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  1. happy holidays, folks rip deleted characters thouuuuugh
  2. I'm in nostalgia mode and currently missing my old user title.
  3. Voted for 'no custom jutsu', 'restricted', and 'sliding scale', leaning heavily to the former two. I am a strong proponent of 'customs' being submitted as 'globals'. I am going to assume I still have the right to vote.
  4. Now there are some faces I haven't seen in forever. Might be worth ghosting around a bit longer. Zett, Enkou, we should engage in shenanigans at some point. Even if it's just some chat silliness or the like. I've missed talking to the two of you.
  5. She simply sat there, even as her chest thumped and the hairs on the back of her neck rose. Her eyes continued to stare forward at Jane (or was it Captain Catherway?), but careful observation would indicate that she was unfocused. She was up to her old tricks, watching the door. There was something that sounded suspiciously like a rhinoceros making its way towards the door and Captain Catherway was producing a lower level of threat to Alice. Her suspicions were proven correct when a stranger slammed through the door (hadn't Harvester been guarding that?), rifle in hand. Alice's hand rose rapidly as her head nodded down, smoothly tipping the brim of her hat downward as she noted just what the rifle was pointing at. The nod of her head and the lowered brim took the angle of the visor down past the cup of tea, keeping her hand close to her head in case the rifle switched directions. It wasn't like Alice immediately knew that she wasn't going to be shot at, but the possible targets were few. Despite Alice's lack of knowledge, she knew enough to understand that Harvester wasn't someone who would let a complete stranger barge in with a gun clearly cocked without good reason. The only immediate logical explanation was that this was a known individual. Which meant that it was highly unlikely that the target of that rifle was Captain Catherway. As long as Alice continued to watch the stranger by bending the light around her and kept the brim of her hat sufficiently low, she'd minimize the damage to her throat and her eyes. The rest could be managed. The cup of tea exploded in front of her, splashing its contents in more than a few directions. Cups of tea, as they tended to be, were often fairly hot. Recently replicated and all, Alice was sure this particular cup was no exception. Her eyes had focused back to Jane and the forcefield, noting its repellant properties before switching her vision back to the rifle pointed at her. A quick mental assessment and another bend of the light let her look at herself without any need for a mirror, allowing her to check just what had been hit. Nothing particularly vital. The problem was the tea that had spilled all across her pants. Alice wasn't quite sure what everyone's plans were, but clothing had a way of making things seem colder than they actually were, especially when they happened to be hot tea. It probably wasn't that dangerous, but in the worst case and with piping hot tea, third degree burns were possible. In the best case, it would be uncomfortable, but Alice really would have preferred to avoid anything resembling the worst case. So she did what anyone who knew how to handle the situation would do. With one ear lent to the rant of the rifle-toting loony and one eye on the weapon itself, Alice ditched her pants. She simply dropped them to the floor, revealing her rather lanky legs and old scars, then used her sleeve to remove a bit of the dampness. Captain Catherway seemed to have a rather solid grip on what needed to happen, so Alice tipped her hat slightly, little rivulets of blood slipping from her arm, cheek, and legs. Shards of broken teacup were not fun. Turning blankly around and with one ear still on the conversation behind her, Alice folded her pants up and carried them underneath her arm like one might expect someone to carry a file. Another name definitely confirmed. Harvester. That was two names she could absolutely account for. Captain Jane Catherway and Mr. Harvester. Filing that information away, she moved briskly, heading not for the sick bay but instead for her little corner of the ship. She had stowed away not too long ago, and although she was not at all concerned that she was walking around in a hat, collared shirt, and briefs, she knew social protocol might dictate that others not look onto that so kindly. Time to retrieve her hidden house key. Grabbing the somewhat bloodied Rift Patrol jacket out from her corner, she casually tied it around her waist, letting the jacket cover most of her legs in the form of an impromptu skirt. It