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  1. They have a format that they require you to use when suggesting something. just an fyi Its in one of those threads that say "Read before posting" Oh wait, they untagged it from top of the list, or something, never mind you Gucci
  2. Are you wearing armor? Because that might help. And are you using a village weapon?
  3. Yes the IR will be weak to Wind also
  4. April fools
  5. Im pretty sure you're suppose to have a certain amount of missions done for each quest. http://prntscr.com/imlo07 Yeah I think you need 5 missions completed for all forbidden quests. Side note: maybe also include the missions name? Your details in the bug report is horribly lacking in helpful content.
  6. That's just the normal rank for new people. Dont worry lol
  7. Koro

    Stuck at lvl 7 AS

    tl;dr You lack hatred
  8. There's someone literally deleting my posts xD Even if it has nothing to do with the thread, its about the same relevance as all the others. Cool suggestion, price points seem horribly high. but yeah inb4 closed.
  9. Koro

    Daily Login mini game

    The village summon items are now apparently available via pop point rolling. just an fyi. Side note: Last night I logged on and there was 10 users online... lol
  10. Koro


    Suggestion Outline: Instead of displaying what village injured users are in, why not display if they are hospitalized or not. 2. Have bonus exp for healing people who are in the hospital What would change: The Village line of injured people, on the occupation list as a medic How it would change: Changing the line “Village†to “Status†How it benefits us: Medics would be more inclined to heal the hospitalized villagers first Why it matters: getting players out of the hosptial will create a better tnr experience Problems/concerns involved (if applicable): None that I can think of. Besides people farming medic exp, but the bonus doesnt have to be large Anything else relevant to your specific suggestion (if applicable): Just the bonus exp for healing users out of the hospital
  11. Koro


    They did an update, i think alot of people increased in DSR. I know i did
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