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  1. Suggestion Outline: Add collapsible sub-menus to crafting. What would change: The layout of the crafting profession page. How it would change: Sub-menus would be added to the crafting page, which would contain all crafting recipes that are related to one-another. For example, all of the Grand Leather Armor recipes would be grouped together along with Studded leather straps, Studded leather, Studded Bonded Leather and Studded Repair kit, under the sub-menu "Grand Leather Armor". So when the page is first opened all sub-menus would be collapsed, or there could even be a "lock" feature so you can lock certain sub-menus so they will always be opened when returning to the page. How it benefits us: It would make regular and repetitive crafting more convenient especially for those on mobile. Why it matters:With the current layout, if you wish to craft say a set of EJ Village Armor, you have to scroll down to the bottom of the page to craft materials, many times, and then once all materials are crafted you need to then scroll down to the bottom of the page to craft each individual armor piece. Problems/concerns involved (if applicable): Anything else relevant to your specific suggestion (if applicable): I'm not sure if this would be applicable to the other two crafting professions but I assume they could be grouped in a similar manner.
  2. There's a much simpler solution to this.. Everyone who isn't here, make a post saying that you're not here.
  3. Halcyon


    This would make gaining Medic experience just a bit easier, which from my personal experience is quite difficult now without purposely injuring and healing yourself. If this were implemented then having the default sorting place Hospitalized players at the top would be useful as well.
  4. You should read this post and reoo your post using the guidelines, and be as detailed in your description as possible.
  5. Halcyon

    EM quest

    This is probably not a bug and simply caused by the recent changes to combat. Posting the logs of the battle against the AI could help, and possibly your defences as well.
  6. I assume you were using only your elemental jutsus? Can I ask how close the fight was?
  7. Halcyon

    AS Lvl 8 Logbook

    You should read this post thoroughly and redo your bug report with the correct format and be as detailed as possible.
  8. Halcyon

    The Grail Lords

    I actually had the same problem activating my account, I just emailed Arogandor asking if he could activate my account and it was done by the next day.
  9. Halcyon

    The Grail Lords

    I recently came upon a pretty unique and interesting browser based game called The Grail Lords (TGL). It's similar to TNR in the sense that it takes a long time to reach "end-game", and the progress at the beginning is rather slow, but also very satisfying. TGL has a more medieval setting, and as such you will be learning and using skills such as Blacksmithing and Carpentry, sloughing and sowing your own fields with various crops, and taking care of various farm animals such as Chicken, Cows or Horse. Or you could choose not to do any of that and instead make your money from Hunting, Woodcutting, Mining or any of the many other skills in the game. I could continue to try and explain more, but I feel like I can't quite do the game justice. So instead I'll leave you with some screenshots of the game itself taken from the main page. If you're interested in checking out the game, just click this referral link.
  10. The Medic penalties only deters active Medics, who care about their levels from jumping villages. And I completely disagree about the villages, I greatly enjoy moving to other villages and meeting different people. In fact I think more people should travel to different villages, and experience the game from a slightly different perspective. The way I see it is.. if an Active Medic really enjoys one village, it's unlikely they will sacrifice their levels to move. And one can assume the more active villages, have more medics. So it's unlikely for a medic in a more active village to move to a less active village to help that village out.
  11. I've been wondering this myself for a while. I enjoyed moving to villages with less active healers to help out as well as interact with different people. I have already sacrificed all of my respect bonuses because of it, but I didn't particularly care about that. One of the few things I do still care about is my Medic Levels. And at this point in the game when the player-base has diminished so much, Medic levels can be hard to increase. It can take me around 3-4 weeks to regain the Medics levels lost from moving villages just once, and that's just to break even. I imagine those with even higher Medic levels than I are even more dissuaded to lend their help to the villages more in need.
  12. So would the Uncharted Territory have it's own tile set then?
  13. Offer has expired. Killing Floor is currently free for a limited time on HumbleBundle.com. You just need to have a Humble bundle account and add it to your cart, and then checkout before the offer expires.
  14. I'm not entirely sure how areas and locations work in Uncharted territory, but couldn't you just note down the co-ordinates of the locations you've found for future reference?
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