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    Naruto 635

    Someone punch Sasuke in the balls. Please.
  2. Time, Experience, Humour. Last one definitely. xD
  3. Ahiru sighed in relief when she saw her score points. It wasn't one of her best scores but at the very least she passed the exam. Barely, of course. She was third lowest. Ugh, never going to take an exam without studying again, she thought as she slipped away from her seat and trudged towards the door sullenly. She did learn some information for today. Maybe she'll tell her mother about it. Or not. She shuddered. Oh, gods. She had to tell her mother. Ahiru gulped and hoped her mother wasn't around when she gets home. [EXIT]
  4. It was awesome. I was hoping Korra's fire/earth/water bending wouldn't return though so we would have a clue what the next seasons has in store for us. Meh well.
  5. Ahiru paid no mind to the other students who had started to appear a few minutes after her, too engrossed on answering her exam. Everything became a blur when Ahiru was focused on something. She found most questions difficult but some were relatively easy. She had long answers and short--as in one-worded answers-- ones. She should probably explain it, like the paper instructed, give it an edge of sorts but she honestly had no idea how to interpret it so it stayed plain and concise. A racket caused the blue-eyed girl to drift her attention back to reality. Her eyes scanned the room (noting the other students and the crows now) and widened when she saw a large hole on the wall. For a while she gazed at it questioningly, who did it and why? The proctor made to explain her unsaid questions and she quickly became uninterested especially when she heard the reason, opting to go back to her exam but not before she witnessed him making hand seals (that seemed familiar to her) and shutting the opened area with another wall. She stared at it long and hard. It looked like it hadn't been destroyed in the first place. Yuichi had already given two out of five questions allowed to be asked and both were from Efficiency and Logic. She knew the answers to one--question five and she thought it was simple and required little time to know the room did not exist at all. It was tricky--yes, but nothing close as a complication. She pursed her lips, displeased that one of the chances to ask chances were wasted. Ah well, there are still chances left. Ahiru remained oblivious again once she returned to her paper but not missing the exchange that was happening around her.
  6. You are under arrest for being new here! *brings out lollipops* Welcome to the forums~ Guess you're going to join the rp too? Coolies~ Hope you have fun~
  7. ayu13

    Naruto 590

    Fugaku and Mikoto knew... wow. A really, really nice chapter. Though tbh I was expecting an update about the war. >.> Meh. Can't have everything.
  8. Ahiru ran as fast as she could, arriving at the class sweaty and out of breath. While catching for air, she scanned the room and discovered two students already taking the exam. She hand't noticed the crows yet, as she was nervous and flushed and focused on finding a seat and not embarrassing herself. With a sheepish smile, she apologized for being late and sat on one of the chairs after grabbing her own sets of exam paper. She had only found about the exam a few hours ago and she rushed herself towards the classroom, knowing she was fully unprepared. Then again, who was ever prepared for exam? She wasn't one of those braniacs who always study her books. Occasionally, she would tune out on lectures too. She stared at the questions, brows furrowing. She skimmed some of it and found it rather hard. She was going to have troubles answering those later. If she had missed his instructions, she wondered if the teacher wouldn't mind repeating it for her. He probably would mind and say she had the nerve to ask him; it was her fault in the first place why she missed it. Someone had already asked a question and she quickly re-read what he asked. Fourth member huh... Ahiru was thinking of an answer and didn't realize she was wasting time. OOC: I'll edit this later. Sorry I'm late for a class. XD
  9. Sara Bareilles - Sweet As Whole This is such a fun song. I enjoyed it very much. XD
