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  1. It was amusing to watch the look in awe about the castle. It was just as if he was back in his student days, he had been the exact same, staring in wonder at the places they visited. Perhaps the Hyoujun temple was still around? That was a question and answer for another day. For now, one of the students had a question, Nao to be precise. It made Kiamaru smile a little when she stumbled between hyougaan and common, particularly when he knew both himself, unknowingly for the young student, he decided to reply in very much the same manner. "Hmm, I guess that should be ok. I'll give you the directions once we're back at camp." It was mostly due to his own curiosity now to see how the young student would react to a Nagarian known Hyougaan, even if still with quite an accent. For now though he had to turn his attention to their teaching, and to the tunnels ahead. He hoped he still remembered which way to go, was a maze down here. "Ok everyone, stay close. There's a number of paths through these tunnels and don't want you going down the wrong one and getting lost." Kiamaru would light his torch and step into the caverns ahead of them. The floor was mostly mud with the occasional firm stone, and ivy was hanging down on the walls from both sides. Quickly they would come to a fork in the path, Kiamaru taking the right. "We're taking the right-hand path, if we follow that for a bit more we should come to our first training area." And so they would, a few more minutes of walking in the darkness and they would come to a slope which would go down to a pit of 6 tall stone poles. The engravings on them were intricate, what looked like rope interweaving itself around each one, all still stone however. Kiamaru would go to stand in the center of the area, a hole in the top of the cave allowing natural light into the area to light up the place. Kiamaru would jab his torch into the ground to stop it from burning out. "Welcome to your first trial. Kinobori 101. If you don't know this we can't continue." Kiamaru would gesture up to a point above the poles which looked like another cave entrance. "So once you're ready, we'll begin your teaching."
  2. Different village, you're still to arrive at the proper one The current village the team is in is a generic village a few miles from Hanoi, the main village, which is ironically probably going to be in a far better state than this generic one. Fear not though, all is not lost for generic village #42. As for your time, that dog is only going to get more annoying. And flea ridden. Everyone loves fleas.
  3. No worries Hotaru, just post whenever you can. I'm putting another 2 days (48 hours from this post) for posts. If a post isn't made by the time that arrives I'm just going to state that your character does the minimal amount to remain with the group and doesn't interact with anyone or anything to any extent. This way if users do return your character is still with the group, but overall your participation isn't necessary for the thread to continue.
  4. The woman and the 2 children would follow Ériu's command albeit hesitantly, there's usually only two ways to get down from a tower and the one they were using right now was looking less and less like the safe one they'd use to get down. They put their faith in the shinobi, the woman shepherding the children up into the tower. Both of the bandits were still groggy as they got to their feet, the first barely standing for more than a moment before a set of feet landed on his chest and launching him off down the corridor. Unfortunately for him it was quite a long one with a window at the end, a window he would be launched through. -Cue Wilhelm Scream- The second also had an unfortunate time, once again getting the wind knocked clean from him thanks to the butt end of a kunai being driven into his stomach, causing him to once more crumble to his knees in the know heated corridor. The heat was something to be wary of now, the downstairs was burning quickly, if Ériu didn't move fast the upper floors would crumble in on top of the the floor below. Rhaego would have to be careful as he went, houses catching fire all over the town. Wisps of flames occasionally leaping from buildings as they burned. As he went the outside of the hall would become clearer, a large number of bandits having gathered. If he looked to the bell tower he would be able to make out a woman and a couple children standing huddled against one of the pillars of the quickly burning hall. Tessa's journey was a rough one, particularly on the back of a carriage which seemed older than time itself, the little yappy runt dog didn't help things. Any time the carriage passed anyone on its travels the dog would yap as if the world was ending. The old man at the front couldn't care less though, he just kept on driving.
  5. Apologies, I was going to post a message about moving this on and then forgot o_o' Considering its been almost a month and Hera is a chuunin anyways. A post will be up within 24 hours
  6. Kiamaru

    Genin RP

    Yeah well I'm going to do something about that to push the thread along. We've waited long enough now, would be great to have the two meet though
  7. Well, looks as if all the students are at least communicating... if not acting a little hostile towards each other. Communication is better than none at all. None of the students seemed to stray from Kiamaru that far, choosing to remain in their sensei's company rather than explore an old and worn ruins. Probably the smart option really, if not the cautious one. Cautious wasn't necessarily a problem, in fact Kiamaru much preferred that to the students running off into the grounds of the ruins. They seem to have a few questions for him, and having gotten back his breath from carrying them all he'd be able to answer them. Tirey had been the first to pipe up, clearly the talkative type. "A paper bomb is unique in the type of paper that it uses. The paper used in it allows for a certain degree of chakra to be stored which is then sealed in by the seal. When a paper bomb goes off this seal releases the chakra all at once causing the explosive effect. I'm sure there's probably a jutsu you can learn that will allow you to do something similar, though thats going to have to wait for now." Kiamaru would turn his attention briefly to Ryu. "And as for you, so long as you get your training done I'll Shunshin you back again. Now lets go get settled and start your training. All of you follow me, I'll show you our camp and then what we're going to do to start with." He would lead the students up the cobbled steps, through the great archway and into the grounds of the old castle. The group would then be lead off to the side following a path around the edge of the grounds. Ahead of them was a little area which had been cleared of overgrowth which had 4 tents and a fire pit in the middle. Kiamaru would carry on into the little area before turning around to the students once more. "Quickly pick a tent and then we'll get started with your first set of training." Once again the teenage sensei would wait for all of his students to be ready before heading off once more, back round to the front of the castle and through the great big wooden doors. It was dark inside, lit faintly by the light coming through the now open doors and the occasional window. The place was a large open space, made mostly of wood which was clearly old, but still sturdy enough. This wasn't the place of interest however. "Keep close everyone, try not to wander off." On the opposite side of the huge hall was another door leading outside once more into a courtyard. It was like a little garden in the center of the castle, however it was clear that it had become overrun by weeds. A large pond was in the middle however a stone slab was sticking out of the ground. There was a set of wooden torches and flints next to it. As they approached it would be clear that there were steps heading down. "We've been tasked with investigating where this leads and whats below. I shall be using this also as an opportunity to train you in your basics for getting to genin. Grab a torch each and a flint. You may very well need them down here." Hopefully none of these students were afraid of the dark or enclosed spaces.
