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  1. Poor Cowgirl is having some troubles and is trying to get in touch with you Pana
  2. Newg


    Under construction
  3. Newg

    Daily Global Events

    What are Global Events? Global events are conditions that offer special rewards/bonuses to users. Each day holds its own global event which is auto-activated at a certain time. They can also be manually activated and switched around by administrators in special circumstances. List of Global Events Monday PvP experience gains increased by 100% Tuesday Jutsu Experience from PvP battles increased by 100% Wednesday Training gains increased by 100% Thursday Item Shop prices decreased by 50% Friday +2 VF rewarded for PvP kills Saturday Hospital bills decreased by 50% Sunday Mission/Crime payouts increased by 100%
  4. one of the admins will probably just fix this as soon he/she sees it they're also probably gonna tell you to write your post according these guidelines just as a formality [b]Username:[/b] [b]Location:[/b] [b]Priority:[/b] [b]Bug's Effects:[/b] [b]How the bug happened/how to reproduce:[/b]
  5. Yea I agree with what Val says here. The game is pretty dead as it is and there are some players who like moving around just to keep it a little more interesting (especially now with lag that has made other aspects of the game very tedious). Also going to Nep's point, medic levels take large amounts of chakra and stamina to gain, you don't just get them freely like other occupation levels and loyalty days, which no one is complaining about losing. But when you cut medic levels it's like cutting someone's earned stats just for leaving a village, which seems too much.
  6. I think the server switch was actually unexpected. I could be wrong, but I heard that it was forced upon us by the host. If they knew about something this big I'm sure they would've told us
  7. Newg

    Weapon stuck in repair

    Haha yea. Taku said it wasn't him.. which other weapon smith is capable of this xD
  8. Biting Edge of the Champion Weapon (202/460) Under Repair I put this weapon up for repair shortly after I got it in the event, and it has been there ever since. At this point Im not really sure what's happened to it. Either some weapon smith has started the repair and just quit the game (Definitely Taco), or it is bugged. Didn't bug report it because I don't know. I can't equip it to a weapon slot, remove it from repair, transfer it, or even sell it. So essentially it is just stuck in my inventory taking up 1 of only 6 slots I have, which are already limited due to other consumable items required for a Buki user. Would really appreciate it if an admin could either restore the weapon to me somehow, or even just delete it for good so I can have my inventory space back. Thanks
  9. Try narrowing down the issue Is it browser related (have you tried from multiple browsers? Do you accidentally have a script-blocker enabled?) Is it device related, are you able to access your account from different devices, from a different network? Just to help you figure out if it's connected to one specific browser/computer/network, or if it's your account that is bugged. Experienced the same issue myself one time and it turned out that resetting all my Chrome browser settings did the trick
  10. Newg


    Saw the global message. Logbook seems to be working for me now if I click the link. Thanks I still get this error if I try to go to it from the ragebar, but that could just be something to do with shikatools.
  11. Yea so I've noticed the same. When I was in battle with Hyunrin, my elements changed to Fire/Lightning/light (SS is ehr bloodline) Then later when I was in battle with Zoroark, they changed to wind/earth/dust (EE is his bloodline) Could be a coincidence or could be a cause.
  12. Not sure about everyone else but mine happened right in the middle of a PvP battle, the jutsu all just disappeared from the page
  13. I am also Fire/Lightning/Light now
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