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  1. Your right, that was never updated! Thanks for pointing it out, will change it up now.
  2. Originally these ANBU divisions were only created as such because of this: Beep. It was never something that we came up on our own by any means, just something that was borrowed.
  3. Hmmm you are right in that is a jutsu that was never updated. I will say though that it will probally be as Alba says and similar in workings to the mind reading ANBU techniques. Either way, this will hit the staff section soonish. Thank you for pointing this out!
  4. Stalemate, as in the defense and the attack cancel each other out and neither exist any longer. If the damage is lesser, the defense still stands. If the damage is greater, not only is the defense gone but the defender might sustain some damage as well. I hope that clarifies! For me, one of the biggest is the fact that armor is not replenished. lol's Once it is gone, its gone. Jutsu can be cast over and over again in addition to being cast even while you already wear armor. Two defenses are far better than one. In such cases, it would probably be good strategy to have both. There are others, but mostly they vary considerably based on players own fighting styles. Just remember the rest of the words that were included in that sentence, you seem to have left them out. <3
  5. [This thread is open to anyone who is from this village or has an actual legitimate reason to be here. I don't mind the company, I'm actually trying to get back into the habit of posting, so by all means crash in if anyone feels like it. I will probably keep up a posting rate of once per day until this is done and over with. More might be possible, but not probable] Edit: 11/4. I bought a new video game ^o-o^ Will post tomorrow lols~ A few stray snowflakes drifted down in front of her eyes as she stared vacantly at the village activities. Small children bundled up against the cold played freely with one another with apparent delight as they kicked a ball around the field in strange patterns. Some type of game perhaps? Parents watched from the sidelines, cheering whenever the ball managed to reach one side of the field or another. Pure lunacy. The concept was strange to her and yet at the same time so familiar. What was the purpose of this so called game? Was there even a reason? Silently she mused, her eyes occasionally flitting from one child to the next as they dashed around oblivious to her stare. Miyuki seemed immune to the passing of time as she stood, watching, waiting. The longer the children played, the more confused she seemed to become. But if there was a purpose in this non-sensory she was going to find it. With one last kick of a ball, the game was finished far sooner than she liked it to be. But no sooner than it had, her answer became clear. Fun. This game was purely played just for the fun of it. The winner of the game? She never really knew. At the sound of the whistle both sides seemingly acted like the champions they thought they were. And perhaps, perhaps they were just that. The times were lean, the threat of war overhanging precariously above there heads at all times. And yet, these mere children were out here having fun as if nothing else in the world mattered. In the face of chaos, it was equivalent to giving the finger, biting there thumbs and all of many of the other sorts of insults she had become aware of in her time. And yet, they just did not care. The stress of these times had simply not effected them. It was almost as if they were immune to its stagnant pull. Was she once ever that innocent or naive? Even now she felt the pressure press down around her, the weight of responsibility in its full force. What if's and could be's whispered harshly in her subconsciousness even now, as lost in her musings as she had become. Silent as a wraith, she waited until at last the field was once again silent and empty. Compared to the previous loud cheers, the field was almost ghostly in measure. As used to the silence as she was though it hardly bothered her. The gravel seemed to crunch loudly under her slippers as she made her way onto the field, staring intently at a single ball that someone had accidentally left behind. The impulse was there before she could control it, so strong she could not suppress it in time. Rearing her foot back, she gave the ball a tap strong enough to send it rolling several feet away. A slender eye brow raised. Could she honestly do this? Did she even dare? It was hardly dignified for one of her stature. What on earth would the elders say if they caught her? For a moment she considered what they would say and found herself chuckling under her breath. Not that what they said mattered to her at all in the slightest anyways. The elders were always filled with hot air, trying to dictate her actions. Trying, at the very least. But, perhaps what they did not know would not hurt them.
  6. Jutsu defenses can only take a combined amount of damage equal to the rank of the technique. B rank defense, B rank damage. B rank damage means, as soon as the culminated damage reaches B rank or greater, the defense will fail and will need to be recast. If the damage if equal to the defense, the result is usually a stalemate. There are pros and cons to having armor as well as having armor jutsu, especially when you have both at the same time. It is up to you to decide how you want to build your character. Unless the jutsu itself says otherwise its full damage. But as with all jutsu that go through creations, its give and take. If you want something more, you have to give something up. Perhaps if you want AOE S rank supernova, a moderator will ask to vastly decrease the range of your technique or perhaps decrease the power. Ultimately, it is up to the moderators on how they feel said jutsu should be handled on a case to case basis.
  7. If your container has an opening, by all means you can "catch" the rock in the opening and hope that whatever your catching does not have the strength to penetrate it. Sealing is a delicate art, and to seal something away (again unless you have a sealing jutsu that allows otherwise) the item you are sealing needs to be in a relatively stable position. Meaning, either what you want to seal needs to be still, or you need to travel just as fast as the item in question so you have generally the same effect. If an object is traveling too fast normal Fuuinjutsu wont be able to take hold of it to seal it in time before it whizzes past. I hope that helps some? D:
  8. He already said 100 feet silly lols. I myself am far more interested in knowing how wide the Tornado is. xD Tis my only question atm. Right now it reads as if the Tornado is 100 feet tall AND wide.
