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    [Medium] Aquaman

    Username: hudasnotpay Bloodline: Delusion Demon
  2. A sort button that lets you order them how you want perhaps~ Sort by: (dropdown menu) Alphabetical Rank
  3. Chu EM Quest, Bronze Panda questline, Path of Resilience. "Defeating the Bronze Panda is no easy task, and I can know, I build it." I would know, I built it. Fixed
  4. Username: N/A Location: http://www.theninja-rpg.com/?id=9&act=kagePanel&act2=orders Priority:Low Bug's Effects: Edit Kages Orders still says "1500 characters remaining" even at max capacity. How the bug happened/how to reproduce:
  5. Suggestion Outline: Give Edit Kage Orders the BB code menu like the tavern and PMs What would change: See above How it would change: See above How it benefits us: Less of a pain to edit and keep checking over and over to preview. It's a QOL thing. Why it matters: Doesn't really, it would just be a nice change. Problems/concerns involved (if applicable): Anything else relevant to your specific suggestion (if applicable): The 1500 character limit is way too small T_T
  6. Username: Location: http://www.theninja-rpg.com/?id=8 Priority: High Bug's Effects: The new tooltip map update is causing a few mobile users to lag heavily on the travel page, making movement stutter stepping and slow to the point of taking 2-4 minutes to make it across the map. How the bug happened/how to reproduce: Travel on mobile and the amount of assets being loaded on the travel page seem to bogs down your phone. Happens on Light layout as well as Default and seems to do it in every browser. An option to turn off the map tooltips and just make it go back to a static image would be nice. until then can't exactly play the game with it like that.
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    Jutsu List

    Tai Jou EE: Wind Jou Gen: Yaketsuku Netsu:
  8. Username uses the jutsu Desert Art: Entombment Description: Username absorbs the earth she stands on, silently increasing her weight and body density before attacking Demon Rat with a savage assault of rock hard kicks. Username attempts to disorientate Demon Rat with a series of feints and fast movements before jumping over it. Releasing the earth whilst airborne, Username explodes in a violent storm of fine dust, blasting over Demon Rat at high speeds, hitting it from all directions and burying it in fine sooth. Should be soot. - fixed
  9. EJ armorsmith is hell, You never get to actually play the game. After they change it to force you to sleep during repairs it's 8 entire hours a day spent crafting kits and repairing 2 sets. It already takes 28 hours to craft a complete set of Jou armor, I think it takes about 30 for EJ or so. It's a perpetual state of "Crafting/Repairing" that you can't do anything during and it causes even less active armorsmiths because they don't want to deal with it anymore, This makes it fall on the 3-4 active armorsmiths to do it for everybody. This doesn't account for the poor miners that have to smelt materials for 4 hours a stack with no exp return, And the poor weaponsmiths that have to craft for another 4 hours to make the studs from the materials they get from the miners, and the time it takes hunters to process the leather needed. With all the mats from all of these professions and the full craft time of the EJ armor set it takes about 60 hours across all players for a single armor set, and it can be broken in under an hour just by casually raiding. Then it stays forever unrepaired because there's literally 4 of us.
  10. Vestige

    Robbing Question

    Vivitarutaru tested extensively and couldn't find a change in robbing success rate by spamming gens. Anybody above you on the rob list has more money than you do in their pocket. Smoke Snatch exists for fail robs and gives you a chance to run away and steal even more ryo. Anybody without any ryo in their pocket is going to give you a fail rob. o.o Like last night when you robbed me, You got me three times before one fail rob.
  11. Vestige


    You have sent 100000 Ryo to Gatts! Return o.o Welcome to Shroud sir.
