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  1. Aelin

    Tavern Inspiration

    As I am an optimist, I'd love to have both global and local tavern. (2 tabs basically? like the map choice). Hopefully one day we reach like a 150 online user count (hey we reached 75, I am onto something) and people can keep their village anonymity + also communicate with everyone in game. I hear emojis aren't a thing anymore and while I sincerely don't care, other people do like having them - so bring that up as well maybe?
  2. Aelin


    Dear players, As of the moment, TNR is unreachable due to an error which we are trying to figure it out, so please bare with us. I have also noticed a few questions about it that are repetitively being posted in the bug section. Please note there is a specific guidelines thread you should first read and a bug form you should fill out when reporting. Furthermore, if you see someone has already reported an issue, please don't post the same thing. Questions such as "Is tnr still down?" is not suited for the bug reports section, so I kindly would refer you to Questions and Comments, with the same reminder that if someone has already asked, to not make another thread about it. For further information, please look out for the TNR discord server, along with the official Facebook page for The Ninja-RPG. Thank you for your understanding and patience. Sincerely, The Ninja-RPG Public Relations Team
  3. Aelin

    Tavern Inspiration

    I can confirm that the main reason I didn't play in core 2 for more than a week is cause I never participated in tevern activity or at all talked to anyone. Back then tavern was full, so it was really my decision but I still missed to social aspect - I was socially awkward af. When I came back to core 3 and I started participating in tavern activity, that's when my interest was sparked to actually stay in the game. We are not saying shut down discord, don't talk anywhere but tavern - not in a million years, but do remember that we heavily rely on your initiative and activity, especially when most of staff are busy with essential features of the game and can't turn their attention to this issue as of the moment. Until they can, why not lay down the foundation and get more active on there? As always, we encourage any ideas you have to be expressed in an elaborated and objective way, however if you do have a suggestion on tavern specifically, post it here and I can guarantee I will revisit it every now and then and update staff :).
  4. I will literally give you a life if you find that screenshot mate. I need this screenshot. I NEED IT!
  5. Aelin

    Tavern Inspiration

    We could rely on the players and build campaigns on encouraging tavern participation. Nothing will beat discords, there's no argue in that, however unless we can actually do something about it, we can as of now, trust the playerbase in at least sparking a conversation. It's a two-way effort, we can't do much without the players. Now it's discord, however before it was skype, so there will always be some kind of off-game communication. Overall, tavern posting is a long dead habit, which would be great if brought back. P.S - I have also seen people talking about this post in discord servers. It'd be great to give your points here so everyone can see them, as it's a shame that a lot of interesting ideas have been burried by other flows of conversation.
  6. It's not my fault that I motivate you.
  7. 69 parts is a good number, I approve. Come back and drag old solarians back too? Please? Yeah? Good.
  8. Aelin

    Tavern Inspiration

    Red is reserved for Admins though, so exactly this is not possible to happen. Also layouts are customizable (colour wise) - just if you didn't know. I'm impressed, Zim. And this impression is thankfully overulling the disappointment that your name is The Invader. Also please don't spam in caps, it's actually considered spam/anti-social behaviour, don't do it for the vine, erm, title.
  9. God dang, that must have been annoying to deal with.
  10. It won't be me if I don't force you to reach your full potential
  11. We don't deserve Kii, for sure. One can't be such a sunshine that has a serious talent for writing about monsters . Back when I started, Silencers were crazy with them alarms, it was so funny It's pretty sad there have been so many people we'd casually talk to but I just don't remember much Community in this game sure is something special (in a positive way of course )
  12. Oh my god this is hilarious Are you saying you were the OG rainbow name-bearer? (pun not intended)
  13. Hey guys, forum is up again (for now)! Social thread at the time was one of the most active threads on here (besides bug reports). Unfortunately, due to issues, we had to bury this place for a while, but I'm pretty glad the OG forum is back as the temporary one is hella ugly (sorry Koala). Anyway, let's get to the point. It's been some time since we've had our community gather here to joke/vent/troll (I don't encourage the troll part). Most of you are older while some have found an elixir for eternal youth and all that. But after all, we've all had our share of social interractions here and in game. In a desperate attempt to make you guys talk here and in game (tavern), I'd like you to scratch them pretty brains of yours and think of something on TNR that made you chuckle, laugh, even rage? I don't recommend rage. Remember TNR news? I sure do. I loved writing those weird things happening in the village I'd be based in. Loved asking forcing others to keep their own village paper updated as well. Needless to say we do have TNR News Legends such as teni, Arphee and Rakusai (MarkedOne, you were hilarious.). For our Konoki based players, did you know there used to be a player who'd post actual stories upon request in the tavern? It was a pretty unique feature to the village. So which one was your favourite thread, favourite snipe, favourite war win (or loss) or just a moment that you were impressed by? We've also had our share of TNR memes, so there's that. To the older players, now's your time to shine with the "Back in our days..." piece of gem, so get cracking.
  14. Oh wow, queue the suprised pikachu memes, the PR team is looking for a new addition! Lag is gone, server migration is complete and a bunch of updates are being worked on, which means that I have decided our team will get busy this year. Most of you know who I am and who teni is, but for those wo don't - we are the old Advertisement team now turned to Public Relations team of TNR. In reality, we do everything that requires communications and all kinds of them HR/CS action. A high chance is if you have been in contact with TNR on facebook, it was most probably one of us two that have tried to help with an issue that you may have been experiencing. What we are looking for is someone who can be professional and has no issue with communications and has bright ideas about the future of our favourite game. Creativeness and persistence is key. To briefly recap, your duties upon getting hired include: Discord communication, In game campaigns, Advertisement planning and also translating information from staff to player language. Bear in mind, mostly we work for free, with the use of mostly is just me being nice. However, I do love this team and we try to make it a safe space for creative people to get together and start spilling out ideas, and can guarantee the importance of a good relationship between all staff teams - something that has improved as a whole since recently. Ability to talk to the playerbase is top priority, however as we should be the face of TNR communications. Enough about our team now, let's hear about you. The Ninja RPG Public Relations application form Username (main): Alternative account(s) name: Time Zone/Country of Residence: Do you have experience with the following social media? (Please delete the ones that don't apply) Facebook Instagram Twitter Tumblr Reddit Other (please specify): In a few words, please tell us why you would like to be a part of the Public Relations team: Do you have any skills/experience that would benefit you for this position? (ie. Drawing, design, writing etc.): In 1-5 paragraphs please write a sample blog post about something interesting from TNR (e.g raiding, tavern, an update you found interesting. Pretend you're posting it on a social media site, have fun with it! Village newspapers are a great source for inspiration, if you are struggling): Please don't comment below with your application. PM Aelin in Forum with your filled form and don't hesitate to add more that you may think is relevant, we don't bite. If you are paranoid something may get screwed up, you can find me on discord at Aelin#7835 or in game at Aelin to let me know you have applied and on which forum you have pmed me your application. If you have messaged me on old forum, make sure to have a copy of your application so that you don't get any nasty surprises if site crashes again in future. We consult with Admins on staff choice, however final decision is mainly based on Aelin and teni's judgement. Any application posted on discord will be ignored as this is not the official TNR platform. DEADLINE: 23/12/2019 For records purposes, we have posted the application here as well.* Thank you for your application!
  15. It's pretty decent for now. I asked so for next Christmas we may get an answer ♥
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