  9. The power of a jutsu is judged by many things, including Elemental S/W as well as the struggle of stats played between user and target. That said, the 'strength' of your technique can be influenced both ways. Just because your jutsu says 'it can melt A rank' for example, does not mean that that is all that it can do. That means, this technique at its base level can melt through A ranks. THAT is what that means and that is what Ryou was trying to tell you. At base, an A rank can only effect things at an A rank level. And everything else out that might influence its power one way or another otherwise has to be left out. Techniques are bound by the rank of the technique. A ranks can only do A rank damage by default. If your technique strengthens because what you are attacking is weak against it, then it does so on its own. If your attack has a higher endurance then normal, that also plays a factor. All weapons for example, are not D rank in endurance. Never forget outside influence always has a factor. NOW, with that out of the way. This is a Doton jutsu and it does not have a strength against other Doton jutsu. According to our current rule set that is reserved for Raiton and we can do this one of two ways. First, you can make this a Raiton jutsu because Raiton is the element that has an increase over Earth. If you do that, you should remove ranks from the equation and simply state that it can melt weapons made of earthen materials and leave it at that. Though, I am not sure how this could be a Raiton jutsu and still keep the Alkaline effects and wording of this jutsu, the jutsu itself would need to change to compensate. People could do the math for S/W on their own. The other and more simpler way to do this is to increase the rank of this jutsu to S rank. That, or this will have to remain A rank in its effects.
  10. For the first one, I would like to confer with the rest of the staff to see how we feel about this. We had discussed at one point if this was doable in its base form, and we never gathered an answer. I will get back to you. For the second, I am not really okay with this as a passive. If it has a high cost in which you are using to compensate for the pain, then that is another story. Right now it is just the use of a slot trying to negate or lesson important drawbacks. I think it needs to be more than that, the rank of the slot matters not to me.
  11. You have listed 'Special Ability' which is not a style. Gate of Pain: I do not like the effect you have for the gate of pain, as it is a passive and costless removal of a key balance point and drawback of the gates. If you were paying a constant cost for that ability, I would be less against it then I am now. Gate of Death: I am iffy here. This reads to me more like a jutsu that should be used while you are using the gate of death. I would be more comfortable with you applying for this in that manner then currently as we are trying to cement that fine line between SA and Jutsu. Many customs have been treading that line. That said, this is also flight. Something that is still being debated upon as we speak so this might sit here for a bit longer while we sort this out. However, I can say that if we are going to go with the rules that we have currently, a flight SA would not be allowed in this form at this time. Rather, flight SA's should be Taijutsu based and physical extensions of the body. Flight that is spiritual/chakra in nature would be classified as jutsu.
  12. Name: Winters Glare Rank: B Class: Bloodline Style: Ninjutsu Range: Self Requirements: Aisumunesanzun (Heart of ice) Description: Winters Glare is one of two main path's of the bloodline that causes a shift within the Archaebacteria. At this point the bacteria no longer continues their parasitic functions on the body but instead the life energy they do consume is used to excrete a special resin like substance that coats the outer layers of the skin. This liquid forms over all surfaces that have been in contact with the host long enough to be coated in the Archaea themselves and that are in direct contact with the host. (Skin, weapons and clothing) When the host is threatened, the bacteria secretes a resin that acts as a set of micro mirrors for the surroundings the host knows best, acting as an advanced camouflage system. However, at this stage it is not perfect, and the Archaebacteria are only effective while the host remains still. Moving causes a shift within the liquid that those with superior sight could spot. The moving image would look like a slightly blurred mass in the ice. While the resin remains active on the hosts skin, their scent also becomes muffled. Summary: - Creates a liquid ice layer on the users skin, clothing and weapons that reflects light to render them invisible when completely still and a blur when moving. - The liquid muffles the users scent. Owner: The Hyoujun Clan
  13. When we get technical, heat and cold tolerance can only go such a ways. Without the use of protective clothing and a constant supply of water, a human born and raised in hot temperatures could perhaps only resist temperatures of up to 110 degrees for short periods of time. If this ability granted that kind of resistance naturally, this ability would not aid anything beyond that and you would still require clothing less you burn and water less you get heat stroke, dehydration and die. Most Katon jutsu that deal with heat are not kind, and would probably use temperatures even greater than what was previously used in my example. When dealing with cold temperatures, a native might have built up resistance to temperatures as low as 40 degrees without warm clothing and protection against the elements, again for short periods of time. If these abilities work in a similar way, I think these are more or less fine. Because as they are currently written, these only give the tolerance of a native used to cold or hot temperatures. As ninja's are still only human, natural temperatures can still kill and tolerance only goes such a way. The chances that these abilities will thwart many jutsu's are very slim when the only jutsu that might do so are D rank anyways and maybe a handful of C's. If that is not the case however, and I am mistaken in that this provides more protection than what I guessed, I can come back and look at this again to try and find a balanced solution to this.
  14. *Spanks* It was a busy work week, I unfortunately can't be online every day D: - Can this be used to merge with someones elses puppet that they own and are using? I ask since it states that you can merge with puppets that are not yours. I think that is my only and last question. If the answer is no, you can consider this my approval and I will stamp it upon my next round. If yes, than we can work out something~
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