  10. Ninjas weren't truly unknown outside the hidden villages. They are quite known even to the civilian community so Ahiru wasn't really surprised when Moira knew a little about them. But she was bewildered about the way she taught her son about it. Shadows and wiggling their fingers? It was true yes, in a sense, but it sounded weird when she put it that way. "Uh, yeah like dragons," answered Ahiru, nodding to confirm Sorin's question. She didn't really know anyone who could breathe fire, let alone saw one. But if she did, Sorin was the first one who would know. "Is the whole estate yours?" Ahiru asked, referring and gazing to the land before her. The greenery looked heavenly and flourishing as if it was tended regularly (or just naturally beautiful) and the expanse of the area was really wide. Perhaps the have servants to look after it and they were filthy rich or something. She wouldn't mind living here, if she could. Remembering that she hasn't introduced herself yet, she said, "Oh! My name is Kawa, Ahiru." Before adding, "Hence, the golden duck joke." She felt awkward to ask hers so she waited for her introduction. It was common courtesy to say one's name after hearing someone's introduction, right? However Moira took longer to say hers and Ahiru took it as a sign that her presence was unwelcome in the fields. With an embarrassed tone, she said her apologies and made to move pass the lady in hurried steps. She was about to climb the slope when she paused, remembering something, and turned back to look Sorin with adoring eyes. She hated escaping so abruptly that she had the notion to leave him with hope he could grasp on. "I'll come visit you sometime, Sorin-chan. Be a good boy and see you soon!" She said with a wave and a full grin. A nod to his mother and a last fleeting glance at the boy, Ahiru went off. [EXIT]
  11. Ahiru watched as Sorin's mother draw near with careful steps, like a predator drawing to her prey. She was eyeing the two of them, as if she had done something wrong and strange, and the girl didn't like it one bit; it made her nervous and embarrassed. She need not worry, in Ahiru's opinion, it's not like she draws danger on Sorin; he has become precious to her even vowed to protect him. Still, she knew she was in the wrong just by being present here and should really apologized. Sorin moved to her side and whispered something her, making her smile. Yes, they were glowing--she still had no idea what it meant--and possibly, going to be grilled by his mother. She seemed the protective type after all. She meant to answer her first inquiry, if it weren't for Sorin's hasty response. When he was done, she bowed politely towards the woman, never forgetting her manners. Though she apparently forgot her brain on the way here, for no words came out of her mouth and was left hanging for a few seconds. When she finally found the words to say, she said them lowly and in haste. Her face was red again, flustered for sure. "I was just passing by... I meant not to trespass, I swear! I felt thirsty so I drank water from river. Is it safe to drink there by the way? Because I really don't want to get, uh, anything from it. Not that I'm saying it's dirty or anything, I was just wondering. I live in Rikuhi." And as an afterthought she added, "And I'm a ninja-in-training too." [OOC: Nope. Ahiru's ninja gears are hidden underneath her large sailor shirt. So I just made her say it]
  12. Just as abruptly as he held her, Ahiru watched Sorin retreat away from her and towards the stream. He was gazing at his reflection inquisitively, as if to affirm her earlier remarks. She giggled when he stretched the skin on his face, examining it in a serious manner. He must have thought he was literally sparkling with glimmers and not the ethereal radiance she meant. Still, he looked really adorable checking his reflection. “Ahiru the Golden Duck is pretty too," he said and she chuckled softly. Even now he was clutching to that joke. How cute. She wanted to say he was prettier and was about to, when an angelic voice rang through the fields. Ahiru turned her towards the voice and found a woman standing near the cottage, a displeased expression on her attractive face. Who was she and why was she upset? Mother. Sorin exclaimed, answering her thoughts. Ahiru ‘oh’-d silently . Sorin’s mother. Quick to assess the circumstances, Ahiru found the reason of her distress. It was because of her. A child talking to a stranger? Who wouldn’t be disturbed by that? She was an outsider after all and a trespasser too, who may or may not have the intent of kidnapping her son. (But she won’t of course. Unless he keeps on looking so sweet.) Ahiru mentally slapped her forehead, hearing Sorin’s name for her. Well, crap. He would never let go of that joke, would he?