  12. Section: Jutsus Sub-Section: Bukijutsu Still says "Special Jounin" and has an error in the formatting of the jutsu list leaving half of the jutsu(s) illegible and quite a few are missing. Section: Jutsus Sub-Section: Genjutsu No Jou or EJ earth jutsu information. Jounin Earth Gen Jutsus: Name: Medusa's Coffin Genjutsu Required Rank: Jounin Type: Special Element: Earth Village Jutsu Effects Deals damage based on your and your opponents stats. Damage is based on willpower. Base value: 7596. Bonus/lvl: 11.06 Decrease target Tai/Nin/Weap/Gen offense for 2 rounds. Percentage-based. Base factor: 0.017. Bonus/lvl: 0.043. Decrease target strength for 2 rounds. Percentage-based. Base factor: -5.538. Bonus/lvl: 0.192. Name: Drowning Despair Genjutsu Required Rank: Jounin Type: Normal Element: Earth Jutsu Effects Deals damage based on your and your opponents stats. Damage is based on strength. Base value: 7596. Bonus/lvl: 11.06 Decrease target Gen defense for 2 rounds. Percentage-based. Base factor: 9.049. Bonus/lvl: 0.106. Decrease target intelligence for 1 rounds. Percentage-based. Base factor: 9.983. Bonus/lvl: 0.078. Name: Mind's Funeral Genjutsu Required Rank: Jounin Type: Normal Element: Earth Jutsu Effects Deals damage based on your and your opponents stats. Damage is based on intelligence. Base value: 7596. Bonus/lvl: 11.06 Decrease target willpower for 2 rounds. Percentage-based. Base factor: 2.148. Bonus/lvl: 0.042. Stuns target for 1 rounds. Base chance: 2.5%. Bonus/lvl: 0.0125%. Prevent target from fleeing for 1-3 rounds. Base chance: 25%. Bonus/lvl: 0.25%. Name: Ancient Army Genjutsu Required Rank: Jounin Type: Normal Element: Earth Jutsu Effects Deals damage based on your and your opponents stats. Damage is based on speed. Base value: 5385.2. Bonus/lvl: 22.12 AOE effect. Range: 1. Reduction per distance: 75%. Bonus/level: 0% Increase user Gen offense for 2 rounds. Percentage-based. Base factor: 4.319. Bonus/lvl: 0.044. Section: Jutsus Sub-Section: Village Jutsus It's just Smoke Snatch, No King snatcher or any of the actual village jutsu. Section: Jutsus Sub Section: Ninjutsu Again still says "Special Jounin and has none of the normal Non-Elemental jutsus listed under the EJ section and only Fire/Lightning/Water under the Jounin section. Jounin Nin Earth Jutsus: Name: Earth Slam Ninjutsu Required Rank: Jounin Type: Special Element: Earth Description Two massive slabs of stone are used to squash the enemy. Jutsu Effects Deals damage based on your and your opponents stats. Damage is based on intelligence. Base value: 4280.2. Bonus/lvl: 33.17 Decrease target speed for 2 rounds. Percentage-based. Base factor: -7.014. Bonus/lvl: 0.163. Decreases armor of target by percentage-based amount.for 3 rounds. Base value: 39.593. Bonus/lvl: 0 Stuns target for 1 rounds. Base chance: 0.25%. Bonus/lvl: 0.0175%. Name: Stoneshard Spire Ninjutsu Required Rank: Jounin Type: Normal Element: Earth Description An advanced Earth technique that creates a stone spire. Jutsu Effects Deals damage based on your and your opponents stats. Damage is based on speed. Base value: 7596. Bonus/lvl: 22.12 Decrease target Nin defense for 2 rounds. Percentage-based. Base factor: 15.398. Bonus/lvl: 0.098. Prevent target from fleeing for 1-3 rounds. Base chance: 25%. Bonus/lvl: 0.25%. Name: Boulder Bomb Ninjutsu Required Rank: Jounin Type: Normal Element: Earth Description A ninjutsu with the capability to inflict explosive damage on all opponents while keeping them away Jutsu Effects Deals damage based on your and your opponents stats. Damage is based on strength. Base value: 4280.2. Bonus/lvl: 33.17 AOE effect. Range: 1. Reduction per distance: 75%. Bonus/level: 0% Increase user Tai/Nin/Weap/Gen defense for 2 rounds. Percentage-based. Base factor: 24.599. Bonus/lvl: 0.111. Name: Scatterstone Shot Ninjutsu Required Rank: Jounin Type: Normal Element: Earth Description A drain-technique that relies on stones. Jutsu Effects Deals damage based on your and your opponents stats. Damage is based on willpower. Base value: 8702. Bonus/lvl: 11.06 Increase user Nin offense for 1 rounds. Percentage-based. Base factor: -4.411. Bonus/lvl: 0.088. Heals user for damage-based amount of HP. Base value: 5. Bonus/lvl: 0.03 Section: Jutsus Sub-Section: Taijutsu Same thing as the others, EJ section has almost nothing in it. No elemental Jutsus at all. Section: Ranks Sub-Section: Requirements Outdated information Section: Logbook Sub-Section: Orders Outdated information and only has information on the first EJ logbook as well as still saying "Special Jounin". Section: Stats Sub-Section: Stats Article: Caps Outdated information
  13. o.o The one in the manual doesn't answer the all of questions we've had to answer over and over again in the Tavy and I needed a place to redirect them, If any of you see any more questions that get asked grab them and drop them in here. I've had to answer most of these 30-40 times and figure it's easier to make a forum post than to keep typing it out. Saves time and effort.
