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  1. My logic for the speed bit was that. If anything inside the vortex gets pulled in once it gets started up, then speed would allow a person to get out of the way. But I can also see it being a strength based thing, resisting the force of the vortex, and would be applicable to anyone. Rather than those who're skilled at getting the buck out of dodge ^_^. But if you'd it rather it be strength than speed. Than that's an easy enough fix on my part ^_^.
  2. Deep Relaxation Rank: D | Cast Time: Short | Range: Melee | Requirements: none | Duration: Thread, or until the target gets Stressed / Anxious. Description of the jutsu. The shinobi charges up chakra into their hands and places it onto the target. It sends a soothing wave of chakra through the body erasing all tension and putting the person into a deeply relaxed state similar to the power of a spa week under the hands of a skilled masseuse, and several hours of deep meditation combined. But in less than a minute [as the chakra fills the body] rather than days. Owner: Amidasu Clan
  3. FÅ«jin no Okurimono [Wind God's Gift] Rank: D | Cast Time: Short | Range: Melee | Requirements: Reitekiken Skill | Duration: None Description of the jutsu. The user preforms a strong kick to the opponents side, while releasing a blast of chakra. The kicks force making the opponent spin at high speeds similar to Tsuuga creating a one foot vortex around them. Anything within the vortex's range, including the user, gets drawn into the vortex if they don't get out of the way quickly enough. Owner: Amidasu Clan
  4. Sora Miyage [sky Present] Rank: D | Cast Time: Short | Range: Melee | Requirements: Reitekiken Skill | Duration: None Description of the jutsu. The user utilizes a kick to the opponent while applying Reitekiken. The kick itself does little actual damage, rather it gives an effect similar to Janpu (Jump) sending the user to great heights upwards or tremendous distances away from the user equal to Janpu but without the control, and the damage comes from what they land / crash on to / into. Owner: Amidasu Clan
  5. Gekitai Suru [Repel] Rank: C | Cast Time: Short | Range: Melee | Requirements: Skill in Reitekiken, and Strength | Duration: High Maintenance Description of the jutsu. The user creates either a burst of chakra or a series of burst, that encompasses the body similar to a C rank shield. But rather than blocking something, it releases the Reitekiken's Knockback effect. Allowing the user to repel objects, PCs, and C rank or lesser Jutsu. That are in contact with the user. The stronger the user the more distance the Knockback of the technique. Owner: Amidasu Clan
  6. Bump. But yeah, It's funny that there's a huge gap between Peak Human, and IRL Super Human XD. Although that does make me grin a little that there are Elite Jounin strengthed peeps who can train to literally do things that are considered S rank or beyond in IRL (like the above link's Strongest Man). Even things that are considered B-A rank Jutsu a small group of peeps can pull off (like the people who break steel plates / solid rock with their bodies).
  7. Ha! Yeah, what he and his students do definitely isn't normal. Heck there's a power of chi thing where people take sharp spears to the throat and get hit with blunt objects (on Fight Science was measured at a max of 2,900 lbs of force to his throat) with only a small dent. So yeah those peeps really do take 'super human feats' to a whole new level XD. Heck that one Chinese family demonstration that I had up that one time had things that were B - S Rank jutsu through out most of their demonstration. Heck it takes the worlds strongest man a full back harness, and massive old guy muscles to move 188 metric tone plane 28 ft. But even that was ridiculous compared to what normal peeps are capable of XD. Or even most Strong Men, So yeah, I can totally do C - A as is. With "can move a house's worth of weight" as an S. Especially since a house is roughly 200 lbs / square feet. With a 3 story being about 1.11 millions square pounds [503 metric tons] or 168 metric tons [for a single story]. As for rough values. As for A rank, what about "can move ship's worth of weight"? [Just thought about that one when Keven Fast talked about pulling a ship into the docks in the link above]. But C and B being 1 and 5 tonnes sounds like good strong man basics.
  8. Technically it's an attack. In that a single action is taken [D rank jutsu spend (min)], and a discharge of physical chakra happens that does knockback when it hits something. I put down buff since in the original app. You stated that I should put it down as a knockback buff, so I just moved that over here. As for dodgy. I don't personally know if it'd be considered dodgy, but my only alteration to the knockback would be "Raijin" type attacks. Which are C rank min, and a few planned ones (in my head atm) convert the discharge to a piercing discharge, similar in nature to weapon / cutting mimicking / using Jutsu. But I just thought I'd have it up as a just in case so that it'd be upfront about it as a just-in-case type of deal.
