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  1. http://instagram.com/thatssogreggie facebook.com/greg.kociubinski. Or greg Laszlo if you'd like to manually look me up. love you all. hopefully this place uprises again one day. Been nearly ten years since I came here. Typing this out feels like a farewell, but I'm still hoping its a see ya soon.
  2. Random proboard RP's where the premise was amazing but just fizzled out community wise
  3. I wonder what Rp's all of us scattered to
  4. T-Mobile is a terrible company.
  5. Welp. Hit four months off of heroin. Yay clean time.
  6. Can't believe I signed up here so many years ago. Praying that this place revives again.
  7. A thing came out that allows FWD cars to drift. I can't wait to get them and slap them on my TSX. <3
  8. Let loose the dogs of war and starve the heathens of their bread and wine. We shall bathe in their blood and revel in their screams.
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