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  1. Username: Serouf Location: Any Combat Priority: Medium-High? Bug's Effects: Demon Eye Stance has no description and in combat it states no more uses even on turn one, Yes I have a Focus equipped and can use any other Genjutsu without issue How the bug happened/how to reproduce: You enter combat and you can't use it.
  2. I just got into this game about a month ago, feel free to add me if you play on the Lamia server Serouf Le'Short
  3. Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans caught up on it and started watching The Seven Deadly Sins on Netflix
  4. Serouf

    Attack scripts?

    Figured as much, thanks for the input. Sucks cause I know some people using it but no way to prove haha
  5. Serouf

    Attack scripts?

    Just curious what is the rules against attack bots? I have been using ragebar and found that they sell an attack bot script off of it. Now that would explain how when I wake up and go to travel in less than a second I get attacked by someone much higher than myself. Is this a reportable thing if I suspect someone to be using one of these scripts? Thanks for any input on this
  6. That sounds like a wife, bound by a ring, in control, instills fear.....
  7. So I used to play in C1 as Silverfang88 in Glacier if anyone remembers me. Was pretty active in the tavern, made it to Jouninn before I left, came back about three months into C2 and then played for a week and left again lol I came back to C3 and have been playing for a month now and think I will be around for a bit so figured I would say hi to all the new faces
  8. Serouf

    Reputation points

    Something like a reputation market I think, a user posts up that they are purchasing rep for a certain amount and then rep sellers can fill these orders, or vise versa, a seller creates a posting on the market and then when a user buys it it charges the seller and transfers them the ryo.
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