  9. Actually I had 50X Since while Master Tu's weight is never mentioned anywhere online. I put a guesstimate of 180 lbs, and the plane he moved was 8,000 lbs. Which actually ends up being 44 .44r times. But 50 was a more easier round up and to do math with (as well as makes a bit of sense, since very few ninja are going to use hooks in their eye lids, or rope around their dangly bits to move stuff. Thus a bit more security and substance to move stuff.) That and at S rank I was going to get to move houses / Titanic Objects worth of weight. But yeah, if used 'as intended', and people play the speed debuff properly [1/2 walking speed is capped speed]. What would be a good / fair Progression from C - S?
  10. Name Demonstrate Your Might [DYM] Rank: C | Cast Time: Long | Range: Melee | Requirements: Reitekiken Skill | Duration: Maintainable Description: The user fills their body with chakra, and connects to an object either by physical contact or attached with a wire / rope / cord. The user then after their chakra connects with the object is able to lift, push, or pull said object. Although they can only do one C rank spent, and moves at half their normal walking speed. This utility Jutsu allows one to move 1 metric tonne of weight. Although they are unable to wield it. If they push / pull it, it stops moving once the object leaves their hands. And if Lifted, they can only control which angle it drops in, but has no control once it drops. Owner: Amidasu Clan
  11. Reitekiken: Chikei Rank: D | Cast Time: Short | Range: Melee | Requirements: Reitekiken Skill | Duration: none Description: A type of Fyuuken [Gentle Fist]. In this Form the user internally infuses a ball of chakra within the body with their physical strength, then channels it through a melee action (non-projectile weapons). Upon contact with the opponent the discharge grants a knockback, hurling the opponent a distance away. With users with great skill in strength, and higher ranks dealing greater knockback distance. With appropriate Jutsu Apps the chakra knockback can be infused with Elemental Damage, or the knockback effect can be altered. Owner: Amidasu Clan
  12. Moved Stealth and Endurance to Minors. But yep, I set up so that she would be fast, but unable to dodge, and strong enough to lug Kazue's gear / inventory (without being slowed down) but unable to take a hit (or at least be effected more than normal puppets).
  13. No problems ^_^. It happens. __________ I was thinking like with hearing all it'd need to be (at D rank) is like those horns that went into the ear, but smaller (and a higher ranks an effect that'd channel air to allow greater strength of hearing), and a nose would be a simple puppet nose, but for greater range of smelling would be a jutsu effect mimicing the Special Ability Higher Senses "Smell". Although taste and touch augments are something that'd need at least a ninja capable of building a B rank Shikichi to do [the one capable of senses]. But needing puppetry jutsu to allow the use of special features / augments is fair. __________ Yep ^_^.
  14. Yep for prosthetics like Eyes [with puppetry components / effect], senses, arms, legs, landing / jumping units, and other things to augment to character. But yeah it can be used for non-ninja, or those who don't want to go through the training for puppetry jutsu to use cybernetics. It'd allow ninja who can make cybernetics, give it to practically anyone who wants it. I was thinking of that, letting it be like an AI, but then I thought that since it'd be implanted it'd make the hit to knock out thing undone, and it'd be way to advanced at the current timeline. Something I might work towards with my second character, but atm. It's not intelligent, as much as it's an extension of the body that handles cybernetics, but has no actual intelligence.So it's more like a Bio-Chip from Dues Ex Machina. But ninjafied, and jutsu crafted rather than tech crafted. We'll get to that later I guess.