  14. Frequently Asked Questions (Disclaimer, This was written by a Non-Staff member. Take everything I have to say with a grain of salt.) (I guess that's not right anymore) (Q). How do I do missions and when can I do them? (A). You can do missions at genin by clicking “D ranked Mission†within the little (Q). How do I turn in missions? (A). By clicking the “D ranked Mission†Button again upon completion. You may complete 8 missions a day, and it is recommended to do so to maximize the amount of gains you get that day. (Q). How do I complete _____ Mission? (A). Here are some D ranks and how to complete them. Feel free to post screenshots of all other known D ranks from other villages for them to be added. Target Practice Solution: Defeat 3 Opponents in the “Battle Arena†found under the Who Are you going to call? Pest Smashers! Solution: Kill 7 black rats, You can just step one tile off the village and then back on repeatedly. (Q). Where can I find ____ location? (A). If you are on a computer, you can hover over any location on the map with your cursor and see the name of the territory in the bottom left corner of the map. For mobile users there is a map here that labels all the territories. (Q). Where is Surgery!? How am I supposed to increase my health? (A). Surgery was removed in Core 3, The only way to increase health is by completing Missions As well as Elemental Mastery Quests unlocked at Chuunin and higher. (Q). How do I beat my Elemental Mastery Quest? (A). Purchase your elemental amulet from the item shop. Itemshop -> Armor -> Third Page (Q). Where is my Chuunin Elemental Mastery Quest? (A). Here is a list of locations and their respective elements. 19.7 Howling Den (Wind) 6.15 Tortoise Lake (Water) 17.13 Flame Peak (Fire) 11.8 Bamboo Fields (Earth) 12.11 Skycut Stones (Lightning) (Q). How do I restart my Elemental Mastery Quests? (A). The Icon -> Logbook -> Quests -> Reactivate on your EM. (Q). How do I complete the Chuunin reactivate-able fire EM? It won't complete... (A). Start at 22.15 and kill the flame target Move to 22.16 and kill the second Go to 21.8 and heal Go to 23.15 and kill the third target Go to 23.16 and kill the fourth target Open your logbook (Q). What are the caps for ______ Rank? (A). Genin: 160k HP, 80k Offense/Defense, 16k Generals, 32k Pools. Chuunin: 1.6mil HP, 800k Offense/Defense, 160k Generals, 160k EM, 160k Pools. Jounin: 2mil HP, 1mil Offense/Defense, 200k Generals, 200k EM, 200k Pools. EJ: 2.5mil HP, 1.25mil Offense/Defense, 250k Generals, 250k EM, 250k Pools. (Q). Do I need a sensei? Do they still give boosts like they did in C2? (A). No you do not require a sensei They can simply give you advice and maybe if they're nice they will give you some ryo. Sensei's are just aesthetic in C3 and are just a name attached to your profile. They do not give boosts to training in Core 3 (Q). how do I kill the angry cat/black komodo/dwarf komodo (A). Angry cat is 1 shot with Senbon Black komodo is 1 shot with Pointy Stick Dwarf Komodo is 1 shot with Blunt Darts. (Q). Where do I buy Kunai in the item shop to complete the logbook (A). Item shop -> Items (NOT WEAPONS) -> Kunai (Q). How do I turn in my logbook? (A). Hit the icon and click Logbook, If it has been completed It will automatically turn in. (Q). How do I upload an Avatar? (Q). I uploaded an Avatar and it's still showing "Default Picture" how do I fix it? (A).The small gear icon -> User Preferences -> Change Avatar -> The file must be a .gif and not exceed 100x100 pixels or 200kb file size.(This can be increased by purchasing Federal Support) If it doesn't appear to be changing press F5 a few times to refresh the page assets and it should show your newly uploaded Avatar. You must be a Genin or higher to upload an avatar (Q). When should I rank up from AS or Genin (A). This is a preference but most players will rank up to Genin as fast as possible While Chuunin on the other hand players have mixed feelings about, Some players will rank up to Chuunin the moment they cap their genin pools at 32000 to reap the benefits of higher regeneration rate and gains from C rank missions as a chuunin. Other players choose to rank hold genin in order to get slightly stronger in hopes of maximizing their survival chances when they rank up. The fact of the matter is you will die. Everybody dies at some point, Even the top 10 players