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  1. *chat thread peeks back* o.o
  2. Merged these two threads (since they're directly related).
  3. Sent you the details elsewhere, Aet.
  4. Close enough. :3 Happy Halloween, everybody~
  5. *points at the very slow-burning fuse on the pack of TNT*
  6. Zett

    [High] Travel bug

    Should be fixed now?
  7. Zett

    Quest Missing

    Please use the Bug Report Guidelines when submitting a thread. I edited them into your post. All you have to do is fill in the information.
  8. Nice responses, guys. Useful feedback. Thanks. =] First off, I would like to say that individual thread ideas are perfectly fine. But this thread's purpose is to discuss additional features/sections rather than individual threads. I can support and I agree with leaving more threads in the hands of the players and members (for example, Jutsu thread for talking about those things), but I'm more interested in the core changes to the website rather than those. But, overall, absolutely. I'm definitely down for more member involvement and letting them manage things better. I'm going to see about finding a hook that will allow members to assign additional members to have editing powers over the original post. Should make it easier. Suggestion forum changes will need to be discussed with Pana, but I'm overall cool with the idea of considering the amount of people who rated a topic / liked the post. That being said, it's impossible to make it so every suggestion will be looked at in that priority order. It could be a consideration - but not the final consultation. There are other things that are looked at such as how complicated coding the feature would be and what else it would change and effect as a result. In reference to the PR problems, I see where you're coming from. I'm going to try and use the TNR News section to make more of an open environment on the Forums. When big changes happen I'm going to see about making it as an announcement - both on the Forums, and on the Main Site. =] For Questions & Comments, I agree. I think it should be more open to discussion. As I mentioned to Basil in my first post, I'm open to changing the name and allowing more open topics and conversations (rather than locking most things). Power to the player, as Gamestop says. Help me look for names and new section ideas / suggest how the new Forum should look when the areas are made. =] I also remember back in the day that this was a bit of a cluster. The Jutsu/Bloodline threads were always a bit cluttered. Separating them (one with the information and facts, and another with the open discussion) would probably be best. I like the potential for this idea a lot. It would probably be too complicated to code and implement (after thinking about it some more), but I can for sure see the merits of doing this (especially if the Forum Involvement kicks off even more). I would love to hear a more detailed idea behind this idea. =] For most of the initial feed ideas suggested, I'll admit that I agree with the others. Seems a little too unnecessary for what you can send through (with just that). I approve most of this with the comments I made earlier. Voting system for threads has up to 5 stars. We have likes for individual posts, but no dislikes. =] I had a similar idea for making TNR News Announcements more common. Right now the area hasn't been updated in a while despite there having been many News Posts on the main site. I can see us allowing something similar, like a "Best Topic of the Month" thread of some sort. But that'll be for later, I think. xD Definitely something to consider. It already exists, but it's buried deep in other areas. Part of the change / transfer is to get new areas and sections, and listening to what the members have to say about things, so I can support making a feedback thread more open and available. Hi, I'm Zett and I approve this message (and your tools, which I actually use). I'm definitely hoping to address this and more. =] ------- When I get back home I'm going to update the original post with a mini to-do list of a sorts, but try to keep things focused on the forum arrangement / layout rather than individual threads. I'm going to try and have members update and keep them running themselves, so what I want to really zone-in on are the core sections you guys would love to see added or how the forum should be rearranged, etc.
  9. Right now I experimented with the Social Board we have up. But I agree, it's a little bland. I think combining them would be helpful. =] But at the same time, a really quick Q&A section for simple things would also be nice. And we could implement a "Best Answer" system for them (similar to Yahoo answers). "Discussion Board" was a possibility I considered, but I'm not too sure on the name. Additional suggestions are welcome. 1. I approve this idea. A rating system is possible (it's doable right now, but let's wait for the new forum engine to be implemented). 2. I'm down with that. I'd like to have more player interaction and discussion, especially about cool things to do on TNR. This seems a little more grey. It's more doable to implement a rating system than to have something like that. This being said, the new forum engine will come complete with a "Like" button (and it'll allow you to see all of the likes, and people who liked it). So in a sense, it's very possible. If you or anyone else has anything else more solid, I'd love to hear about it. =]
  10. Hey, everyone! We're going through some major forum overhauls here on the website. That means that we're going to be getting entirely brand-new sections, a brand new forum engine, and tons of new features added to the forums. I noticed that there's a significant lack of sections for TNR. Most of it seems to discourage heavy discussion and serious feedback. I'm making this thread to give everyone a chance to be heard. What would you like to see on the new TNR Forums? Do you want a new discussion board? More areas? Rules to be opened up more? Voice your comments about anything related to the way the Forum is run here. We'll take everything into consideration! [Please be constructive in the comments.]
  11. As stated, there are only three ways to gain a bloodline on TNR. 1. Roll a bloodline when you reach Genin (Entirely up to random luck). 2. Purchase one with Reputation Points using real money (the prices can be viewed when you look at your profile). 3. Win an Official Event or an Official Contest (Since many people enter you'd have to be quite skilled and lucky to win). There are no other ways to earn a Bloodline at this current moment. Closing thread.
  12. Lions. I see you finally made a manly deodorant after yourself.
  13. ^ My face @ the Aet and Wolf tag-team duo.
  14. ... Ga... gyahaha... GYAAHAHAHAHAH! Finally, finally, finally!! Freaking finally! The Forum issues have been fixed. After a bloody month of waiting, they're finally fixed. =D Time to kick this into overdrive. Pull up your big boy pants, kiddies.
  15. I've been working on TNR updates and the forum issues as well. Also been helping certain people run for congress IRL in an election that goes down in two weeks. We should be free to expedite this project forward at maximum overdrive soon. At this point I'm hosting open invites to the Development Team for TNF again. We mainly need to square away lore, history, environments, etc. Content is more or less done. Post here or shoot me a PM if you want to be added. To all of those who already did so, I'll add you to the team shortly.
  16. The good thing about the new forum engine we'll be getting is that it has a built-in spambot defense system that actually works. =]
  17. You all make me feel old. 23, as well. I should go to a nursing home already. D;
  18. We have a brand new forum engine. We're moving from VB to another client and rebooting the website from the ground-up. Most of the current wait now is just pending on technical difficulties. The content itself is more or less done but the overall package won't be displayed until we update everything all at once. I'd say an ETA for the forum move is going to still take a while yet. We still have to install the new features, tweak the annoying layout problem, and set everything up (both on the TNR side and the TNF side). It's why I'm reduced to saying it'll be out Soon™. Believe me, I'm more frustrated about it than anyone else here (with the potential exception of Aet, who has to deal with the rage inducing details). Happy birthday, Darkhanaki! =]
  19. Zett

