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  1. I think the current settings are fine. They're all quite distinct from each other, and are believable given the former geography. Of course, others might have other suggestions on that, but I think the settings work. If I had to vote on my own nominations, I'd say Tani and Kawa as well.
  2. Yamagakure - Keep as is, but just in case, there is also Morigakure, which is Hidden in the Forest Kinugakure - Kawagakure (Hidden in the River), Kaigangakure (Hidden on the Coast) Kashogakure (Hidden in the Riverbed) Sagangakure (Hidden in the Sandstone)- Reasoning : The village is stated to be around the wadi and delta of the great river. Hidden in the River, then, is obvious. The Coast because, if memory serves (and because geography says so), the deltas of a river are on the coast leading to a larger body of water. Riverbed because Wadi is a term meaning Riverbed. Sandstone because the village is partially constructed of it. My personal favorite among these are River and Riverbed. Yuuyamigakure - Tanigakure (Hidden in the Valley), Kazangakure (Hidden in the Volcanoes), Kusamuragakure (Hidden in the Jungle) - Reasoning: Basically, all of those characteristics were mentioned in the village's location. My personal favorite among these suggestions is Tanigakure. I personally dislike Sun and Twilight as village names-Sun just seems like the former country's name was taken, which feels lazy, despite the explanation that it's literally the light contributing to the village's success at remaining hidden. Twilight is strange because the detail about sunlight hardly reaching the village isn't what hides the village itself-the thing that keeps the village hidden is the valley, not the half-light. Those are my suggestions and opinions, anyways.
  3. Zaulyl

    Naruto 671

    Mangapanda Hopefully we'll start seeing some badassery next week.
  4. I didn't miss anything. What you quoted is flavor text, that, in light of their various limitations, is simply not true. They have no access to gates, their genjutsu has just as easy to break as from someone who has never even SEEN a genjutsu before, their elements are slower than those who have never thrown a Ninjutsu before in their life. I'm not asking for the best of all worlds. I'm asking for a little more in those worlds than those who ignore it. Greater access to jutsu lists alone is not sufficient to make an entire fighting type balanced.
  5. If that was the case, then people who don't use Ninjutsu at all shouldn't get their second element at Chuunin either - they aren't studying Ninjutsu at all, so why would their skills in Ninjutsu advance faster than someone who does study it, even if that person's attention is divided? If I study Physics, Arabic, and Technology, even if my attention is divided, I should still be more knowledgeable about Arabic than someone who only studies Physics and Technology. Generalists aren't balanced...that's why no one has ever picked a Generalist. They are far weaker than all of the other styles, and for a benefit that is negligable at best. Really, the only benefit they have is that, if they tried to use a style against someone who ignores that style, and the person who ignored that style used the exact same jutsu (despite ignoring the style, and therefore having no reason to have that jutsu), they would win a collision...but really, how often do two of the same jutsu collide with one another? Generalists are vastly underbalanced compared to the other styles-hence everyone ignoring them. Again, the rules say they should be much better than they currently are. The bolded in both cases has not been supported up til now. According to the benefits described in this thread, they are just as talented in Taijutsu as a Genjutsu Specialist, just as talented in Genjutsu as a Taijutsu Specialist, and worse at Ninjutsu than either of those, despite the rules clearly saying that they should be slightly better than a specialist in a non-specialized field. And then, in addition to being no better in a field than someone who ignores a field completely, a Generalist also has much less raw energy than any other type, which even further weakens them. Being too weak is just as unbalanced as being too strong.
  6. Zaulyl

    naruto 670

    It was, actually. Page 13, he says that he and his brother fought the Juubi and "sealed it inside of us" Us, meaning both him and his brother had the Juubi. You can't put something in two different containers without splitting it up.
  7. While the full rules are not mentioned in this thread, it IS stated in those full rules that Generalists are considered better than those who lack a focus, while weaker than those who do not have a focus. In most cases, this isn't exactly true, but they at least are on par with all of the other types. (Kai from A-rank Genjutsu at EJ, just like non-genjutsu users, no gates, just like non-taijutsu users, etc) However, in the case of elements, which is arguably their "Ninjutsu" portion, they are actually worse than someone who doesn't use Ninjutsu at all. Every other type of fighter, even Taijutsu specialists, Genjutsu specialists, and Taijutsu/Genjutsu dualists, obtain their second element at Chuunin, while Generalists receive them at Jounin. Again, this directly contradicts the overall rules on Generalists, which clearly state that a Generalist should be better at Ninjutsu than Taijutsu and Genjutsu users. This has been an issue I've brought up before to no response, and I'd like to see it fixed if we're to resolving the rules. I have two suggestions: The first is to bring them back to even with Tai and Gen users earning their second elements at Chuunin, which would be consistent with their other limitations, in that they're at least equal; however, this violates the idea that Generalists are better at a style than one who isn't focused in said style, which again, is directly stated in the rules describing their abilities to be the case. My other suggestion is to really make generalists better than non-users in all categories, as opposed to mostly even and a little worse in one category. In the case of Ninjutsu, I'd suggest allowing the second element at Chuunin and pushing the second element for Tai and Gen users to Jounin instead. For Taijutsu, I'd suggest allowing access to a few gates, and maybe pushing the allowances to Taijutsu users up a little further, perhaps allowing 2 gates for Generalists and 4-5 for Tai dualists, and the full 8 for specialists, and none for those with no Taijutsu focus. I honestly have no suggestions for the Genjutsu discrepancy, but perhaps the "more chakra to break out of" thing can be messed with. To put it in a numbers system, basically, if everyone has 3 of something, and 3 baskets, labeled Nin, Tai, and Gen, respectively, a Generalist is SUPPOSED to have 1 in each basket. A Dualist would have 1.5 in two of the baskets, and nothing in the remaining basket. A specialist would have all 3 in the same basket, and obviously none in the other two-but right now, it's more like the Generalist threw all of their somethings away and then punched a hole in their "Nin" basket. The second suggestion requires a bit more work, granted, but is personally my preference, as it really would make Generalists something of a middle point between not using a style and being a dual-style user-which again, is exactly what they are supposed to be.
  8. Zaulyl