  13. Sorin's laugh was beautiful and pristine. It fitted him perfectly and it made her glad inside. Such innocence could not be tarred with vile things. Ahiru vowed silently she would protect it. Her anticipation to know of the child grew as Sorin moved to near her. Although she was taken aback when he neared too much for comfort and placed her his hands on either side of her face. She noted his hands were calloused and rough. Hers were hardened too but it was from training and use of weaponry. He was a kid and yet... then again, he lived at the outskirts of the village and in a farm no less. Maybe he did manual labor to help his parents too. Ahiru realized she was still being held at a close proximity and unconsciously, she stared back at. His eyes were truly captivating much closer and the urge to touch his cheek back was strong but she distantly heard her him ask something and was broken from the trance. "Hmmm? I'm glowing?" She whispered softly, as if to keep a secret between friends. He still spoke in an odd manner and confused her greatly, though she was beginning used to it. "You're glowing too." said Ahiru, indicating to his gleaming eyes and the way the sun reflected on his face nicely, which brought out his features charmingly. After a moment, she added thoughtfully, "You're really pretty." [OOC: I prefer your way of writing more tbh. I'm not much of a detailed person and I don't know how to describe things that is clearly understood. IDK WHY. D: I also meant to bring the topic up of Sorin's parents but it would ruin the moment, I think?]
  14. Ahiru smiled more when he announced that she had no fathers and accused her of not being a duck. Oh, but she was--he just had no knowledge of it. She remembered taunting the red-head Saigo from before and how it was similar to the situation now. Antagonizing her fellow Academy Student gave her a flare of satisfaction and atrocious delight, sadistic as it may sound. She realized that this was turning out to have the same outcome and she had to stop. Sorin was a child and saying vicious thing would only scare him. So Ahiru decided to put a halt to whatever creepy desires she had (which also made her uneasy) and tell him about herself. "Unfortunately, I'm not a fairy either." She replied, gesturing for him to come closer with her hand. "But in a way I am a duck. You see, my name is Ahiru and it means duck." It was a simple explanation and she hoped the boy could understand the joke from earlier. Oh! Oh! "Pfffft..." She suddenly giggled, light sounds ringing softly until it turn into a full laughter, loud and unlady-like. She thought she would die laughing because of a stupid joke she conjured inside her mind. She must have looked deranged to him and in need of medical attention in the head. Maybe she does. Because to be honest, it wasn't really funny. Just some words she put in a literal sense. But she couldn't stop laughing and she didn't know why and she felt like she would die laughing. When her laugh finally subsided, Ahiru looked at Sorin shyly and apologized to him. "I just thought of something. It's kind of silly honestly." Hesitant to voice her mind, she remained silent only to crack seconds later. "My family name is Kawa and it means river. And my name is Ahiru. So I'm like a river duck and I'm beside a river--" Wow, she really did sound stupid. "Uh, yeah." She ended awkwardly. [OOC: I'm awful at RP-ing D: I feel so dumb. lol Sorry for the late rep. I'm usually busy during weekends.]
  15. Ahiru was still on her stomach when the boy decided to make his appearance. Her lips parted in awe as her eyes traced the child’s outline, noting his facial features and attire. His skin, which glowed in the light, was sun-kissed and matched his golden hair very well. His flushed face reminded her of a little cherub, innocent and pure. Though if she could pick a favorite part of him, it would be his eyes. He was a bit distant but Ahiru’s eyes were sharp and she could see that they were brown with fragments of gold dancing on his irises. Truly, his name fitted him; he was a sun child. She didn’t think that by luring him out that, in turn, she would be allured by him. Funny how things work out. Settling in a kneeling position, she threw her arms wide open and said—as much as she could while simultaneously laughing, “Ta-da! Here I am, the great golden duck!” She didn’t really expect the kid to understand her actions—heck, even she surprised herself of such childish antics—but a small part of her suspected that Sorin would take it to a whole different level. He would say something uncanny and she would be stunned by it. Children were full of surprises after all. “Are you surprised?” The raven-head would ask, grinning cheekily at him.
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