wasn't perfect, but as far as social protocol dictated, it would do. Anyone who had thought her to be particularly strange for not seeming lost would be accurate. In her short walks through the area, she had deciphered a good amount of the ship's layout and extrapolated even more. A whole bunch of little things, but she could at least get from the main entrance and exit to the sick bay and then to the bridge (war room?). Shoveling a great deal of her nicknacks from her pants to her jacket, she entered the sick bay and located Hopson. The man who was in the War Room to fix the replicator. Some level of engineering expertise was expected, especially if he had no overseer or partner. She wasn't sure how easy it was to fix a replicator, but she could at least be a little confident about this Hopson and his ability to do engineering. If only he hadn't gone and electrocuted himself. Walking over, Alice stared down at the man. He was moving, at least, and looking around, trying to get up and leave. Alice didn't sigh or look exasperated as one might expect, but she simply pushed the man back down onto the bed he was on. Electrocuted people shouldn't be moving around. That was kind of basic. One glance at his trembling hands basically told Alice all she needed to know about his ability to do any work. If he couldn't be useful, it was better for him not to become a liability. He was muttering though. Mumbling, worried out of his wits. "No no no you don't understand, Lieutenant Hastings is going to kill us all if we don't fix the ship!" He would have continued, had the ship not lurched in its attempt to rise to the surface. "Oh dear god, the engines. The engines!" As he tried to get up, the pantsless boundary manipulator pushed him back down again, a little more forcefully. Hopson was insane. That was Alice's final judgment on that matter. Despite her silent attempts to get him to stop flailing about like a headless chicken, he kept trying to pick himself up. It was obvious he wouldn't be able to walk, but he kept babbling about the engines and it seemed like he wouldn't stop trying to get up until something was done about them. Hastings had truly put the fear of god into this one, hadn't she? Alice's lips curled downward slightly as she nodded, grabbing Hopson's gear and slinging it over her shoulder before unlocking the wheels on the sick bay bed he was on. If he wasn't going to stop trying to get out of bed, she'd just do it for him. Her eyebrows creased momentarily as she scuffled along, pulling a whiteboard from one of the nearby empty beds and scribbling her message on it. [Tell me what to do] She double-checked to make sure that Hopson's bed was electrically insulated before leaving the sick bay, pushing the man's bed along towards the engine room. Every so often, he'd call out a direction and she'd smoothly turn, completely unconcerned about nonsense like environmental suits. Those were for people who needed things like that. Draping her pants over the side of Hopson's bed and setting up as best as she could, she turned the whiteboard around once more with a new message. [Explain carefully. Do not leave your bed.] Hopson would have to be really good about telling Alice what to do, but she was doing what she could to make it easy for him. If he couldn't control his hands, she'd just do it. All he had to do was lend her his expertise. As long as he didn't screw up or someone didn't show up to get in the way, things would probably be alright. Probably. After all, Alice was pretty good when it came to diagrams, schematics, and anything that could be deciphered. She just needed Hopson to guide her along. tl;dr:
  6. Paranoid, wasn't he? If Alice had been the contemptuous type, she probably would have thought something nasty about how Harvester's abilities didn't really mean much to her, but she wasn't. Instead, she just walked, eyes forward, as if she couldn't care less whether she was being led to the War Room or the Trash Chute. When the captain's face was made apparent to her, she tipped her hat towards the Captain as well. Even if she had the appearance of someone who wouldn't object to being executed, she did have some level of courtesy to her. As instructed, she sat, her eyes tracing the movement of the shield from Harvester to Jane, also watching the security personnel scurry away. Well, she hadn't been killed yet, so that was definitely a plus. Alice looked around as she was spoken to, silent to the very end. Her cheeks had tinged slightly at the compliment, nodding her head slightly in acknowledgement of the praise, but otherwise made no real outward reaction to being spoken to. Right until a question was asked of her. Alice closed her eyes for