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  1. Hello people who know me and people who don't. I just came here to remember fellows how the old days were, i just logged into game to check, and it really made me sad. I started at Core 1, but never were a tryhard player. Playing mostly at weekends, so maybe no one noticed me before. At the current Core, i started to play harder, and dedicated a lot of time to the game. I've met a lot of people in those times, people who loved to troll with me, people who liked my way to be, people who simply hated me, people who made me a rival, but still had nothing against me, people who taught me, people who supported me, etc... And then, i look to the game now. It's dead, Jim... It's sad, isn't it? But that is not my point with this thread. I just came here to thank all people, and to say that TNR was the best game that anyone could have ever played in their entire life. I am not joking. It provided me a perspective of life that most people couldn't, also structured my love for technologies and web development. And saying that TNR was the best game had a reason that most of games nowadays lost. It had the need of friends. The need of other people, helping each other. The need of discussions, strategy... The real TNR was never inside of theninja-rpg.com, but was at people. People not even sleeping to destroy a village, coordinated attacks, people using strategy to help their village. People learning about browsers to make it as fast as possible, people creating ways to communicate... It all had a reason to TNR be the best game. TNR itself never was that, it was simple, no much updates on it. But people made it better. And all i have to say here is, thanks for all the people that were here, liking me or not, you guys provided the best times of anyone's life. And the real reason TNR is dead now, isn't that the game is bad, or that isn't updated, or that has no competitivity. The real reason is: People isn't socializing at it anymore. People reached their goals, there were nothing anymore that needed people. That is simple, and again, sad... Yesterday was my birthday, now i am 20 years old, and i use TNR to apply my life. I look for friends, i socialize, i compete, i help and I HUG THEM. I see a lot of people that is sad nowadays, depressive... Use TNR. Make your simple life better, with friends. TNR wouldn't be as awesome as it was if it didn't had people, same for life. Never forgetti the spaghetti ~ Even thinking that there is no reason anymore for TNR to exist, thanks everyone. Maybe we can play together again any soon. I really would like it. Ronkiro The fucker of your mom, shitposter and the one who made you read all that shit for nothing
  2. It affects all villages. Being outlaw isn't good, ya know.
  3. Bounty Hunter always needed a rework. A lot of people abused of it on the past, including me.
  4. Yeah i agree. getting a BL motivates people playing. The chance of not getting a BL should be low, something like 5%~10%
  5. Yeah, we discussed a lot earlier days, there is a lot of things to understand on regen bonuses xD But if it says nothing more than regen, it includes all regen. If it says base regen, it normally includes all regen but PvP regen and boosters. If is rank regen, normally only Jou regen... If is village regen, the case, just the village only without anything included. That is a lot of things to consider, i think this system could be simplified later for a better understanding of people. But that is a thing to other threads.
  6. There was an error logging the query error. Inception much? Error in error queryTNR is currently facing issues. A team of highly skilled ninjas have been dispatched to solve this problem. Sadly they are out of ninja stars so progress may be slow. In the meantime, check out our forum at: TheNinja-Forum This appears to me
  7. Just another suggestion, idk how are the current updates. But what about making it a feature instead of removing? Like, drastically reduce the "CFH power" the attacker would have for example p1 vs p2 p2 attacks p1, p1 can call 4k sf people p1 attacks p2, p1 can call 1,5k sf people (just using the numbers as example, don't consider them real) This could be used on strategic ways, but not to abuse calls
  8. I recommend you to create another thread, i don't think there is a relation with this error from mobile. Though, i remember once i had this error on PC and it was due to Google DNS. I just changed DNS and then it solved.
  9. Ronkiro

    Battle Bug

    Double battle bug attacks again? Or the 1 HP bug? Did you have 1 HP on Noah's fight or some HP?
  10. Username: Ronkiro Location: TNRs APP Priority: Critical. Bug's Effects: Login system understands logging in app as an way to try to break tnr's security. So i can't log when using app At browser it logs normally How the bug happened/how to reproduce: Submit anything at login forms (even empty) it will return the error i stated above. I am at mobile so i don't know how to add the print here, i will edit here with some phone's infos that maybe can help. Model: Lenovo A2016b30 Android version: 6.0 Security patch level: 5, july (2016) Version number: A2016b30_S151_160809_8G_LATAM
  11. Ronkiro

    Site down

    Did you manage to log? Are you using routers/anything like?
  12. Ronkiro

    Advertisement Failure!

    no guns use swords m8
  13. I think they removed all summons for a while, due to bugs. Not sure tho
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