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  1. PSN: HeartlessHkun I don't really play anything online. Can't.
  2. -:Name:- Jakku Harupato -:Age:- 21 -:Gender:- Male -:Height:- 6'1" -:Weight:- 165lbs -:Appearance:- Short black hair that is slightly spiky Black eyes Slightly pale skin Lean, baby-faced Long-sleeved white [buttoned] shirt with sleeves rolled up and a pocket on the left side. Red tie Long black trousers, black belt with a small buckle. Black loafers. A black umbrella. -:Role In The Village:- Paper Salesman -:Village:- Hyouga -:Language:- Hyougaan Common -:Background:- When he was younger, Jakku wanted to be someone famous. Unfortunately, he did not do anything special in school. He was never at the top of his class nor did he excel in sports. His parents did not mind either way although they did want him to be the best he could be. As time went on, Jakku eventually started working for his uncle, who happened to be a manager at a small company, which no one seems to have heard of. As the company is owned by his family, he mostly spends his time slacking off or setting up pranks with his co-workers. At the moment, Jakku is very comfortable with where he is in life. He does not really aspire to becoming greater in the company as he does not want it as his career. He attends classes in his free time and is looking for something more than just working with his family.
  3. o.o *is yelled at* Cliche shirts? o.o
  4. Yes, Dandi... since were 6:30 hours apart or something? XD Still, it would be nice. Nikki is very useless. lol She won't sit, lie down or anything. .__." And she doesn't really bark... >.> Kida's a spoilt lump of fat. XD Ayu... how'd you steal them? You must teach me how to pick Kida up without getting scratched or anything. XD Nikki's huge too... o.o And REALLY energetic...
  5. Moar pics? Coming soon~! I'll upload a pic of Nikki 'cause she's back~! Oooh, I love your pics, Dandi. Awesome as always. But they blind! >.< I love the Winter pic. No winter here. =s
  6. Wow... Dandi... your room is so... clean. lol No clutter or anything [yet?]. I should take a pic of my room... .__.
  7. lol Only Kida's allowed inside. But she's not allowed outside. I need to take a pic of Quincy. He's old... and thin... Lina's around somewhere... but... meh. lol
  8. *bows* Err... now what? I have desks... where I don't study... or even draw... lol Mostly cluttered. The Dragon Ball stuff were just randomly on my desk... Stuff I bought in Japan... 2 years ago. Or was it a year ago? o.O lol
  9. My room's clean... from certain angles. Haha. There's piles of random stuff here and there... and loads of cables... but from certain angles, you can't see them, so... lol
  10. *is nom'd on* Oh yeah... I can't remain in that position for long. I usually shift around... this was when my sister and mom were watching their K-dramas. Usually, I'm in front of the TV with my laptop on the PS2 so I can do both at once. Or I'm at the dinner table with sketchpad. Elbows don't really hurt, but back does [?] Then I shift to sitting with laptop on pillow on lap... Oh, I don't like those family pictures. =s Why? I wasn't born when they were taken. =P They're blurry up close too. I like the effects you put in but the original looks great too.
  11. Deeni~ Usagi madness~! Madness? THIS IS USAGI! *kicks Deeni* XD In other news... o.o Go dry your hair...
  12. @Dandi: No fishing~!!! XD I love your "playing with hair-ish" picture~!
  13. Kaiza

    Quotes of TNF

    Upon seeing me return...
  14. And so it started. For a few short moments, Jakku basically watched Snow start the show and decided to go along with her plan. He began to run towards the girl, hastily grabbing one of his spray cans from his bag. He popped the cap before pressing hard onto the nozzle hard enough for it to get stuck, creating a red line on the ground for a few seconds. As the cap fell to the floor, Jakku stomped his left hard onto the floor, using it as a sort of pivot as he pulled his right arm back in a horizontal motion with his right leg still in the air, nearly parallel to his arm. And in one quick motion, he swung his right hand round to fling the spray can at the academy student, also stomping his right foot hard to stop himself as well. He lost his balance for a moment, as his bag shifted his weight forward but did not fall. Jakku watched as the can spun in mid-air and realized that he had flung a close-to-empty can at the girl. 'Ah, well, it should last for a good couple more seconds...' he thought, as he had nearly spent the entire can outside, indicating that the spraying would probably stop sometime after it reached the girl, if it did at all. He noted in his head that his initial plan for flinging the can was out... for now.
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