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  1. Bardock

    Naruto 614

    I'm not actually sure anymore. I really enjoyed the start of the battle, but as it just raged on... it just burned down, and now it just feels like they're poking around in the ash. Occasionally finding new sparks, but ultimately just getting dirty. They will, in my opinion, either have to end this quick now or focus on another side-branch of the story. As in; what's going on in the rest of the world and not just this battlefield.
  2. Bardock

    Naruto 614

    So... Neji had his thing during that whole "Save Sasuke" thing, and wasn't that pretty much the last time he had any importance? Not that I ever really liked him, but that's a completely different story. I do feel they're just dragging out this battle now, though.. and just adding in "moments" for the fans, but they become about as memorable as most of the references in the Expendables 2 movie. (With Arnold saying "Yippee ki yay!", that was horrible)
  3. As with so many others, I got here from TNR. Mainly for the TNR-specific part. Technically it was pre-TNR, but that doesn't really matter. It all started with my school class (quite a while ago, now), went to Germany because of, you know, war and history and stuff. Meaning it was quite a long bus-journey, and two mates were watching this weird Japanese cartoon thing on their computer. (chuunin exams, Gaara-arc) So a group of us, being kids, flocked around to watch and got a bit interested. And then, as you can probably guess... internet and ads lead me "here". (yay for the pre-adblock era) Have to admit, though. Aeterno dealing with whining users, was part of the reason for why I stayed.
  4. Bardock


    So... the problem is an abundance in ryo, and your idea is to introduce an additional currency?
  5. The title says it all. A thread for questions. Not just one question.
  6. Apparently I must be ignorant? How does it go? (there's even a thread dedicated to posting your face, here)
  7. Since we're getting close to Christmas and everything
  8. Bardock

    Naruto 610

    Kakashi's momentary cheeriness is prone to overanalyzing
  9. Saxophone? Nice. Means you go well with real instruments, such as the guitar
  10. Yes? And.. your point is? Inactive accounts do get deleted.
  11. -curls up in Verdandi's shirt- Anida!
  12. Bardock

    Mail problems

    It still means that YOU are banned. Not just your character.
  13. Bardock

    Mail problems

    Aren't you supposed to be banned to begin with?
  14. Bardock

    new updates

    A complete shot in the dark.. But I suppose the balancing team found it to be balancing? (content admins being part of that) Which is mainly the reason why things are getting changed in the first place.
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