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  1. Oh wow... hello Pike haha 👋 Poptart King!!!! 😂 JOIN!!!! https://discord.gg/X8yYguK Look, here is Hito’s original post:
  2. Wait.... Hells??? As in the HellsAngel?? Is that really you lady?!? [EDIT] @Azure Haha, became a man brah... xD Yeah... I think I’ve changed some since my first TNF acrivities lol I should make a video just for you guys xD Then you’ll see the old me in an instance like... Oh yeah... Appearance has changed, but that is definitely TGJ xD
  3. I did a test a few weeks back which will determine which lvl is best suited for me.... Basicly testing how smart I am...And I am not sure about which ditection yet, I hope to find that out while doing the studies.... See what interests me the most. As of now I just want to get started and learn a bit of everything amd them see what I like most and then decide in what I want to specialise after the second year. Haha, what doesn't that suprise me... I already thought so too, but I though.... Naahh that is way too obvious. And about the titles yeah I know, I had the same thing when I worked at a company at Schiphol for a while "Jr. Expeditor Agent".... Lol whut? I was just making the paperwork in order for the freight to go to the right place amd regulary make phone calls agross europe to tell the customers when there freight was coming in and tell them if it was delayed or not. Had to go in suit and tie everyday, because we worked with Apple and Samsung and some of their people came over to talk with some of our people, so we had to look representative. I even handled the first PS4 shipment into The Netherlands back then. Now that was a good job.... A lot of extra hours and sixth days, but hey I got paid around €2500 netto each month... I had a 0 hour contract so I got paid every single hour I was there... I had no life and was tires all the time, but it was worth it.... When the time was there to give me a vast contract, they kickes me out though..... Damn it.... It was the third biggest logistics company in the world called Expeditors, it was a company like DHL (whom is number 1 biggest btw).I'll try and go back there once I've got my papers, but then as an IT. I loved working there and I was lucky to get in there without experience and papers.... So I think that was also the reason they could thrownme out that easily after all the millions I gave them... Oh man I felt so good those two and a half years... I could do whatever I wanted.... I want that again.... Working for a company like that asures you a good life... So I'll try again in a few and work my way up
  4. Yeah that pretty much sums up life right there... And that is what we will be doing for the next 40 years -shrugs- Oh well, we gotta make the best of it right? And I noticed you are still an administrator, so I assumed right there and then that you never left... Which made me say "it is not like all of us are still active" haha I noticed man! -wink- What kind of job you doing atm? I am working at a hotel reception now... But like I said I am going to do a study again, gonna do ICT. Oh and I also do some work through an employment agency, you know? (uitzendbureau) Just to fill up the remaining few hours I still have of spare time to gain and thus also fill up my bank account as much as I can. Like you I do not care much about money itself. I do care though about living a care free life without too much worries you know. Just want to be able tondo what I want when I want or get what I want without having to worry about financial shit... So that is my reason for working my ass off...
  5. Hey there Aet! Thanks!! Yeah we are getting at that stage in life now man hahaha... To think I was like.... Around 12 I think when I first joined.. How time goes by huh... That is why I find it so nice to hear from people like you and afro and lion and kyu and etc etc etc etc every once in a while... I mean we used to talk for hours a day for years on here... Good to know everyone is... Well... You know, still ticking And how have you been Dutch buddy haha? Nice to hear from you as well man! Life threating you OK?? [EDIT] What makes us come back again and again to TNF for over 10 years now anyway? Haha It is not like all of us are all still active, but we do keep showing up every now and then.. Now that I think about it.... Might have been over 12 or 13 years already... Counting the forum before this one as well
  6. Well that actually sums up my life as well haha, good times. All that as well, but together with my girlfriend. Working all day and partying all night. And 2016 also marked a positive change for me after a horrible 2015. And also does not show any signs of slowing down, were both on the good lane I guess! Nice braw Currently planning a vacation with my lady to Lloret de Mar... So that will definitely be a lot of partying and s**. I almost know her two years now and all good. No jealous shit, faithful, wants to be with me all the time in a not annoying way, let's me do the things I like. Since she knows me hasn't gone out and get drunk without me, not because I said so haha... Was her own choice, she loves me and finds it very annoying if she gets bothered bu other drunk guys, so she decided only to go out of I am going as well or go with her so she can just party and get drunk with her girls without getting bothered haha. So all good there. She pretty, hot, sexy, smart, thinks about her future... Until now I have been a lucky guy with her... Hope it stays like this, really happy with her. I am also thinking about doing a study again to up my chances for the future some more... So yeah, it's all good baby. I am glad to hear life is threating you good as well.... Nice to speak with you again after all these years man.. I guess because we have talked for so many years on here I just care about your well being or something hahaha... Because we go wayyyy back 10+ years already... So yeah this post is long enough now, like I said happy to hear you're doing well friend... I really mean that! Oh in case you are curious, open spoiler to see the girl who is treating your old chat buddy TGJ so well haha: You have to click the first picture, it's a video. That is from when we were in Portugal... Oh and she is Brazilian btw
  7. Omg The Wookie Kage has responded!! I Have been refreshing this page like crazy for the last few days in hopes I'd see a reaction from one of you... How have you been bro, life treating you well?
  8. I had to recover it...... HOLY JEBUS IT IS LIONSBREW AND AFRO!!!! [EDIT] And I see Aet there as well.... Damn after all these years and the first persons I see on here are afro, lion and aet...... How is everyone, old friends? [EDIT2] So... I was thinking today.... How come us three thought of TNF around the same time after all these years? Oh and I changed my avatar just for you guys, so you can see what I look like now.
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