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  1. Bureibu rose earlier then usual this morning, he had a mission to assist one of the local farmers. The sun hadn't rose yet as he began the journey to the location. He wondered how a plantation might prosper in a tropical environment, arriving at the location he realized how this was accomplished. A large area was cleared of all trees, he felt a strong aura, it enlivened him and amped his energy. He noticed in the distance a small house, he could tell it had been built only recently...
  2. RPC Name: Bureibu Watarimono Jutsu: Janpu[D Rank Taijutsu] Thread: Janpu Jordan 369 Words
  3. By combining his physical strength with the energy of the chakra the force of the jump was highly increased. He continued to test different areas on which to channel the chakra for the maximum output. Finally deciding on 8 muscles, he stopped for a minute to refresh his muscles and take off his body weights. He began with some short jumps attempting to jump the height of his body, he found that this was easily obtainable. So he decided to jump to a branch on a tree about 10 feet up. Using the technique he learned he took a leap for the branch, slightly overshooting, he passed right over the branch, realizing he was falling over 10 feet it was a subconscious decision to send chakra to his legs once again. After a few attempts at jumping to different locations he felt he had enough precision to accurately jump every time. Prepared to head back to his cabin outside of the village he took a running dash and leaped as far forward as he could along the trail back.
  4. (OoC:Next time I'll add some scenery) Bureibu had a regular schedule for his personalized training. This day he would be focusing on his lower body agility. Through his recent mastery of the ninjutsu technique Karui Yakedo, he began to understand how to utilize his chakra in certain areas of his body. He noticed his colleagues would outperform him in their ability to jump higher, he found this odd as he was physically stronger then them. Through studying he realized this had to be through the channeling of chakra into the legs or feet. So today he would incorporate some new exercises into his workout. After adding the body weights to his body, he began with a quick warmup jog, he wouldn't want to be injured from the exercise he was introducing to his body. He understood that jumping was an explosion of force coming primarily from the muscles of the legs. So he would do the typical squat, but upon reaching "ass to grass" he would quickly lift his body to an upright stance and jump as high as he could. Upon feeling comfortable with the movements, he began to channel chakra into his legs and feet.
  5. Name: Hired Hand Class: Mission Rank: D Details: An elderly villagers son will be out of town on this day and his father will be unable to tend to his sons daily errands. The father owns a small farm and requests assistance from the local shinobi. He will give information on the tasks for the day upon arrival. Objectives: Complete assigned tasks from elderly villager. NPCs: Elderly villager Participants: Bureibu Watarimono (Will begin task after 24 hours if no one joins)
  6. Hello to all!! I have finally decided to join the RPing and am looking forward to interacting with all of you I am new to role playing, but I am a fast learner! I have chosen to join the village of yugegakure, as I can relate to this village the most, and fits my characters personality. I plan to be on daily so don't be afraid to start a conversation.
  7. Jutsu and Abilities TAIJUTSU D Rank 3/10 Ashikubi Sui-pu [Ankle Sweep] Dash Janpu [Jump] NINJUTSU D Rank 1/10 Karui Yakedo [Fire Release: Minor Burn]
  8. Inventory Remember to include quantities in tags. (Kunai [5]) Bolas(5) Kusari Fundo(2) Brass Knuckles(4) Claw(4) Greaves(2) Sabatons(2) Makibishi(25) Smoke bomb(5)
  9. Ninja Info Card http://fav.me/d6lq6o2 Personal Name: Bureibu Watarimono Age: 22 Gender: Male Height: 6'0" Weight: 205 Element: Katon Language: Common, Sati Appearance: Due to the humid climate of Yugegakure, Bureibu does not wear any upper attire, but wears a black "Hakama", and a pair of traditional "Geta". His face is covered in brown facial hair, he keeps his hair faded on the sides and long on the top. His eyes are primarily hazel, but in the right lighting they appear green. His body is noticibly muscular as he spends a great amount of resources on keeping his diet high in calories and spends extensive time training with heavy weights. Social Class: Shinobi Rank: Genin Village: Yugegakure Statistics Level: Level 5 [0/50exp]) Ninjutsu D Genjutsu D Taijutsu D Seals D Strength D C B Speed D C Intelligence D Endurance D C B Stamina D D Rank Missions: 0 C Rank Missions: 0 B Rank Missions: 0 A Rank Missions: 0 S Rank Missions: 0 D Rank Crimes: 0 C Rank Crimes: 0 B Rank Crimes: 0 A Rank Crimes: 0 S Rank Crimes: 0 History Background: Bureibu was born the 4th of 7 siblings, he spent most of his childhood years with two of them. His older brother was the father he never had, always outperforming him and pushing him to do better. He grew a competitive attitude due to wanting to be better then his older brother, but at a younger age he didn't understand how to utilize his perceptive intelligence. As he grew older and was allowed to be more decisive with his decisions, he found himself traveling time and time again, change becoming the defining point of his lifestlye. He began to spend a great amount of time communicating and studying on his own time. He found himself loving the topics of Psychology, History, and Philosophy. Through this knowledge he understood what his life meant, and what he wanted to accomplish. Sadly, this would require him to have a settled lifestyle. His love for change would not allow him to complete this quest for perfection. As he grew into a man, he could not understand what he was missing, he had no father to teach him. He began taking advise from the older men of his village, reading about warriors and generals, war stories, successful businesses, great seducers, kings. He began to understand what it meant to him to be successful, he knew what it was he was missing in his life. Sample Post: He could hear the distant clashing of weapons, the vibrations were deep and loud like the sound of a distant cannon. He could feel the aura of conflict emanating from the area a short distance away. His heart began to race as he knew he had to investigate. When he reached a vantage point above the occurring battle, he would notice a familiar village man, and a foreign man, engaged in weapon to weapon conflict.... Waiting for the right moment he would interrupt the battle and assist his fellow man. Jumping from the tree above and rebounding off another tree close behind the opponent he landed directly behind him, he swiftly used Ashikubi Sui-pu, crouching low to the ground and swiping his right leg at the opponents ankles. The element of surprise caught the opponent off guard and he fell to the ground, catching himself with both hamds. Bureibu used this opportunity to place his foot on the opponents back, forcing his body to the earth, he grabbed the opponents arms and kept him locked in position. "What is the meaning of this?" Bureibu shouted as he kept a close eye on both combatants. The villager announced "I was ambushed by him, I believe he is a bandit and noticed my jeweleries". Bureibu was skeptical of the explanation, leaning closer to the man he had contained, "what brings you to these lands?" At that moment Bureibu noticed a glint in the distance, he realized the opponent he had subdued was a decoy. Not bothering to chase him, as he had his own business to tend to. "I will report this incident to the authorities, you would be wise to give them the full story" Bureibu said as he got up and continued on his journey.
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