in the game die. (Q). How do I get a bloodline? (A). You must be a genin and go to “Town Hall†and then click “Bloodline Clinic†As a genin you get one free roll chance at a bloodline, It has a chance to roll any bloodline in the game. If you have no bloodline, It’s not the end of the world. There are plenty of strong and successful players that do not have a bloodline. For the most part, They will give you a small advantage such as 10-15% more damage with your bloodlines elemental jutsus and a 10-15% disadvantage to it’s elemental weakness. It’s a fancy name and some jutsus. D rank Bloodlines such as “Monolith†and “Avalanche†have small boosts and no disadvantage. Although they have no bloodline jutsus or elements attached to them. Village bloodlines and S rank bloodlines can only be obtained by rolling your free chance at the bloodline clinic, They cannot be purchased and are luck based. If you want one bad enough you are able to “reset†your account via “User Preferences†and wait one week for it to be reset and then rank up to genin and try your luck again. It is recommended that you do not do this unless you’re doing it to your alternate account, Unless you like waiting on both accounts to be reset all week. Do not make 100 accounts trying to get an S rank or a village bloodline, This is against the rules and will get you banned. Bloodlines can be purchased via the “Black Market†for reputation points bought with real currency, Micro transactions. In most cases if you save up enough ryo, You can find a reputation point seller(Rep seller) and buy enough points from them to purchase your bloodline without reaching for your wallet. Please be careful when doing this, As some people will scam you out of your ryo. Always use a moderator as a transaction middleman to not get robbed blind. To find a moderator click the small gear icon and click “Game Help†and then “Crew list†and look for one to help you. (Q). What’s the best offense? (A). All of the offenses are meant to balance each other out, There is not one that is considered to be stronger than the others. It just comes down to player preference. Although this is the default answer, This is not very true. Taijutsu is genuinely stronger than the others, For instance a Buki jutsu and a Tai jutsu of the same rank. Buki: Base value: 8617. Bonus/lvl: 19.2 Tai: Base value: 12020. Bonus/lvl: 11.06 Not only does the Tai have a higher base value, It scales higher and has a stun while the Buki has measly residual damage. This is the case with 90% of Tai jutsus, Want to be overpowered? Pick Tai. Taijutsu > Ninjutsu > Bukijutsu > Genjutsu Taijutsu is considered the strongest raw damage and has the highest base values, It has a lot of stuns but generally has less tags than the others “to balance it out†(lies). Genjutsu is considered the weakest raw damage and has the lowest base values, It has more tags than all of the others. Gen is a bag of skittles. In most cases it is considered to be “Hard Mode†due to it’s slow start up. Ninjutsu is middle of the road base values and amount of tags, Some of which are self healing tags. Bukijutsu is also middle of the road base values and amount of tags. Though as most Buki users will tell you, It’s a pain. You must be carrying the weapon needed for each jutsu, If it’s a shuriken or kunai or anything disposable it is used in battle and if you don’t have anymore, You can’t use that jutsu until you buy more. This often results in Buki users dying to people they regularly beat, Because they forgot to stock up between every fight. Another drawback to Bukijutsu is that weapons that aren’t disposable, Such as crafted weapons you buy from player weaponsmiths need to be repaired often or you will break them. Weapons bought from the “Itemstore†cannot be repaired, Weapons from weaponsmiths can be repaired by the weaponsmith. But unless directly asked, It will probably sit in limbo on the repair screen forever unless somebody is really really nice. (Q). What stats should I train (A). Generally you will train one offense and all of your defenses. This is a choice and entirely up to you. A lot of players won’t train offense until genin when they learn if they have a bloodline so they can train for that bloodlines offense. Your generals (IE. Strength, Intelligence, Speed, and Willpower) are used in your jutsus to increase damage. Each jutsu