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  1. Ven

    New World

    I think this is basically suggesting a new core (a new and updated version of the game), which wouldn't go over well with most people. Once a newer version of the game is out, all the work people put in to the previous version becomes null and void. New players will join the new server, the new server will be more active, it will require more attention from the staff, the old one will fall into disrepair, some players from the old server will migrate to the new one because there's more action, etc. Even if it's the exact same game just with a fresh start, it would make the old server obsolete. While Yumicho's suggestion is well thought-out, it's also a massive amount of effort and a huge change to the game. At that point the staff's resources would be better spent creating a new core, right? Why not merge the ideas here and make something that takes the best of both. The problem I'm seeing is newer players have little to no incentive to play the game in it's current state. Knowing it will take 6 months minimum to survive 2 rounds against some of the most active players in PvP is incredibly discouraging. Segmenting the TNR population could help retain some of the new players when their fights are relatively close, and they don't feel discouraged by the massive disparity between them and older players. A fairly simple hybrid idea would be something called "generations". When new players rank from Genin to Chuunin, they'll be informed that upon ranking they have the choice to join a generation of ninja who have been playing for a similar amount of time. A generation will be completely isolated from the main player base in regards to PvP (as I can't see the benefit to separating anything else). Generations will last for X period of time before they join the main game, and a new generation begins. Players that are currently in a generation will appear on the combat and scout pages, but will not be able to be attacked by anyone outside their generation, nor will they be able to attack anyone not in their generation. Hopefully this could be resolved similarly to how players no longer have an attack link in some situations. (I don't see any harm in allowing them to spar, but I don't really see that as a high priority issue either.) Also when a player attempts to rank from Genin to Chuunin, they'll be informed of how long the current generation has existed, and how long before it joins the main game. They'll also be told when a new generation will begin, and hopefully some helpful info like, "generations aim to provide a healthy environment for new players to learn the game" and "don't rank 3 days before a generation ends" etc. Generations could last anywhere from 3-6 months, they could overlap, there could be tiers, they could have cool names, there's a lot of wiggle room. Hopefully something like this would be less work to add to the game and could resolve some of the issues players experience when first starting out, without erasing the work existing players have put in to the game. Some obvious flaws : War (duh) Some no lifers will still be the strongest of their generation and everyone will feel like EJ when they can't stop them from killing newbs Can't kill that annoying guy stealing my copper when I'm trying to mine cuz he has generation protection or w/e War I bet it will still be really hard to code New players are really gonna hate it when they finally have to join the main game, but at least they made some friends probably Older players are really gonna hate it when their food puts up a fight It's my idea Doesn't help new players catch up to old players, it's just a band-aid The game is already really old, maybe it's too late for an idea like this idk Anyway this seems like a good compromise of the two ideas, I'm sure someone else can think of ways to make it cooler. TLDR : New Genin join "Generations" that last 3-6 months when they rank to Chuunin, which will make them unable to attack or be attacked by players not belonging to that generation(they can only fight each other). They will still be part of the main game in every other aspect, aside from PvP. When the generation comes to an end they will become fully part of the main game(aka attackable), and a new generation will begin.
  2. So it would be similar to an RTS where the terrain is black until explored. What would be the range that is revealed? Just the tile you're on? 2 tiles in each direction? Are special locations noted? What qualifies as a special location? Are there different tilesets for ocean and land? Should there be mountains, hills, forests, plains and lakes as well where certain resources spawn? How does the rest of the map get added in such a way that it doesn't take up my entire browser? Should there be 20x25 squares for each section that replace the previous map section as you move onto them? Will there be requirements for certain places being revealed on the map, like Forbidden Jutsu quest locations? Should the entire area just be marked uncharted still or should that change as it is explored? Should there be different terrain types with different enemies? What exactly are we mapping out there, is it just empty space with a few tile blockers? If so, why bother? Knowing the coordinates is more than enough for me if there isn't anything of note to map. If there is, what is it? There's a lot of potential with an idea like this, I feel like something really cool could come of it. It just needs some work.
  3. Ven

    Village jump "event"

