a can of paint and said, "We should start at opposite sides. You in the back, me in the front." He ran out the door, super enthusiastic about getting done early. He opened up a can and poured it into the pan and rolled his paint roller around in it for a moment, soaking up as much paint as he could. He stood up and began to roll it on the wall, getting as even of a cover as he could. Paint kept spattering down onto his face, one paint spot directly on his nose, and some on the rest of his face. He finished a section and it seemed that he was painting himself more than the actual house. He caught a glimpse of his reflection in the glass of a window and giggled. He continued on, painting around the windows and soon he was done with the main part of the front of the house. "This won't be so hard...," he thought to himself proudly, standing back to look at his handiwork. He could only wonder how much Canis had done at this point.
  13. OOC: ehh, I was distracted when I was posting last. I'll edit this post if canis dosn't post before me.
  14. Kitsu tugged on Canis's ear and sharply whispered, "Use your manners! The elderly deserve respect!" He turned to the elderly couple and bowed slightly towards them. "We have been instructed to paint your house. What color would you like us to paint it, Sir and Madam," He humbly asked. He was raised to be kind to elders, no matter how they acted in return. He didn't always like this rule, but it had it's got it's rewards. Including being treated better and getting more "cute money" from elders when he was younger. In case your wondering, cute money was money given to him by elders when he was 5 years old. It was usually a dollar given to him for "just being cute" and when he was nice, he usually got an extra for being nice too.
  15. Well, due to vocational reasons, I will not be making it to Jounin, so I think I'll just stop right now lol....I'm hopeful to leave for boot camp within the end of the year for the Army, so I won't be getting to Jounin, or probably even chuunin. Maybe not even gennin. So, just forget you saw any of this ^^
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