has a general such as Jutsu Effects Deals damage based on your and your opponents stats. Damage is based on willpower. Base value: 8617. Bonus/lvl: 19.2 Decrease target Buki defense for 1 rounds. Percentage-based. Base factor: 26.693. Bonus/lvl: 0.083. Give target amount of residual damage for 3 rounds. Base value: 0. Bonus/lvl: 0.0136. Do not train your generals for your genin jutsu(s) unless you plan to be genin permanently, Chances are your genin jutsu(s) will not share generals with your chuunin jutsus and so on. (Q). Where do I go to see my Jutsu(s) and Jutsu levels? (A). Under the icon and click “My Jutsuâ€. To see individual information on your jutsu(s) You must click it’s type and your jutsu(s) should appear under that menu along with their levels. By clicking the name of the jutsu you can view it’s damage values as well as it’s tags(Effects). Jutsus are soft capped at level 100 and from there can no longer be trained with ryo and must either be trained with Jutsu Mastery, Or by using them in combat. In Pvp(Person vs. Person) the gains are higher than they are against AI, So leveling them on players is faster than leveling them on AI. (Q). When can I be a medic? and how do I gain medic levels? (A). You gain the ability to become a “medic†at chuunin, It is under “Occupations†and then “Surgeonâ€. To gain medic levels you must use 100,000 points of chakra or stamina for 1 level. As a medical ninja your objective is to heal villagers. You can heal villagers using Chakra at 9.1 HP/CP or Stamina at 8.6 HP/SP Chakra: Level: 82 - Experience: 817385 Stamina: Level: 77 - Experience: 767623 (Q). I keep hearing about ragebars and toolbars, What are they and what do they do? (A). A ragebar is a kind of toolbar created by players from the community that allow you to use an overlay layout and key binds to perform actions. Such as movement on the map becoming WASD, Hot keys for combat, Scouting, Waking up, Sleeping, and so on. Some Ragebars have an overlay that allows you to quickly access the bank and withdraw/Deposit or send ryo by having the amount pre-typed out before ever waking up. As well as being able to train in an instant by having your training amount typed out. Always log in from the regular Theninja-rpg.com domain before using a ragebar, Do not log in on them. Ragebars: Shikabar Mobile toolbars are an overlay of bookmarks that allow you to more easily play the game on mobile, Allowing you to train or use the bank without having to fiddle with your phone for 3 minutes and die to a raider. Mobile Toolbars: Shika Ninjaboy Kayume's Bar (Q). I keep dying to people when I try to train! Help!? (A). It is highly recommended that you always train away from the village, Move a few spaces away in any direction and then train. Do not do it on top of your village because raiders are always passing through and will most likely kill you and keep moving. If you have recently killed a player in another village and do not have positive diplomacy there, You have been added to their bounty book and are being bounty hunted until your next death. If you are having trouble getting off the village in a timely fashion even with a ragebar, It is recommended to change your layout to “Light†in “User Preferences†as it will make your pages load a little faster. Though it is hard to get used to how ugly it is in comparison, It is faster than default. (Q). What is a profession and how do I get one? (A). Professions are broken into two categories, "Crafting" and "Gathering". Herbalist, Miner, and Hunter are "Gathering" professions and require you to collect items from around the map via the "scout area" page, You can be attacked while gathering. Armor Craftsman, Weaponsmith, and Chef are "Crafting" professions and require the materials gathered from "Gathering" professions to make their crafts. Professions require that you buy the corresponding "tool" from the item shop in order to start them. Herbalist(requires Herbalist Pouch): You collect and process herbs from around the map and deep into uncharted, These herbs can be used to craft items that stock the village hospital and once the hospital is full players have a random chance at free sign out for a duration of time. Miner(requires Miner's Toolkit): You collect and process rare metals and sell the materials to Weaponsmiths and Armor Craftsman. Hunter(requires Hunter's