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  1. http://prntscr.com/jpma1a It is fixed. Thank you
  2. Username: SybiaNk Location: N/A Priority: Medium Bug's Effects: Hounds of horror B rank crime is giving C rank level rewards. How the bug happened/how to reproduce: Mission Details It's Reward
  3. I have village armor and village weapons. Bow was maden by you if you remember my name lol.
  4. Hello there once again. I wanted to ask to all of you about my second em quest which is killing a Tide Crusher. To be honest , I have been struggling with this quest since i became a jounin. I have been dying average 9-10 times a day in order to beat this quest and i finally lost my temper about it. At first i didn't really care since my hospital bills werent that much and i thought if i keep training it would get easier. But no , This thing just gets harder as i get stronger. It has a 184 static DSR but i am pretty sure it scales by my DSR. I will only share todays battle ids with all of you and my stats along with it I haven't completed it today so i will keep updating with new battle ids as i go out of hospital everytime. http://www.theninja-rpg.com/index.php?id=113&history_id=9214004 http://www.theninja-rpg.com/index.php?id=113&history_id=4640230 http://www.theninja-rpg.com/index.php?id=113&history_id=1833887 http://www.theninja-rpg.com/index.php?id=113&history_id=371914 http://www.theninja-rpg.com/index.php?id=113&history_id=8783898 http://www.theninja-rpg.com/index.php?id=113&history_id=9121602 http://prntscr.com/j2gwpe==> My stats and HP. I have Shockbolt Fiend bloodline which is Samui village bloodline. It only gives Lightning boost and none element boost. Which means my Earth moves are weak as a none bloodline user. Stoneshard Spire is 61 level and has speed primary Other two moves are about 15 level Question is ; Is it really normal that i am struggling this much against it? Dying 10 times everyday just to get 660 hp not even general stats with it? Or am i the only one who is struggling somehow? Is there a way to make these quests easier that i don't know about. Or can we nerf this quest by not scaling with players DSR? Edit: YondaimeM asked me if i were using Lightning amulet and None elemental moves on it. Last time i used a none element move on it , it absorbed & reflected at me which ends up 1 shotting me. However somehow it didnt happen when i had a lightning amulet on. Yes lightning amulet? http://www.theninja-rpg.com/index.php?id=113&history_id=9325767 It certainly feels much better to be able to use a none element move but fights are still based on turn order which is the main issue why i die 10 times a day in order to complete it. ( F- Luck )
  5. I would like to be clarified about how does bloodline weaknesses works? Until today i have known as bloodline weaknesses were based on their elemental affinities for example Vaporia Primary affinity: Water Secondary affinity: Fire Special affinity: Steam Water is weak to earth and fire is weak to water , Which makes Vaporia users weak to Earth and water based on their elemental affinities since their elements are not changable. But i have been told that Vaporia bloodline alone is weak to Water and Earth because it gets Fire and Water boosts. So lets say we have a V-Rank bloodline. Infernal Reaper Village: Shine Primary affinity: Fire Secondary affinity: None Special affinity: None Infernal Reaper has only Fire boost so according to what i have been told it is only weak to fire no matter what it has as secondary element. This is where i want to be clarified , if this infernal reaper user had a lightning secondary ; would that made the user weak to wind by passive or this V-bloodline user will be only weak to Water since this bloodline only gets fire boost?
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