  8. I personally do not like anything that allows simple Kawarimi, particularly if its a weapon such as these which can be thrown behind a person. Allows for mobile teleportation pad in my mind. That being said, so long as you follow the rules of Kawarimi I can't complain too much. The rest seems reasonable for a B rank slot cost. Half Stamp
  9. Rather than completely dismiss them perhaps there's a halfway ground. These items are designed under the previous system and do need to be edited to the new one but until that happens lets not go about taking out parts of people's characters, its not nice when they've spent years on them. As for what to actually do with these items: - I'd say to have a more vague description on the Hyper Pills, simply state the speed and strength is higher than usual, but not as high as someone with a the next 'level' up, so these still do have an effect, but its muted somewhat. -The Pandora's Blessing MKII doesn't need a lot doing to it and is pretty self explainitory under the system, and seeing as one of the two options decreases for longer than the other is higher I'd be inclined to keep that as is, again on the same level as Hyper Pills, its all within the relative level. eg You have Strength as a Weakness and Speed as a Strength, you take a purple to increase speed however that only causes the stat to be 'priority' as a Strength. To the same note Strength would become a lower tier within Weaknesses I see no other problems with the other two items from my point of view. In order to get anything form the 2 above I would say the you'd need to give a slot like Hiro said, but hopefully this way you can still use these items to some extent this way until the forum gets around to sorting out the rest of the stuff
  10. Kiamaru would smile at his new little group of students. This should be a reasonable trip. Nao reminded him of himself, a clan once great now fallen, working to try and restore the name. It was his exact reasoning for becoming a shinobi, it was nostalgic. So much had happened over the last few years, it was odd to believe that he was in this position not all that long ago. Now wasn't the time for reminiscing. "Well its a pleasure to meet you all. Now to answer your question Ryu. We're going to be heading the north border of the university territory to an old ruins. Its going to be a combination of an exploration as well as a training exercise for you all so you can learn your basics." Kiamaru would focus his eyes on the monkey with the student Tirey. He would smirk and then switch to his animal speech. "Oi, Ikkokuichi, you have a friend here." "Really? Define friend." "Come see for yourself." "You know I don't come out of this pocket without reason." "Well you have 3 new students." "Sold." Within a few moments the little chipmunk would run up and onto the shoulder of Kiamaru and glare from one student to another, and then to the monkey. Kiamaru hadn't mentioned the monkey, and part of Ikkokuichi hated him for it, but the other half was curious beyond belief. He had never seen a monkey before, and so he leaped down from Kiamaru's should and over towards Roby. "Well, looks like Ikki has agreed, Roby is more than welcome to join us, just keep your concentration on the training. Now lets get moving, we have a long day ahead of us. Now I need all of you to do as I say to help make this quicker. Nao, I need you to jump on my back, you other two, one on each side, I'll carry you myself. I'm going to Shunshin no jutsu us to the ruins, will be quicker that way." Kiamaru will wait until the 3 students did as asked before using kiri shunshin, the class disappearing in a cloud of mist. They would reappear on some steps just outside a set of badly damaged wooden gates. Inside the wall was a traditional japanese castle, though it had clearly fallen into disrepair and various part were either missing or overrun by nature. Kiamaru would set down the 3 students and stop for a moment to take his breath. "This... is where we are staying... for the next few days. Feel free to have a brief look around though we will be starting shortly so don't go far." Never doing that again...
  11. Don't worry about it ^_^ know it can get hectic with schools and all that, just get a post in when you can
  12. You still don't have an open jutsu slot for your character in this. You can't apply for it until you rank up.
  13. You have 3 problems: - To use Kawarimi you need an item close to your character's weight; a kunai is nowhere near - This gives an effect very close to teleporting; teleporting is banned - You don't have an extra jutsu slot to have this at the moment anyway; you need an open jutsu slot for a weapon with a special ability You can make a weapon without an ability, but if I were you I'd wait until I was a genin. The 75 posts will come a lot quicker than you think once you get posting, just have some patience.
  14. Don't worry about your requirements, I will be trying to cover all of them within this class or as many as I can.
  15. Eh don't see why not. I'll RP Ikki coming out of Kima's pocket in my next post so we can have a monkey vs chipmunk face off
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