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  1. Zim

    Syndicate Love

    Suggestion Outline Changes to syndicate as a whole. What would change : Syndicate How it would change : The creation of gangs with x amount of users being allowed. Removal of stats affecting robbing in any way. The ability to scout further in syndicate territory. Rob/mercenary bonuses based on how well a gang is doing throughout say a week or month etc. The ability to repair ones weapons or even create outlaw items that solely increase chances of rob or scout or maybe even special outlaw only armor. Allowing a person to take out their items from storage without being on a village or needing a village at all. How it benefits us : Would allow players to enjoy syndicate better in general. Why it matters : Syndicate in it's current state is a complete mess and needs love. Problems/Concerns : People joining syndicate immediately just to receive these benefits. Anything else relevant to your specific suggestion: None
  2. Zim

    Jutsu slots.

    This would be nice but I think the loadout slot fills this. Another thing is this counters federal support which means that terr loses more money which is not something he will ever do. So all in all I don't see this happening because loss of profit and already having loadouts.
  3. Sadly I won't be getting that life as authiel left the discord and apparently the person has to be in there to search up anything by them. Another great screenshot lost to the enemy known as time.
  4. TNr moments eh? I'd probably say the day kal got phaze to start that samui war and bailed right before it along with the ol classic pana "no. Thread closed" even today that crap is still funny especially when the person typed up so many good points and or a long asf post actually expecting it to be read or considered. Another moment would be this screenshot I saw of authiel saying something along "im your parent" type comment to nellis by pms and mans responded with something like "I'm a grown man" lol.
  5. Zim

    Tavern Inspiration

    That would also be nice as well. A like system has a lot of potential even more so if you add in a neutral and dislike option. As for the fed colors I agree that the glows can be irritating in general/ even more so on mobile along with certain layouts. An example would be gold on light layout. While I have gotten adjusted to seeing it by force the gold and silver could be changed. What it would be changed to is the question because when I first see blue fed I honestly expect yellow and then red because these three colors are like a trio. So maybe the two can be changed to yellow and red but I'm not sure if the yellow would be worse or the same as gold/silver tbh. Lastly I think more layout themes could help with this but as to what themes it could really just be simple but cool ones.
  6. So for those who don't know the tavy is pretty much rarely used or plain dead. So I've come up with a nice little thing that could be fun which is introducing titles/cosmetics in the tavy. An example would be someone always talking in all caps would get a title called "loud mouth". Another could be someone always answering a persons questions for a new player and they would get a title called "Seichis Helper". This could be a nice way to spice up the tavy so drop your comments cough positive comments only and tell me what you think
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