Toolkit): You find Herds around the map and process them hides into Leather and Meat. Leather can be sold to Armor Craftsman to make armor, and Meat can be sold to Chef's to make health items. Weaponsmith(requires Smithy): Craft weapons and materials for Armor Craftsman to make armor as well as repair weapons. Chef(requires Cooking Gear): Chef's craft in battle health items, Consumables, and out of battle health items with Meat from Hunters and herbs from Herbalists. Armor Craftsman(requires Work Bench): You can create armor and repair armor with materials from the other professions, Armor is equipped in your inventory and serves as damage and random AI encounter reduction. Here is the list of craft-able armor. Simple Set Leather Set Grand Leather Set Studded Leather Set Jounin Village Armor Set(Name changes based on village) - Same armor value as Decorated Set Decorated Jounin Armor Set - Same armor value as Jounin Village Armor Set Steel EJ Armor Set EJ Village Armor Set(Name changes based on village) (Known non-repairable Event armors sets) Demonhide Set Mirror Set (Q). What profession should I be? (A). Whatever you want to be. If you want to be helpful in your village it's best to ask around in the Tavern what your village needs. Villages are always in need of Armor Craftsman. Although it takes a long time and a lot of materials, You can make a profit easily by selling armor to villagers via the "Grand Market" and repairing armor via "Armor Repairs". New Chu and having trouble surviving? Try Purr's "Fresh Player Guide" T_T It won't center.
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    The Shroud Saint

    Reporter: Vestige New reporter-ma-jig thing Vestige here to give you the news from the Shroud Salt Lets go down the list of things that have happened in the past month as a recap for those that haven't followed current events. SinfulLust is challenged and defeated by Koro for Shroud's kage hat Senpai retires randomly SinfulLust moves to Samui Koro(Korotoi), AhanaxxStar, Band, Paperth, and GuardianAngel(soap) all move to Silence Phaze moves to Shroud(again) Nexilus moves from Silence to Samui Kappjo becomes the Seventh Suikage of Shroud Shine Declares war on Shroud Naix is challenged and defeated by Prince for Silence's kage hat Samui Declares war on Silence Konoki Declares War on Shine Purringles becomes a moderator Samui Defeats Silence Koro and such move to Samui So Shine decides to declare war on Shroud because it’s an easy win, We have nobody to fight back after our vast majority either retired or moved. This brings it back to just our silent ubers rushing endgame, and our new chu and jous that are popping up in mass quantities, Of course not all of them have played before nor do all of them know what a ragebar is or can move fast enough to do anything as a lot of their time is spent asking questions in the tavy still. With as many that pop up per week it’s hard to give them all accurate information and try to help them out, Even more so during war time when they’re all getting frustrated and ready to quit the game because they’re being chainkilled and start to question why they even play or if they will ever be strong enough to fight back. They are currently having a soap opera in the tavy and enjoy leaving the rest of us confused in-between complaining about constantly being raided. But I digress, Shine sicks the dogs on us one after another even though we already had no chance due to us only having a handful of active raiders left, Kind of pointless to cry out for assistance from Samui and Silence when you don’t need it and they’re already in the middle of their own war, But sure whatever go ahead and kick us while we’re down. In comes Konoki to our rescue, declaring on Shine with a bug 4 days early trying to salvage what they can from this war. Unfortunately for us this was a bug and not intended to work this way, we can hope right? Nah, As much as we wanted it to work out Konoki was swiftly removed from the war and Shroud was left to it’s own devices. What little we had left. =.