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  1. Very awesome! That's super exciting and looks really good, especially as just a start.
  2. That’s awesome! Thanks for letting me know! If I can do anything to help, I’d be happy to!
  3. So I've been off-and-on playing in each of the cores (normally with lots of time between each return) and something about this game always brings me back in. I've always really likely how well built out the manual has been before about explaining important and useful stuff to new players. I was really sad to see that it seems like it doesn't really work any more. I'm wondering what could be done to re-make it. I'm sure it would be a very time intensive process but i'm also more than willing to help if I can. If there are old dumps of the information or good sources of bits and pieces of information anywhere, i'd be more than happy to gather them and sort/order them into a manual again. Just thing it is a really useful and cool thing to have and would love to see it working again.
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