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  1. Let me know with this exact format if there's an issue with a Jutsu Description: Jutsu Name: Jutsu Rank: Jutsu Type: Jutsu Element: Jutsu Tags: Jutsu Description: Example: Jutsu Name: Devil's Play Jutsu Rank: Elite Jounin Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu Jutsu Element: Fire Jutsu Tags: Accuracy Buff, Disable Jutsu Description: Purringles forms hand seals and releases fire chakra through his fingertips. Small flames erupt that whirl around each other as they move towards Wild Tribe Raidleader. The flames grow and shrink as they fly, releasing blasts of heat that shimmer the air and make it hard to judge their actual distance. Once at close proximity, the flames erupt into massive jets of blazing fire that burn Wild Tribe Raidleader.
  2. If you could pick 3 dream cars to own with no worries about costs... Name them
  3. Hi Aza, Be sure to communicate more with your villagers in Tavern, as that's a great way to make new friends and find someone to marry on TNR. Hi though, nice to meet you.
  4. I suggest writing a ticket that will be seen by the Admins. You can do this by going to Support here on the forums, followed by the subcategory Support and then New Request.
  5. Yeah but I'm pretty new to it xD I only know about 5% of the game I'm sure. I still have my newbie leaf D:
  6. Purringles

    Anime: Wanted

    Last time you recommended me something there was a gay dude killing people and having intercourse with one of it's targets... so idk ........
  7. Username: Purringles Location: Dev Server, Battle Arena Priority: Low Bug's Effects: 5 minute cooldown timer within the "Arena" fight option of the Battle Arena How the bug happened/how to reproduce: Win/lose a fight in Arena. Note: It should be that only Torn Battle Arena and Mirror Battle have a 5 minute cooldown and not the Arena fight, since "Battle Arena" has 3 types of battles (Arena, Mirror Battle, Torn Battle Arena).
  8. Ended up resolving this by attempting to remove the avatar from the Sairoo account in case the kb's were impacting load page, action was done, lagg disappeared but avatar remained. Overall best end result possible. Closing thread.
  9. AlbaficaPisces Nindo: BACK ON THE 28TH - When she gets back she can help you with your submitted ticket. It was just unlucky that you happened to request her help as she went on holiday.
  10. I'l try to channel my young Jounin self for the week. Sign me up as well.
  11. Purringles

    Missing Trade

    I believe the bug occurs if the trader has the items in his Home Inventory. I had the same scenario with Val and he mentioned that when he moved the items he wished to trade from his Home Inventory to his Player Inventory that it worked properly.
  12. Why do you keep hitting on me Faithy
  13. Alright, I'l close this thread if the issue is resolved
  14. I had a similar problem, I ended up having to remove all co-leaders and assigning them again 1 by 1. However my problem was that I couldn't REPLACE them with someone else, if you're problem is to add someone new all together then maybe don't do the example above, is it only 1 person or is it multiples? If it's multiples try doing 1 at a time as well.
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