    End of Naruto

    Anyone dying is unlikely due to the final movie having both Naruto and Sasuke alive.
  20. Welcome back to Nostalgia Lane, Kitty! Good to see you again. The RP is currently undergoing revision and is going to be re-released with brand new systems Soon™. It'll go by a lot quicker once we (finally) get our new engine installed. Congratulations on having an itteh-bitteh kitteh, too! I'll prepare the nuclear bunkers. With two of you, the world is doomed! Hide yo catnip n hide yo strings. No cheeseburgers will ever be safe again. =[
  21. 1. layout page bugs 2. mobile layout 3. This thread now. Stop making the same thread for the same issue without adding any additional information or complying with the requests. You were asked in each thread to provide more information or give screenshots. You instead opted to create a new topic and repeated the same issues without giving more detail to the problem. Furthermore, each time you've disregarded the guidelines and template. We would like to help you but we need more information. Making additional threads will not help you or solve the problem.
  22. The response would've been the same regardless of who commented.
  23. Nah, I'm a pretty nice guy. I'll let Zett off with just a warning this time. There can be only one solution, Aet. You must takeover the server. =D
  24. This looks amazing and the sound quality is reminiscent of a movie theater. Also: UBW route was the best route. You can keep Saber and Sakura. Just give me more Rin (and Taiga-sensei). <3~
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