a moment, as if contemplating the best way to answer, then closed her hand near her thigh. Bringing her hand up to the table, she turned it upside down to reveal a single aspirin pill, completely harmless to people without blood pressure problems. Displaying it clearly, she let it rest inside her palm as she moved to turn her cup of tea upside down. Her free hand flicked towards the cup, much like you'd expect of a magician. Normally, overturning the cup would have caused the liquid to spill out, but it didn't. Even though Alice moved the cup quickly, there was nothing underneath to catch the liquid or create any sort of suction or seal. The liquid simply didn't spill from the now overturned cup. Alice opened her free palm, then turned the cup back over quickly. The asprin had moved from her hand to underneath the cup, perhaps when she had flicked her hand? Turning the cup into its correct orientation, the asprin continued to float in position, as did the liquid, sloshing around as though it was falling through the air. The little aspirin pill seemed to float on the water until Alice snapped her fingers. All at once, the aspirin fell through the surface of the tea, hiding underneath the color of the drink and disappearing from sight. The tea itself sloshed around a little bit, but strangely never splashed outside the cup. It was perhaps an incredibly roundabout way of informing Jane that Alice had, in the form of an aspirin pill, jumped into the ship turned cup of tea and hidden among the sloshing liquid that was the tea crewmembers. Despite the flair with which Alice performed this little trick, her expression didn't seem to waver from unabashedly uncaring. She refused to say a thing either. Was she intentionally being difficult?
  7. Yuki blinked as she stared at the sky, staring straight up at the great expanse above her. It seemed familiar, somehow? It felt a little like she was in a dream, remembering something she had long since forgotten. Remembering something that never happened. It was like turning a dream into a memory, and Yuki got that feeling explicitly. She had been upset a few moments before, if she was remembering correctly. Something had put her on edge, something had reminded her that there was danger in the world, but what could she do? She simply stood and looked around until it finally thumped against her ears, thumped against her senses, thumped against the ground. Thump. Thump. Thump. kill The girl's expression flinched as she looked around again. She knew something was coming, but that voice didn't have a source. She didn't recognize it. She didn't recognize it at all. When the enemies came into view, she wasn't sure how to respond. After all, she didn't remember seeing anyone like this before. She didn't remember seeing anyone before. Instinctively, without her knowing why, kill one of her hands came up above Tama, as if to shield the turtle. But why was she here? Why were people coming after her? "Sssh, let us take care of it. Relax." Where was that voice coming from? It was warm, like an old friend that she was only just remembering. Feeling something like being wrapped up in someone's arms, the girl exhaled and closed her eyes. When they opened again, they had faded to a chocolate brown. A certain scythe shot out from her body, extending rapidly and relentlessly to form a ring around the girl. kill Even though it was a girl, a male voice spoke. "The scythe is my domain." What should have been a ring of chains suddenly expanded to form a full network, turning into a hemisphere of wooden and metal blocks. And right in the center stood the joker, a morose expression on her face. "I'll give you a hand, older brother." A small orb of snow blue showed itself before vanishing straight into the weapon itself, reinforcing the weapon. And finally, Daughter of Evil came into play. Although the crazed were coming out to play, who could possibly walk through an indestructible cage that stole away life itself? Although the horde advanced, it merely fueled the cage, gave it power. It couldn't be short circuited, it couldn't be pushed aside. Mamoru, having taken possession of Yuki's body, walked forward. kill "A cage of wires? How unique..." Yuki (and her small army of companions) had stumbled upon Victor. