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  1. Introduction Yeah. I've been on and off working on this for some time now, but I think I've finally made all the progress I can. So here! The purpose of this thread is to discuss TNR economics and the theory of objective pricing-- i.e setting prices based on tangible information about the costs of the commodity in question, rather than solely off intuition and subjective market rates. Any and all contributions, comments, questions and remarks concerning this are welcome! --- How Valuable is Ryo? My theory starts here. Ryo is a currency type resource, meaning it's value is determined by it's purchasing power: X amount of ryo is worth Y amount of product/services, as of so and so time period. To quantify, or atleast give a general tangible value for the purchasing power of Ryo, we need to consider two key things and link them: Taps and Sinks. Ryo Taps are what generate Ryo into the game, literally. Errands & Crimes Certain Quests (e.g Daily EM) Certain Logbook Orders Lottery System Cashing player crafted items ('Sell' option gives 45% of the item's stated 'Value' as ryo per piece) Ryo Sinks are what delete ryo from the game. Jutsu Training Hospital Bribes Ramen Purchases System Taxes (GM, Trade, Repairs) For a convolution free estimate of the value of ryo, we will only consider the major Tap and Sink of the game in this post. Taps Errands alone will be our standard, so not including Crimes in the calculations Errands cost pools. Pools are Stamina and Chakra points. Collectively, I will refer to them as Action Points (Ap). 1 Errand run costs 5Ap to give about 8.8 Ryo approximately. 1 Errand = 5Ap = 8.8ryo 1Ap = ~2ryo Sinks For the following, unless otherwise stated, Chuunin (base) values will be used as standard. Jutsu on average cost approximately 50,000 Ryo per level. Training costs increase by an increment every level trained, however, we shall ignore that in favor of a rough estimate instead. If 1Ap = 0.5 Errands = 2ryo [x]Ap = 50,000ryo = 25,000Ap/JLv. (Jutsu Level) 25k pools are needed to generate the 50k ryo needed to level up a {C-rank} Chuunin jutsu by 1. --- Standard of Value Necessary parameters and their values have been listed. In order to link the Tap and Sink to determine value, we require a common denominator to serve as the converting standard of worth. This is Time(s). Time Standard Regeneration rate is measured in Pools per minute (Ap/min) Convert to seconds(s) 480/60 = 8 1 second generates 8Ap *1sec = 8Ap Standardized Relations 1sec = 8Ap = 16ryo (= 200Hp) Now to relate to Jutsu Level (Sink) standard 1sec = 8Ap [x]sec = 25,000Ap = 3125secs :. 1 JLv. = ~52mins It takes about 52 minutes approximately to generate enough pools to convert to ryo to level up a jutsu by 1, using *standard regen. *Reminder: Chuunin base values are adopted as standard. Crux So now to relate the Taps & Sinks to rendered services and crafted items and finally allocate appropriate prices objectively. Necessary data we need for this are: Ryo/Duration Costs (R/DC) Material Costs Rank Multiplier Index (RMI) 1. Ryo/Duration Cost is the value in ryo of time spent crafting in relation to the major Ryo sink all players are subject to. If a Jutsu level costs 52mins, :. 52 minutes of crafting should roughly equate 50,000 Ryo to be relevant income. 52mins = 50,000ryo 1min = [x]ryo Standard R/DC = ~960ryo/min One minute of crafting is approximately worth 960 Ryo. 2. Materials are of two types: Raw(RMat) Component(CMat) Raw Materials are usable gathered resources like processed Leather and Copper. Component Materials are simply ones that are crafted from Raw Materials to comprise a more complex product e.g Hardened Leather, Steel Armor Studs. Raw Materials can be Component Materials but not vise versa. In such case, Raw Materials are considered Primary Component Mats. Sorry for any confusion, outlining this is necessary I think. Raw Materials have a worth dependant on a Variable Factor! This variable factor is something that I can't help but admit is somewhat reliant on subjective opinion. It is what I dub Rarity Factor - How hard it is to find. Thus here, I ask the appropriate professionals in the general playerbase of TNR to use the format and decide on a standard. You get the idea. Don't factor ranks as a a rarity enhancer though, that will be addressed in the ending sections of this post. So treat all raw materials as if they were obtainable by all ranks. Component Material worth are more straight forward to determine. CMat value = [Total sum of constituent RMat(& Secondary CMat if applicable) value] + [R/DC × Total Craft duration] Context: For example, let's take the C-rank Armorsmith CMat Hardened Leather. Hardened Leather -> 2 Leather + 10 mins craft duration Total RMat Value = 2(1000ryo*) = 2000ryo R/DC × Craft Duration = 960 × 10 :. The value of Hardened Leather = [2000] + [960 × 10] = 11,600 Ryo/pc. ---- 580,000 Ryo/stk. Seems pretty fair and reasonable don't you think? And the objectivity is there to make it geniune. *Cost of Leather due to it's predetermined rarity and RMI. This value is a proposed one drawn from the spreadsheet attached. Note R/DC is measured in Ryo per minutes for convenience. However. We are not quite done yet. 3. Rank Multiplier Index No I haven't forgotten or overlooked differences in rank base regen and Jutsu Training Costs. As a matter of fact, it was trying to figure out a way to factor it appropriately that delayed this