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  1. Here I am, sorta. All my stuff is gone, so I am da Blue of the Moon... Bluemoon. So yeah...
  2. Yes. I'm not RPing anymore, so I shouldn't retain it. Someone can have the position if they wish.
  3. I've been meaning to get around to saying this, but I give up my position as frost Daimyo. As I'm no longer RPing on TNF. So If Hantaisha wants it, he can have it. Enjoy and take care of the Frost. ^_^
  4. I might be. I had pretty much written it off after a month.
  5. Ryuu was safely tucked away out of the battle path. She couldn't have her buddy getting smacked around in a fight between friends. Her focus was latched onto Ayame as she flipped through seals, producing shuriken shaped ice. That was a first, she didn't remember her using ice before. That meant that Ayame had l learned a new stash of tricks in their time apart. Zenka began to rush forward as the attack flew through the air. Intending to dodge or deflect the shuriken all together. Yet as she took three steps, the world around her flipped onto its head. She stumbled forward as her sense of balance faded. One of those shuriken sliced through her cheek creating a burst of sharp pain. "Ryuu, you seeing this?" Zenka asked her partner via their seal. She already had a good idea it was a genjutsu, which he confirmed a moment later. Her letting lose her sword, she formed the seal for Kai and released the jutsu a moment later. "That was pretty tricky!" She shouted as she tossed down a smoke bomb between them and darted sideways. Activating her Smoke Sight jutsu.
  6. Zenka's senses were alert in her hyperactive phase. Hence she heard her feet long before her voice. As Zenka's grey eyes came up and landed on her old friend, a grin broke out on her face. "Ayame!" She shouted as excitement trilled through her. It had been ages too long since Zenka had last seen one of her best friends. Yet there wasn't going to be time for pounce hugs just yet, as it seemed Ayame was in the same sort of mood as Zenka. Her grin spread wider as a streak of mischievousness filtered through. She climbed to her feet with ease. Plucking her blades out of the earth. "Your timing couldn't be better, Ayame."
  7. ooc: I'm itching for some action. So anyone who wants to spar is welcome! Zenka was irritable and fidgety in a way that was wearing on even Ryuu's nerves. She had sat in her backyard of Rikuhi tossing kunai after kunai at her practice targets. The steady thunk of her weapons into wood wasn't drawing the normal satisfaction. She tisked in annoyance as she hit the target again, tossing it a bit deeper than she really intended to. She knew what was wrong with her, she wanted a challenge. She wanted to cross blades with someone who would push her to her limits. She didn't know when she had last fought with someone. It had been too long stuck in this quagmire of paperwork, clan responsibilities, and lack of missions worth her skills. So Zenka's wild hair got the best of her as she vanished out of Rikuhi. Going far, far away from anyone who might want her for trivial things. Instead she ran to the place she thought most fondly of. The Academy. A great many friends and spars had happened in that place. It was also a place she was bound to meet more interesting people. So thus she arrived to her old haunt. Grinning from ear to ear she pried a stack of papers out of backpack and plastered them around the academy. Essentially it said "SPAR WANTED!" and gave the location she would be waiting. Then Zenka would arrive in said location. Drawing her duel swords out she would stab them into the earth and sit patiently between them. Sooner or later someone was bound to feel the same itch she did.
  8. Ok, changed it to either small butterflies with one tag strength or large butterfuly with equivilant of all 20 it could spawn or what was left that had not spawned.
  9. Name: Butterfly Genesis Rank: B Type: Ninjutsu Fighting Style: Physical Range: Long Element: Katon Village Origin: Rikuhi Description: The user forms a butterfly with fire, much the same as they would with the jutsu Chou. However, this butterfly is much larger, with almost a three foot wingspan. This butterfly can produce other butterflies of a smaller size, by giving up a portion of it’s own fire (each Genesis can spawn off 15 of the normal butterflies before running out of fire). These butterflies can also be used in conjunction with Butterfly Bang, though they have an explosion as powerful as an explosive note, and still fire-based. Or the large butterfly can be detonated with the force of 15 explosive tags (or however many butterflies not spawned, ex. 10=10 tags). Creator: Kemuri, Zenka
  10. Name: Kemuri Beat-Down! Rank: D Rank Details: A group of thugs have been harassing local villages in the south east of the Sun Country. Pillaging, stealing, property damage, and just all around troublemakers. The Villagers are frightened and desperate for help. So they have asked Rikuhi to send them someone capable of ridding them of the thugs one way or another. It will be up to Zenka to track them down, confront and capture the thugs, and if possible recover any valuables stolen. Objectives: -Find the Theives -Capture or incapacitate them -Recover stolen goods -Protect the Villagers from harm Known NPCs: NPCer's discretion *Notes: I Would like this to be a fun yet challenging mission that allows me to really use my fighting skills.
  11. I'll probably be too busy to RP much over the next two months. Foaling season at the ranch and now doing my internship. I'll be around if anyone needs to talk to me, but won't be active RP wise.
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