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ None instinctively understood that there was something wrong with the sight in front of him. Perhaps his lack of memory was also his strength, because as he fell into insanity, he remembered with perfect clarity what it was like to not be lost in madness. He knew what it was supposed to be like. Afforded the ability of perfect recall, the blank slate was in a situation where someone was trying to write on him with pencil. It wasn't permanent, it could be erased. Even though he might not have had the eraser on hand, he understood instinctively. This wasn't normal. His eyes closed as he focused, trying to force his body to work like he demanded. The other people that had shown up weren't important. He had his eye on them, of course. So did the cat and bird that were lurking on his shoulders. They were watching, of course, but not enough to really want to. Holding onto your sense of sanity was no easy task. It wasn't like he was just standing there stupidly though. Even though something was screaming at him to just kill himself now, he was just fine if he focused. He just had to focus. Focus. His eyes opened again, having gathered enough focus to pay attention to what was going on in front of him. What his eyes were assaulted with almost knocked him off his feet. This was bad. This was really, really bad. The twisting of dimensions here was so pronounced, so completely obvious and haphazard... If None hadn't known better, he would have sworn this entire world was going to collapse in on itself. That was no good. That would simply be no good. As he was staring, the crane by his side pecked him, gathering his attention elsewhere. There were other people. There were other people here. Wait, hadn't he already known that. He had already known that. His Eyes of the Witch activated, those eyes that could see into dimensions now peered down at Shibanume. None's vision kept flickering between what was real and what wasn't, perhaps a side effect of his vision, but he knew there was someone calling for his help. There was someone requesting that he aid them. None tried to move his legs, only to find that they wouldn't let him move. His eyes turned downward to see that nothing was obstructing him, then focused back on Shibanume. "Move, damn you. Move." DieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieASHESTOASHESDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDISAPPEARDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDIETHEDEATHDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieERODEAWAYDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDie The so-called manipulator fell to his knees, collapsing where he stood. "Illusions to Illusions. Shit." Crawling across the floor to where Shibanume was, None's eyes burned with a vision that could see more than it should. He could see those dimensions turning. He knew how bad it was. But if he could barely move... If people were having such a problem moving, then he'd have to lend a hand. Shippu and Kuro couldn't even leave his shoulders at this point. They only clung on for dear life.
  8. Alice wasn't blind. To be more specific, she had the ability to bend bits of light so that she could see around corners. Even if she was trying to keep someone from bleeding out, she did have the presence of mind to notice someone staring her down and rifling through reports. It was probably a good thing that Shortstacks didn't have to look up to look around, or Shanti might have noticed. How was Alice to know that the person who had spotted her was a telepath? Her eyes moved across the injured, flicking to those who were in the most danger. There was a limited amount of time and a certain amount of work she had to get done before someone showed up to end her, after all. She had been spotted. There was a high chance that she would be apprehended, at least temporarily. Alice's attention moved to one of the injured, placing a hand on the patient's shoulder and pushing him back down. The injured were required to rest. By the time Harvester and his men were at the door, Alice had successfully pilfered a hat and dropped it onto her head. Stepping out through the doors and closing them behind her, Alice stood and waited. And along came Harvester. The obsidian eyes of the stowaway locked onto the position of the obvious leader, raising a hand to make herself more apparent. It then gently pointed towards a sign above the door. [No guns in the sick bay] There was a certain death to her expression that made it seem very much like she did not care that she had been caught. That she did not care if she was killed. That she did not care that things were about to go downhill from here. It might have thrown Harvester for a loop, seeing a stowaway so blatantly reveal themselves, but Alice was not having anyone barging into the medical bay, guns blazing, and she had been caught. There was no use in hiding. If she was to be killed, then that was the end. Otherwise, Harvester would have to lead the way. Of course, Alice tipped her hat towards the other three security personnel. No need to be rude.
