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  1. Weird, what's your proff? As a hunter it's working perfectly for me.
  2. Could it be a repeat of a link when you log on? sometimes happens if you log in with history link
  3. Club Atletico Peñarol que no ni no!!
  4. post 3/3 Lesser Demon: laff plz: My skills were terrible back then, and I had time and imagination to spare as I was just a teenager studying.. now that Im a functioning adult I think I would be worse -.-
  5. Everyone laugh at my aggresive dude size:
  6. Orphen I did this for the small lion in c2 LONG AGO Final one: God its awfull, I was never good post 1/3
  7. Orphen

    Concept Art, Q&C

    I still have some art I did for C2 (im not so good so it was not used) one of the mcould be good for rifraff I guess. I'll post it as soon I hit home
  8. Username: Modesty Location: profile Priority: low med high? depends of how extent (or not) is the problem Bug's Effects: Reseting my alt wont completely reset all values How the bug happened/how to reproduce: Reset account and got this from the get-go: AI Battles Battles won: 0 Battles lost: 0 Battles fled: 2 Battle draws: 0 Arena Record: 0 Still have not had any kind of fight up to level 4 AS. Its the first time this happens to me.
  9. Exactly, genjutsu is designed to be a smart fight. You need to learn to counter it and not just hit harder. If you add more damage to what gen already has then it would be too op.
  10. How about a permanent student record, and a permanent sensei record on the public profile?
  11. Genjutsu its not abot how much raw damage you can deal... Im not a gen user but I always thought that the tags sound nice, that should be more of a strategic kind of fight to compensate the lack of damage. Trying to overpower as a gen user is simply wrong. Now reading your post I understand it lacks that extra punch that I thought it would have with the tags. Guess a good solution could be that each genjutsu has a higher % on each individual tag (not just the ammount of tags). Or even maybe its not underpowered at all and its just harder to use so no one has been using gen properly.. maybe..
  12. Never got to buy a castle in C2 and now I'll never be able to
  13. What event gave you that axe?
  14. Orphen

    Ocean Update

    Tough AI to fight and coop WHEN??
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