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  1. What model do you have. Compatibility was tested and confirmed as working on a few models.
  2. Koala

    Combat System

    alot of these weird issues were not present on the development server and i am trying to track this stuff down, but these are not normal simple issues. aka... im working on it but its going to take a bit. XP
  3. Koala

    Hidden Armor!

    closing, pm me if you guys need anything.
  4. check again. i tried to restore them again and i was told by quite a few that it worked.
  5. returns for these have been boosted and so have their timers, if its out of balance it will be tweaked. XP
  6. Koala

    Can't do anything

    mobile has been fixed for a little while sorry for the late response. if you see this let me know if its working okay for you.
  7. i will try to get it to mirror that on the app.
  8. working on dev, it took a grand total of 5 minutes.
  9. Koala


    We are still trying to figure out where the lag is coming from sadly. The development server and The main server are not running on the same machine but are configured identically. We have been pestering the hosts about the issue but they are still responding very slowly to our inquires. I have been personally looking into what it would take to build our own server and host it ourselves to get rid of these issues in the future. There are two big issues with building and running our own server though. It is expensive and if the power goes out so will the server.
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