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  1. Well if that were to happen then there would be no point to limiting the amount of times a jutsu could be used. It would require a whole new format for battle
  2. The issue is that so little people play that only a small handful spend money. Then it becomes too much for rep/fed sellers. If you add another reason for people needing rep then it may actually hurt the overall amount of money being spent.
  3. I more or less just want my log in streak intact. I was proud of it lol
  4. The game refuses to load across multiple platforms, devices, and internet connection. It frustrating because it ruining my training and my perfect long in streak. I have tried resetting the devices and clearing the cache. I have no idea what to do next
  5. At what lvl can you use a forbidden scroll? I am EJ rank and I thought that was the only requirement
  6. Got it, and there's more important things to worry about currently. So back burner
  7. Bloodykunai

    House avatar

    Does anyone know how to change house avatar? I have not found an option too
  8. Bloodykunai


    Sorry for the informality. Never been good with that stuff. The issue is it doesn't seem to work with the mobile layout but it worked in the default layout
  9. Bloodykunai

    ANBU shop

    How do items get put into the ANBU store? I'm a leader and can't seem to figure this out
  10. Bloodykunai


    I can't buy furniture. I have even tried cleaning out my whole house first. Still didn't work
  11. Since some countries can't access Ninja farmer I think after 50 day log in streak it should be bumped up to 2 points every 5 days instead of 1
  12. Bloodykunai

    Game reset

    I feel that there should be a game reset. Too many afk for years and too many bugs. This gives a chance to make upgrades and fix bugs. It's long over due for one
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