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  1. That's rather odd, because the syntax looks fine, unless there's a table column missing in implementation. Have you tried repeating it to see if it still occurs? ~Wolfy
  2. Wolfpack16

    Laggedy Lag

    Here's my suggestion, if it points in the right direction. ~Wolfy
  3. Wolfpack16

    [Low] Signature

    This was a common side effect by a failed attempt of creating an image resource. PHP expects only image data to be returned as the header expected a certain content-type. If it's returned with HTML or white-space before, or after, the PHP code, it'll throw an error. After removal of those basic things, if only returning image data back doesn't resolve itself, then saving the PHP script/code as UTF-8 (Unicode) without BOM should resolve the issue. Otherwise, you'll have to get creative with how you utilize headers and tags. ~Wolfy
  4. Howdy there. I can definitely relate with the ASD, since I have a mild form of Aspergers. Welcome aboard, capn~ ~Wolfy
  5. In regards to flying as transportation, I'm more of a fan driving, since it's slower and I can take a scenery in. Flying is convenient and faster, but it's dull to me as a means to experience the world. ~Wolfy
  6. In addition, the Coder will work alongside the Content Team, if the game mechanics, or features, need to be changed, removed or added. Content Team can't really change how an existing feature, such as Clans/ANBU, function as a whole, however they develop those concepts to be implemented. The Coder focuses on the design and implementation, so the Coder and Content Team share a very close relationship. I wish to clarify that distinction, since the Content Team can't ultimately fix a design, or implementation, flaw. In a sense, they can change how certain features behave, but certainly not all of them. While Content Team affects how the Event Team can perform certain tasks and events, the Event Team is rather independent. They are more working within the realm of aesthetics and the current system. However, they can discuss alongside with the Content Team to determine whether features can be added, or fixed, for the Event Team to utilize. ~Wolfy
  7. Just as surprised, but some of that conversion was junk anyways. It didn't work at first until your magical monkey hands grazed its hand. ~Wolfy
  8. Wolfpack16

    Ocean Update

    It's easier than you are making it out to be. If the resources were scattered randomly and the terrain or region would have more in a certain place, then think of it as a focal point. This only means that certain areas would have higher percentages/modifiers to spawn such items there and would be prioritized over just regular terrain. It's just a couple of checks and modifying the value of the percentile chance that the item can spawn there. Not only that, but terrain can be expanded upon realistically with terrain modifiers or regional event, such as stuff appearing in Plains, Mountainous, Arid, and etc. I'm not sure if seasons will ever occur, but there's no harm in adding features that can be expanded upon. If anything, it is bringing upon a foundation within the world, which could be a good thing if implemented correctly. Also, drowning seems fun, but I think the only thing that should be done is, after implementation with these advancements, the ability to map the uncharted should come after all the necessary updates. That would be an alright thing to encompass. ~Wolfy
  9. Or you can just be a wizard. You're a wizard Teni~ ~Wolfy
  10. The party was so last decade, but now it's all about Pokemon. ~Wolfy
  11. Based on the PHP manual, if this operations fails and reports a warning, then it'll give this result. For some reason, the destination folder has to exist. As such, it won't succeed unless clansigs folder exists, which it doesn't right now. The destination directory must exist, because move_uploaded_file() will not automatically create it. The only solution is to create the folder on the server side and possibly add a piece of code to check if the folder exists in the future. If it doesn't exist, then don't try to move the uploaded file and report an error. ~Wolfy
  12. Wolfpack16

    Lag Issues

    Reference #1 about Lag Reference #2 about Lag This should explain most of the issues that people are encountering, as well as isolate what should be discussed. ~Wolfy
  13. Are you using anything that may disable scripts? Such a thing utilizes a script I believe~ ~Wolfy
  14. Sounds like a meerkat...are you a meerkat?~ ~Wolfy
  15. Reference about SolveMedia's Execution I think we're reaching an end to this topic, because it's coming down to two things. Cross platform issues and browser configuration, which is nothing TNR can do. TNR doesn't really control how SolveMedia operates, because it's giving code to TNR to execute server side, which synchronizes with their servers, and generates a code based on certain variables. It can be geographical, it can be your configuration, what it does or doesn't know through your browser, how particular IPs are probably spambots or cesspools of malicious malware, or etc. The difficulty is variable, which even changes from what difficulty TNR may set based on other variables that could be changed. There is nothing TNR can do to alleviate mobile users I believe, because this is an issue SolveMedia must adjust across different platforms or browser configuration on the user end. Personally, we can give all the suggestions we want in here on what to do. That doesn't necessarily mean TNR would have the answer and, even if TNR did give an official answer, it wouldn't be consistent in these circumstances. ~Wolfy
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