  15. - Amidasu Cyernetics have a special powersource that fuels the Puppetry Cybernetics [so that people without Puppetry Jutsu can use them. While powering up the Jutsu effects, if any, of the Cybernetics]. But why not just use regular puppetry? It's only a C Rank jutsu so nobody would have much trouble training it. Unless you mean to use it for prosthetics which are acceptable (Prothestic Puppets are a signature of the Kudo Clan, our resident puppet experts). I'm assuming that you intent to give these to non-ninja as they are the only people I can think of who couldn't train a puppetry jutsu, which is fine but there will be limitations in that case. The powering up of jutsu effects on the other hand sounds problematic. - The ACS [Power chip] creates a type of Bunshin that exists in the body that has jutsu programming [like a Shikichi double]. The programing basically has all the bits and bobbles of all the augments, puppetry components, and features that are in the body. Is this the intelligent Shiki puppet we discussed? So mostly it's Puppetry with ShikiChi Creation for flavoring / explaining how everything works. Then use Puppetry. The difference between the two is that Puppetry wouldn't grant you benefits with non-puppet techniques and Shikijutsu wouldn't benefit non-shiki techniques. So Shiki Puppetry would be good with either but False Puppet Theatre or a custom Shiki would only be good with one of them. Not that they'd be unusable, just not as good.
  16. Artist: http://sketchychangeling.deviantart.com/ Name: Yoruhime [Night Princess] Owner: Amidasu, Kazue Rank: B Requirements: Shikichi Creation Description: Size: 3' 6'' Weight: 44 lbs Appearance: The size and weight of a 6 yr old. Her skin and 'faux' muscles are made of platinum-silicone giving a life like feel and texture. Her hair is a dark color, with a black horn (which can transform into a Kasri Gama (kunai and chain)) on the side of her head, with grey-white skin. Her eyes are pure black with red pupils. Yoruhime wears a dark colored Shrine Maiden outfit with black boots on her feet. The springs and mechanisms that give shape to the outer shell of prosthetic skin are highly wound and developed allowing for fast movements. Her forehead has a built in Shikichi Gem that gives the appearance of a diamond. With a dark blue shiki symbol in the center. Personality: She has a shy personalty, with a minor phobia of being hit in the head from all the times Kazue forcefully put her to sleep while being developed. She loves helping Kazue whom she sees as a mother, and can be playful at times, especially when trying to lighten the mood or when bored. Design Purpose: She was made to act as an assistant and helper for Kazue. As such she has good speed, strength, and stealth. Puppets have a number of free Skill Points depending on their rank (C: 1, B: 2, A: 3, S: 4). Major Skills - Strength - Speed Minor Skills - Stealth Minor Weaknesses - Endurance Major Weaknesses - Reflexes Features: List the puppet's built in features such as weapons or special systems. The number of Features available depends on the puppet's rank (D: 1, C: 2, B: 4, A: 6, S: 8). - Voice Box - Shikichi Gem - Extendable Horn [Variation of a Kusari Gama. With a retractable chain within her skull] - Fluid network [gives the illusion of life like bodily fluids via pumps and tiny tubes pumping fresh water] [Tears, Saliva, and sweat]. Effect Rank: Effect:
  17. While there's been a lot changed, there's still more to go. But I thought I'd drop in and ask a few Qs. 1) Is the clan / Org. Creation going to be rebooted / upgraded now that Skills are a thing? 2) Are the new Jutsu buying / Skill system going to carry over to Pets and Summons as well? Or is it going to be 1 Jutsu per rank? 3) Porting over accepted Jutsu [when the Jutsu creation sheet gets updated]. Can that be done in bulk? Or like with normal Creation Apps. Must be done one at a time? and 4) Since Amidasu Cybernetics uses a Shikichi Gem as a powersource, would that count as a Puppetry Skill or a Shiki skill? [Amidasu Cybernetics is something my first char isn't going to specialize in. But is something my second character [the Inventor / Shikijutsu specialist] will. Mostly Kazue will get it out there to show case stuff, but won't really excel at it, or use it herself unless she get's injured with an unhealable injury forcing her to use it.]. Or would it be it's own Skill stat as Cybernetics?
  18. Thank both of you. Can't believe I kept overlooking that every time I looked it up :Facepalms:. Welp, Now all that's left for my char. Is getting Yoru no JoÅ and a few of her companion jutus's made. Make Yoruhime. Then wait for the artist I comissioned help from to draw up Kazue [with a ghost like version of Yoru no JoÅ], and Yoruhime. Then it's time to get started.
  19. Stupidest of questions. Common is Global. When taking a language starting off. Does that mean a person knows Common + A different language? Or If I know common, I can't know another till C rank Intelligence?
  20. Complete The Night Queens Mother. It turned into a 10,900 word Slice of Life, background / behind the scenes Short Story. With some character development and training.
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