    naruto 670

    If the Sage's mother is even stronger than the Sage, and she came from some faraway land, who's to say that she's the only one? There could be more people like her out there, who would present an even greater threat than Madara. She doesn't appear to be exactly human-those protrusions on her head are certainly not human pieces. Considering that Kishimoto does draw quite a bit of inspiration from Dragonball and it's sequel series, I wouldn't be surprised if non-humans are introduced to the series. Probably not aliens, but humanoid demons probably wouldn't be too far off from what Kishimoto has already written. Additionally, the Sage's brother sealed at least part of the Juubi in him. We know the Sage split up the Juubi he was holding, for fear that when he died, it would escape. But if the Sage only sealed part of the Juubi in him, and that part became the tailed beasts, what happened to the Juubi the Sage's brother had? And the part I'm really curious about...why in the world has no one mentioned the Sage's brother, who was also powerful enough to fight the Juubi and survive long enough to seal part of it in him?
  9. My vote is for new villages, for a number of reasons. As has been pointed out, keeping some, but not all, of the villages makes it look like we're favoring some over the others, and people belonging to the other villages would likely feel like they were screwed. New villages means a new start. I'd like for it to be clear where these villages came from, so we don't feel like our old villages just up and vanished, but something new, in my opinion, anyways, sounds great. Neko's thoughts on the remnants of the remaining villages forming a new, truly hidden village, can also be applied to each and every village if they're all new. If they're new, we can really have hidden villages, finally. On the subject of how they became three instead of five...I'd rather have another war written in. In the wake of the chaos and suffering brought on by the Upheaval, a massive war was fought for supremacy among the villages. The most powerful ninja of the era fought and destroyed the land around them, eventually, the villages themselves were destroyed by the S-rank level fighting. The survivors of the conflict isolated themselves for fear of starting another war, and were reluctant to amass that kind of power again, hence our globally weakened state. Villages are hidden, you have an in-game reason why people are suddenly weaker, on average, than they were (taboo), and you have an opportunity to create some truly awe-inspiring landmarks that the people after the timeskip could marvel at. Additionally, it makes our past characters seem a bit more legendary in the eyes of the normal person, which isn't quite compensation for losing a rank and potentially dozens of creations, but at least feels nice.
  10. Zaulyl

    naruto 670

    So, his mom was even stronger, and wasn't from around there. I'm calling it, she was a Saiyan. Also, he said that both he and his brother sealed the Juubi inside of them. What the hell happened to his brother's half? And, while we're at it, his brother? I thought Madara was going to be the last enemy, but it seems like Kishi's setting up the potential for even stronger opponents.
  11. It looks fine to me. I am unable to approve things, however.
  12. I don't see anything that looks wrong. Slots are in order, items are in order, traits are in order...yep. 1/1,000 Stamp! Just 999 to go!
  13. As with the other bracer, I feel that this is carrying two distinct abilities, both possibly worthy of an A-rank. The protrusions and chains mimic several B-rank ninjutsu seallessly. The weapon launching wouldn't be AS bad...except that it's unlimited. You say any number of weapons could be fired off from any point, and fail to mention a chakra cost for this, or if it relies on any type of ammunition that cannot be replenished. Even the tool jutsu eventually run out of ammo.
  14. In your other application, Zac referenced a rule that said things could only have one effect now. I personally am not familiar with that rule, but if it is a valid ruling, then the abilities are too much as a single item. That being said, one of these abilities is dependent upon another item being approved with its ability intact, which I have my doubts about. You can try to keep it if you want. I do not have a blue name, and can't TELL you to do anything, but if I were you, I'd go after the more attainable ability on this item and expand on it to make it worthy of an A-rank. It shouldn't be too hard-it already mimics several chain and wire creating B-rank jutsu, with added utility of spike creation at a whim. Actually, for an item, that might already be A-rank. Honestly, just the item's first ability is worth an A as well-it basically turns your body into an AoE Jutsu Shou, but with a variable cost instead of Jutsu Shou's rigid S-rank cost, which I'd actually count as a bit of an advantage over the original. I do have a few questions though-does this shield stop all jutsu within its range, or just opposing jutsu? Can you pick and choose what it absorbs and what it does not?
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