post for about 4 months. My Eurika solution is the RMI. It's a value used to multiply the standard R/DC and RMat Rarity figures when dealing with ranks other than Chuunin. Based on* *Avg. B-rank Jutsu = 100,000 Ryo - 92mins using 550 *Avg. A-rank Jutsu = 300,000 Ryo - 200mins using 750 **Note that R/DC appears to be a value double that of regen. rate. More accurately though, it is the ryo value of regen/min. I just used Jutsu costs as a way to bring things into context. The R/DC of all three major ranks are then ratiod with C-rank being standard. This gives us the RMI of each of those ranks. C-rank - 1 B-rank - 1.1458 A-rank - 1.5625 So, to get the appropriate price value for your rank, you calculate prices in Chuunin C-rank standards, then multiply your final value by your respective RMI. Bear in mind, RMI application applies to the crafted product's required rank, NOT yours. If you're an EJ and you craft Chuunin gear, you're meant to sell that Chuunin gear at C-rank price rates, not A-rank. E.g of RMI application. Let's just pretend Hardened leather and it's CMats are EJ restricted items not Chuunin. Simply; 11,600 × 1.5625 = 18,125 Ryo/pc ---- 906,250 Ryo/stk in A-rank rates. Still seems pretty fair don't you think?? Conclusion We already got the concept down, and grasp the idea, now to apply it to all player crafted items and we have an actually functioning chart of values for reference in trading. Our final equation for the base value in ryo of crafted products is as follows; Product Base Ryo Value = [(Sum total of the ryo worth of all raw and component materials used) + (Standard Ryo per duration cost value multiplied by the total craft duration in minutes)] × [The craft's appropriate Rank Multiplier Index] Product Base Ryo value = [(Sum RMat & CMat value) + (R/DC × Total craft duration)] × [Product RMI] The way things have been calculated uses Time as your cost of rendering any service and crafting any product, when you boil it down. If you follow the resulting rates exactly, then that's sorta like buying a sales item for #50 and selling it for #50. Your profit rates are up to you. Factors that hearken people to you if your rates are higher than others include: Diligence, Speed, Convenience for the buyer, Integrity, Propinquity etc. etc. Value for player rendered services such as if anyone charges to be a personal healer, Village runner for ferrying products accross villages etc etc., Haven't been detailed in this post sadly, but I believe this to have laid foundations for any future speculations. I hope the theory guide has been on use to you all.
  2. I'd do it :0 It is an RPG after all (desu ne?).
  3. As far as comments go, that feature sounds very tricky to add to the game itself But if it were possible, would definitely make TNR more diverse in gameplay. Tis a question of how to put it in nicely... and alot of other technical details :v
  4. Username: SayszarTempest Location: Inbox (http://www.theninja-rpg.com/?id=3) Priority: Low Bug's Effects: Deletes unread pms. How the bug happened/how to reproduce: Have someone cool send you a pm addressing your haitus, not read it for about 15-20 days due to being offline, come back online and click "You have new PMs". Empty inbox :I Comments: I get this auto-delete old pms was implemented to make things more efficient and er... modern? But the coding being indiscriminate to whether or not the pms have been read gets annoying. Please help.
  5. I sorta suck at things like this... So Mr. Terriator, Thank you for TheNinja-rpg. And Goodluck!
  6. Hmm, Do occupations that 'support' professions actually have any effect on them? If so, how? If not, then no need to worry, Aquaman. (hehe... PS: Sixty-ninth post)
  7. Username: SayszarTempest Location: http://www.theninja-rpg.com/?id=95 Priority: Low Bug's Effects: Prevents posting in my AnBu chat How the bug happened/how to reproduce: try posting in the Driven AnBu chat in Shroud Village (as Leader?). Description: Whenever I try to post in the Driven AnBu chat, instead of the text I typed, I get this error: Chat System The token sent to the server did not match, and therefore you cannot view the chat. Return It's been happening since the squad was made, and is very weird. I also haven't asked any member if the error affects them yet, out of sheer laziness ofcourse.
  8. Yeah, I checked all those and set them (and the likes) to favor the captcha... It's working now actually, but still with the settings it had when it wasn't working, Hense; occasional error?
  9. It gives the error seemingly occasionally. It has nothing to do with my browser settings because it reverts to normal after a time. The browser in question is CM mobile browser btw, although Puffin mobile browser doesn't have this problem at all, RL circumstances make me unable to fully rely on it
  10. It gives the error seemingly occasionally. It has nothing to do with my browser settings because it reverts to normal after a time. The browser in question is CM mobile browser btw, although Puffin mobile browser doesn't have this problem at all, RL circumstances make me unable to fully rely on it
  11. This exact problem happens to me occasionally, And my data compression isn't active.
  12. Username: Tsuyoshi Location: Solve Captcha code screen Priority: high Bug's Effects: Blocks the captcha code to be inputted, effectively preventing me from logging in. Error Codes: client error 117B
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