= Ryuk and Akum shrug and go back to murdering all of Seichi. When reached for comment Akum had this to say. Akum: "I would be there for ya but...war got canceled." During our brief moments of organized mass raids we had 8 Shroudies and 6 Konokians with us fighting the good fight, we were soon stopped by Takuyadrini and Evianon of Silence, Kira, Titus and Gengar of Samui, and our resident of Retribution clan chat Slayze because he's a pvp hungry monster with an insatiable hunger for alts. We could say “at least we tried†but that gets us nowhere. In the future perhaps we will, for now we’ll keep rebuilding and beating this dead horse until it rises from it’s watery grave. In the first five days of the war I was awake for 80+ hours with little to no sleep, Trying to make an attempt to defend solo during my inability to sleep. Failing miserably of course. While Ven racks up about 150-200 kills on offense and defense. Sheldonal, Mange, and Cloudsx taking the fight to Shine just as hard, And FallenSaint and Phayde standing on overwatch during our measly mass raid attempts with Calc2 occasionally popping in. Unfortunately no screenshots to show off the war leaderboard, But Ven, Mange, Sheldonal, and Phayde all above 1k structures destroyed/restored total. As a village without strong Jou to defend, Menace was unable to be shaken from the village without outside help from raiders passing by. Sitting on us uncontested for hours out of the day while he had a picnic and dined on the corpses of our weaker villagers, They never stood a chance. Meanwhile Nellis/Kamui sitting on us just as long and without anyone to stop him, He spends his time eating snacks and watching TV mashing refresh while occasionally glancing at the screen to see if Titus or Kira had attacked him. Eventually FallenSaint broke down and put on some armor, DKOing Kamui and eventually getting a win on him. Sorry FS, I’ll have some village EJ armor for you soon~ Just when you think we’re down and out, Nellis gets fed up with war and playing one-man army and Ally-kills his way out, Rip Raku and Crim. Suddenly we might have a chanc- Samui has declared war on Shroud Just when you think this can’t possibly get any more convoluted, Samui declares. Arguments commence on the forums, Fingers pointed in all directions. Some say that to this day... They’re still arguing. o.o Some say it’s a bug and that they declared early, Some say it was perfectly fair, Others say blatant Samui favoritism. I’d call myself indifferent. Needless to say that without Pana here to keep everyone in line and lay down the law, Arguing keeps going until he gives the final say in the matter. The next day Samui won the war for Shine, Of course they did no new news there, Moving on. A shout out to all those from other villages that tried to help Shroud in the slightest in this cluster-[Expletive redacted]. Akum, Ryuk, Krane, Reap, and TheGladiator of Konoki. Aqua-Teal-Cyan Whatever color you want to call it modman, Slayze for shaking some of the chu raiders we couldn’t get and beating up our alts. Soap/GuardianAngel of 4.11 because god knows he's not in Silence right now. Castiel, Ayane and anyone else I can't remember. Our residents of Shroud (Any contribution is still a contribution and will be noted.) Ven, sheldonal, Mange69, Cloudsx, fallensaint, Phayde, Phaze, Calculus2, Halcyon, Chikato, Kappjo, Kogeki, DColez, DarkSpriggan, Kuza, Anuka, Spookerz, Iracundia, Shikayaru, Eduardonin, Japtemlooter, Namakemono, Kyouraku, Beaveredge, Godou, and Sleezebean. Another small shout out to the free pvp raiders that came with Nellis, Universe, Teni, Kuya, and Menace, Nebuchadnezzar, and Zelso. Worlds, Tsukune, Delorin, FlameLighterR, OnizukaEikichi, Sky, Ismira, Retsumaru, Troyce/ShiroYasha, Enishi, KitKat, CRIMSONNINJA, and Nyssa. All of you together helped give us Shroudies a combined total of over 4,000 pvp, Give yourselves a round of applause~ And last but not least to the "You cannot view more than 3 pages per second" screen for giving us all lots of headaches. Finally how it feels to be a Shroudie when the rest of Seichi is against you Advertisements Reaching out to Soap sitting on his couch at 4.11 looking in the tavern with his binoculars and eating potato chips, We can see you. Just walk in the door, Come back to Shroud. You know those chips could use just a little bit more salt. Shroud is currently recruiting active raiders, We are in desperate need of strong Chu and Jou as evidenced by this war. If you’re thinking of randomly leaving Samui or Silence and need a home, Give us some consideration, We’re not all that bad. Ven is buying level 3 meat, PM him for details.