  9. Band of rebels? That was perhaps the indicator for Alice to pick herself out from behind her corner, glancing down at her slightly bloodied sleeves. It was the Rift Patrol Uniform, definitely, but she was no Rift Patrol. When she had landed and coughed up more than a bit of blood, the girl dragged herself into a corner and hid, keeping herself as hidden as possible. She just sat there, behind a few cylindrical canisters and out of the way of the usual hubbub, waiting for someone to find her and kill her. She had been certain. Once she was found, she was dead, so maybe if she got off at some other world or maybe if she managed to hop off back to 213, then she'd be fine. When she heard it was a band of rebels, her chances improved slightly. She wasn't an idiot though. That uniform would probably have to go. At the same time, she didn't want to destroy it. The temptation to rip off any identifying insignia was great, but she could see clearly enough to realize that a fake uniform could prove useful. Assuming that this particular band of rebels didn't have one or a hundred already. Neatly folding the bloodied jacket into a small square, she hid it in the corner underneath one of the cylinders. It was her 'hidden house key', so to speak, useful to grab in case something was wrong. Having ditched the blazing emblem of the Rift Patrol jacket, Slider hopped out from behind her hiding spot, looking somewhat refined in her white button shirt and sleek dress pants. No coat made her feel just a little bit uncomfortable, but she was sure she could... appropriate one if the need presented itself. With a somewhat stoic expression, the woman checked the corners of the hall smoothly, making sure they were safe with her power before stepping out into the hall. People were certainly bustling, that much was for certain, and she was almost certain that there was a splashing sound. That tingling feeling was rising again, telling her that she needed to secure an escape route or find some way to not be trapped in here with people she didn't know. Slipping her knives into her pockets, the thief walked towards where she thought the medical bay was. It wasn't like she couldn't help elsewhere, but the medical area was where she was least likely to get thrown up against a wall or something. First mission together sounded interesting enough, but Alice was having a hard time automatically trusting the assembled crew of people. Certainly, they had unintentionally helped her avoid the Rift Patrol. Absolutely, they had yet to kill her. So yes, there was some small amount of faith in those who were gathered, but Alice didn't know them. She hadn't dealt with them before. And until her first meeting with someone, she would have never met a single one of them. For someone who borrowed the powers of guardians, she certainly wasn't very connected. Letting a small huff of air slip through her lips, something so heavy it might be mistaken for a sigh, Alice scratched her head and looked around at those in need. Unbuttoning the edges of her sleeves, Alice rolled her sleeves up and got to work. No sense in getting yet another shirt bloody if she could help it, after all. Not that she could do much of anything just yet, but that was probably her specialty.
  10. In the dark of the night, evil will find you. Bum Bum Bum Yuki blinked slowly as she trudged through the sand... It wasn't sand anymore. Was this... glass? Her feet were rubbing against something and she couldn't exactly tell what it was. She blinked again, eyes glancing down once more, and suddenly everything was on fire. Nice. Nice work. She was definitely sure this wasn't how it was supposed to go and it definitely wasn't because of the madness of this place, but there was something pressing at her. Something was eating at her and she could feel it. "Something is weird... I feel sick..." The tiny ninja glanced up at the sky, listening for what sounded like a voice. She couldn't hear it, of course. Her guardians didn't intend to reveal themselves so soon, but she was somehow walking through this place. She stared around for a while, wondering just what was going on. Was someone there? Yuki's eyes flashed as she extended to her full height, a small burst of flame shooting from her lips. "Who's there?" There was a moment of hesitation as she looked around in the nonsense world. It was familiar. It was definitely familiar. Yukari...? Who was that? The medic flinched as she looked around before sighing. Coral? Not coral. This place was messing up her nearly-destroyed sense of balance. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Get out of my head..." None's eyes burned with fire as he stared into the weird land in front of him. Weren't there supposed to be storms here? There were supposed to be storms here. None did not appreciate his vision flattening and twisting, streams of light spinning in circles in front of him as he tried to make out just what weird place he had shown up on. Something was whispering in front of him, something was twisting and turning and convincing None that this wasn't normal. There was something dimensionally inaccurate about this place. The cat and bird on his shoulder were not happy, not at all, but they weren't quite as bad off as None. The simple human clutched the side of his head as he continued forward, eyes memorizing everything that they caught sight of. At some point, he was inside the area. Somewhere inside the twisting and turning unreal world, None crawled up towards what appeared to be a smiling piece of coral. They were above land, so that didn't make any sense, but it didn't not make sense either. Was that weird? It was probably weird, but at some point or another, None curled up next to the piece of coral and tucked his head into his legs, closing his eyes for a bit. He could just rest for a little. He'd be alright if he did that, right? He'd definitely be alright if he just got a bit of a rest from this twisted place.
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