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  1. This does seem to be more taijutsu than Ninjutsu, however in order for it to stay a taijutsu, this will need to be aimed at a certain spot, whether that be on the chest, or back, or head, but I don't want this working with say a solid hit to the foot, or the hand.
  2. Simple enough, gives a floating light source, 24/hrs
  3. Only difference here being, is that takes a very specific point of contact, this could work by punching you in the hand, that can only work with a direct strike to the brain stem.
  4. Any user at any time can request to have someone not comment on their apps, all users must abide by these requests.
  5. Chocobocharm just a heads up, while you can certainly place your comments on an item or jutsu or such, they do not hold any weight. The only person a user must listen to or must answer is an RP moderator. Zacs and Ishi are different however as they are also ANBU training mods. Just to clarify that up.
  6. This is much much better, I will wait till Enkou takes a look at it but, from my perspective, this is good to go.
  7. STAMPED. If I see it being used Improperly I shall remove it ~
  8. I don't see a problem with this, it effects a specific type of jutsu in a specific type of enviroment, 24 hrs until I stamp it.
  9. Neither of these comments really needed to be made, mods can see his jutsu and have accepted them as such, just an FYI.
  10. There doesn't need to be an explanation behind simple concepts such as buffing your muscles with chakra, but like I said in your last application, make a note this can't be used with other ones at the same time and were cool.
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