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  1. As tensions rise between the Kingdom of Aether and the Empire of Phaira, world catastrophes strike one after another - felling entire nations. People band together behind groups such as the Dawnbringers, paramilitaries forged of no allegiance to a particular nation but instead to the well being of all. But when all seemed lost against a massive dragon, what they began to call a "World Ender", a new ally emerged from the skies bringing with it lost magics, a lost heritage and hatreds so ancient they might tear the world apart. Breakdown: Chronicles of Aether is a play-by-post RPG hosted on yahoo groups. It has a very light smattering of commonly found fantasy elements (soul names, elves, god-inspiried mating rituals, but that's about it)and a heavy helping of medieval intrigue, fantasy magic and heroics as well as romantic/political drama. Plots are overseen by the moderator but players are encouraged to create plots for themselves as well. Players may pick between one of the six races of "elves" in play: Aetherian's (European), Araneae (Spider Dark Elves), Keise (Genderless Shadow Dwellers), Nazcans (Indigenous Tribe), Phairan's (Persian-esque), Ryuko (Asian themed) and Wysterian (Pre-Industrial Era Humans). LINK: [url] http://coa.lastomen.com/ [/url]
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