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    o.o Dun matter anyways, We were going to lose to shine. Have fun.
  17. Vestige

    Armor Questions

    EJ Steel is stronger than Jou Village but has the durability of a paper plate. Also if nobody believes the whole Decorated is the exact same armor value as Jou village thing, Test it yourselves.
  18. Vestige

    Armor Questions

    Jounin Village Armor, and EJ Village armor. Chuunin Grand Leather does not Decorated has the same armor value as Jounin Village armor with higher durability, But no reduced AI encounter rate. Steel EJ armor has lower damage reduction than EJ village armor and also has no reduced AI encounter rate.
  19. This is still happening after the jutsu fixes today. Hells Gate Decreases armor of target by percentage-based amount.for 3 rounds. Base value: 32.301. Bonus/lvl: 0Doesn't do anything at all.
  20. o.o Even I was confused as to why it wasn't a draw, It did count as a loss even though it said "Won" in the battle history though. To clarify, I didn't get VF from that.
  21. Vestige

    New AI Strength

    I'm gen and I have to hit every random encounter twice -.-
  22. Location: Tide Crasher Jou Earth EM details "As it happens, a truly massive Tide Crasher has wondered out of it's lake" Should be wandered. Fixed
  23. Suggestion Outline: Change the structure of professions and occupations to make them more rewarding in the long term. What would change: Occupations would actually support professions. How it would change: Add 6 occupations to support the 6 professions. • Occupations : • Tanner(Hunter) • Alchemist(Herbalist) • Jeweler(Miner) • Butcher(Chef) • Master Armorsmith(Armor craftsman) • Master Weaponsmith(Weaponsmith) Each occupation would offer perks and unlockable crafts to the profession they support. Examples: • Reduce gathering/crafting time by a percentage • Unlock special/village crafts • Unlock special/village resources These “perks†would take effect at certain levels EX : • At level 4 Jeweler gathering time for Miner is reduced by 10% • At level 5 Jeweler a new resource is able to be gathered by Chuunin Miners with 150 exp • At level 5 Alchemist a new material is now able to be gathered for Chuunin Herbalists with 150 exp • At level 10 Master Armorsmith EJ armor durability upgrades are now available to EJ Armorcraftsman with 450 exp • At level 7 Master Weaponsmith Jounin weapon durability upgrades are now available to Jou Weaponsmiths with 300 exp • At level 7 Butcher a new craft is available to Jounin Chefs with 300 exp • At level 1 Tanner a new herd is available to hunt for Chuunin Hunters with 50 exp With 6 occupations, each occupation could offer 2 stat gains without any of them overlapping. Alternatively, so that players don’t lose their occupation levels the old stat gain occupations could stay and these could be added as well. Another option would be to offer an “Occupation Change†in the Black Market for X reps, and give every player 1 free “Occupation Change†to start out. How it benefits us: This would add variety, streamline the profession/occupation system, and make professions/occupations more interesting Why it matters: The way the occupation and profession systems are set up currently, they don’t support each other and become tedious and boring with time. Once a player has capped their profession (and usually before then), they get bored and stop. Problems/concerns involved (if applicable): Coding, thinking of new crafts/perks/resources/items, adjusting values for old profession stuff. (Edited examples to make the idea clearer.) *cough* Honorable mention to Tael for helping write the suggestion up.
  24. Suggestion Outline: EM timer under the new "Timers" drop-down What would change: The timer in your logbook quests would now be clearly visible from the new timers section. Everything else is already in there, Might as well throw that in too. How it would change: An additional timer while keeping the original under logbook. How it benefits us: Less forgetting about your EM because it would be in plain sight Why it matters: Convenience
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