    Personal opinion and purely hypothesis, but I doubt this feature will ever return except maybeee as a one time thing for some kind of big event(I doubt that too). However actually saying that it's not coming back will just cause a giant ruckus/heated argument among all the pro-village hop people, so I don't think that you'll ever get an official response. Either it happens or it doesn't. It's well known there's a demand for it, but it's not well known what the consequences could be for the game itself. Literal deserted villages, nobody to kill, players who get bored and quit(more often), even worse new player retention in actual dead villages, a power village stronger than old Samui that sucks the life from the game, etc. On the flip side it could also revitalize the game because people would be where they want and play more? Not too sure about that but maybe it could help. I feel like there was a good reason this feature was disabled, honestly. Just trust the staff's judgment and try to see both sides of the issue and realize they can't always level with you on this type of thing. Hell, maybe I'm wrong and there's just some wonky code they haven't fixed yet, or an event they're planning that isn't ready. Either way, it's not something that they aren't aware of so try to be patient and understand it's not a simple issue.
  4. This is a very good point. There's no other feature in the game that alters user stats like this. There's things that slow progression, but none that outright delete it. That's a good argument to change it, seeing as it doesn't fit the status quo and erasing progress is very frustrating. Arguments of "dead game" and "spice things up" are fairly irrelevant though. There should always be some deterrents in place or people will spend more time in transit than in a village. Personally I never cared about regen cuts or loyalty days on my medic character, so I wonder if other medics would either. Usually overpooled and never used my votes unless I was kamikazing on my main, and I wasnt exactly going for kage or an EJ house. In other words, I feel that medics are held back by this penalty in particular where other players might not care/see it as overkill. (Unless I'm mistaken there's a few in this very thread that haven't moved/move less because of it.) I guess I'm just really averse to seeing anything that would make village hopping easier than it already is because I feel that would hurt the game more than help it.
  5. The entire purpose of this feature is to discourage people from jumping villages too frequently. If all your best buddies are in another village you'll be willing to take the hit, but if you're just moving cuz you got bored of your village you'll be less likely to be willing to lose that juicy exp. Perhaps instead of saying why you don't like the feature(which is the entire reason it exists, it's supposed to serve as a deterrent) you guys could come up with a replacement that you think is more reasonable? Like Medics heal at 25/50/50/75% efficiency for the first 4 days after a move or something.
  6. People already flip flop villages enough as it is. The less penalties are in place, the more often it will happen. Might not seem like a big deal but one of the unique things about TNR is the communities that develop in each village. With people jumping every which way I feel like none of the villages would have anything particularly special about them aside from their name and position on the map. Another thing, this penalizes people who care and try(about being a medic). That's kinda important, because those are the people who are most involved in the game, which helps retention rates for active/involved players in less "popular" villages.
  7. There was some work being done to make CFH account for HP and relative user strength, but I think everyone gave up when it started hurting their brains too much. It's tricky stuff to get it to the point where it's fair to everyone involved at every point on the spectrum.
  8. Ven

    The daily events

    Hey, events are fun and stuff! Leave them out of this!
  9. Technically they are, because you need to be level 10 to rank up.
  10. To clarify, this was on Dev domain with the quest "Survival Package". I attempted to reactivate it when I received that error.
  11. I can't test if quitting quests is fixed Terr. When I go to reactivate a quest in my logbook, I get this : Fatal error: Call to private method tasks::activateQuest() from context 'logbook' in /mnt/stor6-wc2-dfw1/478421/860010/www.theninja-development.com/web/content/content/logbook.inc.php on line 163
  12. Username: Ven Location: Academy Student/Genin Profile pages Priority: Low Bug's Effects: Info such as bloodline, experience, etc is not visible on AS/Genin profile pages when viewed How the bug happened/how to reproduce: Click on an AS/Genin profile link from the tavern.
  13. Ven

    [Mobile] Feedback

    Crafting screen is very clunky. Please remove the big blue "Quit Job" button from the bottom of the screen. I can't imagine anyone in the middle of crafting something will randomly decide to quit their job, and it's kinda scary having it there to misclick. Also seems like the tavern doesn't auto refresh like it does in the browser. There's no indication that you've received a new PM, which is usually the only reason you check your inbox.
  14. I'd also like to point out that all of the Chuunin AoE have AoE effects on every tag. That's pretty cool.
  15. There is no specific quest Terr, it seems to be this way for all quests. Here's an example though : "Path of Resilience"
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