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    Suggestion Outline: Instead of displaying what village injured users are in, why not display if they are hospitalized or not. 2. Have bonus exp for healing people who are in the hospital What would change: The Village line of injured people, on the occupation list as a medic How it would change: Changing the line “Village†to “Status†How it benefits us: Medics would be more inclined to heal the hospitalized villagers first Why it matters: getting players out of the hosptial will create a better tnr experience Problems/concerns involved (if applicable): None that I can think of. Besides people farming medic exp, but the bonus doesnt have to be large Anything else relevant to your specific suggestion (if applicable): Just the bonus exp for healing users out of the hospital
  2. Suggestion Outline: Add a new page after accept chuunin exam attempt, and before What would change: this warning before taking the chuunin exam and after How it would change: > Player clicks "Take chuunin exam" > Gets the page with the typical lore thing, along with a bolded message explaining they will become avaliable for being targeted by PvP players. And after they hit "take exam" which would include another explaination of PvP, and some links to possible manual page about pvp How it benefits us: having players maybe last longer on tnr Why it matters: I feel that most people quit tnr after getting to Chuunin, and getting chain killed by end game jounin. Problems/concerns involved (if applicable): None Anything else relevant to your specific suggestion (if applicable): The warning would be right on the same page as the confirmation for the chuunin exam. And again after pressing the "Take chuunin exam" button. The warning would be a simple maybe bolded sentence stating what can be expected when becoming a chuunin. And helpful suggestions at the same time; such as - Suggesting to train out of the village or in the Uncharted. - Possible links to a rage bar? (Doubt it since its not tnr made) - Suggestions to the manual for chuunins life Because there is many things that i could list >about tracking. >The importance of sleeping as soon as you enter the village. Just to name a few (or I could make a page in the manual to go along with this suggestion, and it could be linked in the warning page) -Basically a short paragraph with more details on how to Survive the PvP life of a beginning chuunin. *But all in all, I feel this double layered warning would make new people look into what the PvP life is like, and maybe have them make the proper preparations for it.
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