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  1. I go to url http://www.theninja-...g&action=update Error message: Cannot Initialize new GD image stream Edit by Amanda: Sorry i just noticed that link won't function the same way if you click on it. The link is when i try getting my signature from ingame settings, user preferences, get signature and then click on update signature. Thank you for fast reply.
  2. Yes sorry for not being specific. i meant a counter in general. the weekly one have never been implemented. I agree on all of that. There is no need for a weekly, there are alot of ways to note down anbu members quotas from week to week.
  3. This already existed in C1 or C2, i cant remember which one. But im 100% positive it existed back then. I always filled my anbu quota and saw it in the anbu HQ. That is a good feat Pana.
  4. Same just happened to me all of a sudden. Same browser as 2 minutes earlier.
  5. My main team is F.C. Internazionale Milano but i also support Celtic F.C. and Rangers F.C.
  6. Will a student or the sensei ever recieve any benefits from their relation ship? Will the requirement to be a sensei be lowered from jounin to chuunin?
  7. Manual Section: http://www.theninja-forum.com/index.php?/page/articles.html/_/basics/tools/tools-r58 The following links do not work: Pana Edit: Removed, thanks.
  8. I could ask the same question about in the game. Everyone has their own preferences. As I heard in the tavern the RP section ain't that active anymore but adding things to the forum is a good thing to increase the traffic.
  9. Yes a bigger kb limit and a userbar would be good enough for me personally atleast.. Albafica, if you want more stuff to justify paying for it then lower the prize = less stuff the donator get? Just a suggestion but So a list of stuf I had in mind:
  10. Well a bigger avatar is just an example. The thing u get can be a user title or a userbar like the admin one you have but that says donator, or a different colour to the users name.Several different things possible.
  11. Yes exactly. And you just get a small something as a visible thing to show people you donated.
  12. No i dont mean like that. Sorry for explaining in a bad way. In the tavern you can go to newer posts, or older posts, but there are easier ways, for example search function or a numberic system, like page 1, 2, 3 and such.
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