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  1. Lav

    Elemental quests

    Try traveling to the EM location with an amulet equipped.
  2. And we have a winner! Congratulations to Khione for being the first participant to reach the Crater of Meikan and bring home the 50 million ryo treasure! Thank you to all the participants that tried their hand at solving the riddle and I hope you had fun! The following is a walkthrough to solving the puzzle. Getting started The riddle was a two-part puzzle. It was intended to be quite challenging to figure out, but not impossible with the right thinking. For the first step, you were meant to take notice of the words that started with a capital. Some of these words were hints as to what to pay attention to the most. The first word of note was 'Adrift'; an obvious hint to let people know that the only way to find Meikan was to drift unconscious in the ocean. Noticing the capital on the word in "If ye venture forth the Root", it was intended to help you find the starting point of your adventure. Traveling from the "Root" meaning to travel from 0,0 on the map. The next hint, "Stay set, to the New Dawns Route" tripped up a lot of people. Many thought this line meant for people to travel east, the direction in which you see the sun rising. More keen observers would correctly infer that it actually meant the path that the sun takes; from east to west. So with these hints, the first part of the puzzle should have led you to travel west from 0,0 and from there to 49,0; the ocean coastline. The second part of the riddle is where it gets trickier. Just traveling west was not enough to reach the Crater of Meikan. You would inevitably drown and drift back to the same coast before you could go far enough. So what now? The "Gnashing Teeth" in the riddle were a reference to the Lone Sharks that you would randomly encounter in the ocean. The next line, "If yer stores be low and start to lose yer Coil, The Brine will take to no new soil" meant that if you let your health drop from drowning, you would never reach the new land where Meikan resides. It becomes apparent that you will need to keep your health from dropping and that the Lone Sharks are the key to doing so. Many tried to use solely leach jutsu to recover health, but in most cases (barring lucky Lone Shark rng), it would not be enough. Using multiple in-battle healing items, though, would allow you to survive long enough to reach -73,0. At that point, drifting would take you to a small island where a short exploration would make you stumble across the Crater of Meikan! I am withholding the exact location of the crater from this post so that others may find it and see for themselves. Although, anyone that discovers the location is free to reveal it. Final Thoughts Another little known fact, during my time searching for Meikan, I stumbled across many other islands in multiple spots that I have never seen mentioned before (11 in total! And there still might be more that I've missed out there) and am curious why TNR staff has never decided to make their own events surrounding these islands. In hindsight, the second part of the puzzle may have been too difficult and another small hint here or there could've helped lead people on a clearer path. Even so, Phyre and I enjoyed watching others attempt to solve the riddle and we plan on holding more events soon so stay tuned!
  3. What do you mean you can't leave the village. As in you can't leave to Syndicate or you can't move spaces off the village at all? Are you over-encumbered? Edit: Nevermind, saw your edit on your other post.
  4. Said to be the birthplace of the first Extinction Herald, the location of the elusive Mount Meikan has been a long-standing mystery...until now. A sizable treasure has been left in the remnants of the fabled mountain for anyone daring enough to attempt the voyage. Starting from today, the first person to reach the Crater of Meikan will win a prize of 50 million ryo. (No TNR staff eligible, sorry.) To save people months of searching for Mount Meikan, a riddle has been graciously composed by the one and only Phyregrimm78, to help guide would-be explorers on their journey: Out in the Sea, I be sitting and waiting for ye. Unmarked and lost, with no skiff Ye can only find me Adrift If ye venture forth the Root Ye journey will drudge Stay set, to the New Dawns Route Only then can new shores be reached through deluge. As Gnashing Teeth begin to surface, Yer Soujourn will find a new purpose. If yer stores be low, and start to lose yer Coil, The brine will take to no new soil. Sands lost at birth, Will you find me Crater hearth. To claim the prize, PM me in-game or on the forums with the correct coordinates. Good luck!
  5. Lav

    Bloodline Roll Bug

    I hope they fix this issue soon. It seems they haven't made a fail-safe when rolling for an offense-specific bloodline that prevents you from rolling a prior bloodline without going through every bloodline first.
  6. Something about only the server host being able to fix this issue. It's pretty much a waiting game, sadly. Wish staff would actually make announcements on stuff like this.
  7. What would change The cost of a specialization change would drop from 15 reputation points to 0. How it benefits us Dropping the price to 0 would allow people with highest bloodlines to make the switch to another offense easier after spending the 120 reps required to do so, rather than spending an additional 15 reps. In addition, it would also be easier to check the tags of the other offense variants of each bloodline jutsu, allowing players to make more informed choices whenever one is thinking of changing offense. It also reduces general confusion. Why it matters With the most recent changes to highest bloodlines, and how the offenses for them are chosen, specialization has become extremely devalued, now only being used to simply change the tags on BL jutsu from one offense to another. In cases where a specialization has already been chosen, a player that opts into an offense change often finds themselves with a mismatched specialization, causing their bloodline jutsu to be of the wrong offense. They would require another 15 reps spent, on top of the 120 reps they spend on an offense change, making the true cost of an offense change become 135 reps. Problems/Concerns Involved Game staff might want people to spend the extra 15 reps, alternatively the offense change can be increased to 135 reps while making specialization change free. This will still be a quality of life change giving players less hassle.
  8. The amount of jutsu uses is dependent on the amount of Elemental Mastery that you have, not jutsu mastery. AoE typically have fewer amount of uses than other jutsu, on top of that, your current EM stat is subtracting 3 uses from each of your jutsu. For more information on the EM stat needed to reach each threshold, refer to the manual under 'Element'.
  9. Lav

    The Ragebar Dilemma

    Long story short, Yas and Shika's online ragebars shit the bed, veteran players have moved to offline ragebars, new players left in the dust to fend for themselves. What does TNR staff plan on doing to fix this problem? The game needs a fully fledged built in ragebar for the site. Just planning on having travel keybinds built in won't cut it (especially not impractical arrow keys when they should be WASD). Discuss.
  10. Username: Val Location: http://www.theninja-rpg.com/?id=23&act=inventory Priority: High How the bug happens: Attempt to 'take out' an item from the storage box as a member of the syndicate and you will get an error notification. This means that syndicate will never have full access to their inventory at any given time, and to take out anything from their storage box, they must join a village, which resets respect bonus timer and defeats the entire purpose of syndicate. Errors:
  11. Hello there. And welcome back to the game. You might have played at the very tail-end of C2, which is why the layout is a lot different for you. You should totes message slayze (our head mod) about motor sports; he loves that shit. Hope you enjoy your second coming!
  12. "Be sure to communicate more with your villagers in Tavern, as that's a great way to make new friends and find someone to marry on TNR nekos and sugardaddies to mooch off of ;)"
  13. 1-Extra pvp weekend 2-Extra jutsu exp weekend 4-no CFH weekend(disable cfh for that weekend) 12-no damage on armor weekend 13- no damage on weapons weekend I like these ideas. You could even combine 0 durability loss event with pvp/jutsu event
  14. Lav

    Daily Login mini game

    Get us more addicted to the game...I like it!
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