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  1. So this kinda like facebook now. :o

    1. Arphee


      ;)  Something like that I suppose.

  2. And with that, the tournament is over! Congratulations to our tournament of madness champion, Val! He has been awarded 21 million ryo. ReploidZero ends up taking second place, and has been awarded with 9 million ryo. Thank you to all who signed up and participated. I hope you all had some fun with it. I'm extremely happy with the way it turned out. Keep your eyes open for the next tournament!
  3. I want to give a big thank you to those who signed up to participate in this first experimental tournament! Only 30 people signed up, so this will be reflected in the prize pot. 20 million will go to the champion, and 10 million shall go to second place. Now here are are your participants in this Elite Jounin Tournament of Madness! Konoki Val SDN ShadeJackson SkylarSukumar Phantomblade Invannity Yzame Hermes UchihaSasukekun Samui Mitsunari Yondaime Shroud Purringles Noah cowgirl YellowFlash CrimsonCross MasterHand Silence Satoshi Asuna Naix Ziiki Shine KENSHlN teni Koro ReploidZero Kaito JoJo Retsumaru Syndicate Blink Aszkenasi The bracket is going to be released about 10 minutes before midnight game time tonight. 2 people will be lucky and automatically get a bye. These fights are going to be SINGLE spars. After the fight is over, both combatants are expected to supply the link to the battle log via PM or in the Discord channel. Scheduling conflicts between players may happen, so I'm still deciding on how best to approach that possible scenario. If I was to give the first round a time limit, it would be 3 days for the first round. But I am open to suggestions. We'll have to work out any kinks together. Let's have some fun.
  4. EJ Tournament of Madness 32 contestants! 1 mil entry fee! Winner receives 22 million Ryo from the accumulated pool. Second place receives 10 million Ryo. The bracket will be made through a random bracket generator! Fights are ONE AND DONE (No best of three) Only items that are allowed (soldier pill, horizon pill, greater healing pill, panacea, riceball special, hellfire ball, pepper bomb) Anything else will be grounds for disqualification. May the RNG Gods forever be in your favor! Contestant names will be revealed to the public after the bracket is made! First come first serve! So get your spot asap! Send a message to Elektra first that you wish to enter, and then the entry fee after I respond! Contestants signed up so far: 30 Current Villages Represented Konoki = 9 Samui = 2 Shroud = 6 Shine = 7 Silence = 4 Syndicate = 2 (This Tournament is based off college basketball's March Madness. They have 64 teams that play in a tournament in a one game series. There's bound to be upsets in the tournament because of that, and as a result it's nearly impossible to predict a perfect bracket. Therefore...for those people that cannot participate in the tournament, I think it would be nice that everyone else could fill out prediction brackets with prizes for those who are able to predict it perfectly. In the future...because we'll have to find a way on how to make this possible. Also I know there are some that would like to do a best of 3 series. But that can also be done in the future. Bracket will be made via https://challonge.com/tournaments/bracket_generator I want to try this once and see how it goes. It's never really been done before. Matter fact, no 1vs1 tournament has ever officially been done before. My hopes are that end-gamers can find some fun in the competition, and get some recognition for all the hard work it took to get there. My bigger hope is that the event team may make tournaments like this a continuous thing. Everyone can participate whether it's filling out a prediction bracket or participating in the tournaments themselves. Let's breathe some life into TNR once again!) #MakeTNRFunAgain
  5. KENSHlN

    RPing Events

    I think it's a good idea! Could make the forum busy again and grow the community once more by targeting a different player demographic. I'd also recommend players move to Konoki so they can receive proper RP training courses from the awesome Genin over there. PM Akum in game for further inquires! And one last thing... xDD
  6. KENSHlN

    Trading Rep

    It would benefit users, but it would hurt TNR from a financial standpoint.
  7. No, but Pana told me directly that they'll become winnable through events.
  8. It's not beyond repair. It's just bad conceptual design.
  9. KENSHlN

    Jutsu "classes"

    Making tags customizable could be an interesting strategy change indeed. I've actually thought about that myself before. Unfortunately all this really does is add a bit more flavor to PvP. I might love to see something like this eventually, especially if people dig themselves further into the concept. However, I see pve, clan/Anbu, and war updates the most crucial in stablising the slow death of this game. -edit- I guess I misinterpreted the suggestion. xD
  10. I believe senbons are supposed to kill those AI when you're an AS. You will find senbons in the itemshop under tools. It's either senbons or something else. 🤔
  11. KENSHlN

    ANBU shop

    I believe they are unlocked through the number of kills your Anbu has accumulated.
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