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  1. -rolls- Who's left of the old guard?
  2. Apologies if I'm doing this wrong. I read the rules and asked around I still feel like a fish flopping in dry land.
  3. Name:Card Shark Rank: D Type: Ninjutsu Requirements: Cards Fighting Style: Physical Range: Long Element:Non-Elemental Village Origin:Nagare Description: Card Shark takes elements from the well known technique Kugutsu no Jutsu and strips it down in order to effectively work with Cards, usually modified playing cards. Much like Kugutsu Card Shark does not require handseals, but the user still needs to go through a preparation proses in which he attaches chakra strings to the cards. While the cards are under control of this jutsu, the user can still trigger some of the traits designed into the cards. However, the jutsu takes up quite a bit of concentration, and even when fully mastered, the concentration can only be cut in half. As result, when the user is controlling large quantities of cards it is common for them not to be fully aware of their surroundings, as well as find this jutsu to be mentally exhausting. It is also not possible to use jutsu while this jutsu is active, other than those that have to do with manipulation of cards. Creator: Hibiki RPC who has learned it: Hibiki Link to old application: Card Shark
  4. Sorry for just dropping off the face of the chat I'm trying to wrap my head around the recalibration thing XD
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