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  1. Part II. Back in my day, Shine was a deserted desert and where all retiring OP players are going as their retirement home! (can you believe that?! the blaspheme! blaspheme!!!) I forgot to mention "Lucy". In the early days of the Revive Shine Project, she was a one-girl wrecking chu~chu raiding for Shine and snipping with Suigetsu (another missed mention on my part. My bad). She's the main reason why we ended up getting the OP ReploidZero to join Shine, and almost getting Ryuk from Konoki (well, that's another story). I cant really thank her enough. Ah yes... the ever famous Shine WARZ! Whether the early return of the wars (Konoki war, coz why not?), Shroud war (Well, there's Phaze so...), Samui against the World Chain War (Wished I can elaborate by posting skype screenshots of message exchanges, but I would probably not. Out of respect of the Kira and Ishmira), Silence war (which eventually giving us a crap ton broken bones and layers of eyebugs, but it ended up with Nexilus leaving Silence after the war so....) etc., it was awesome! It was pretty much exhilarating! Each and every wars we take have a legend of its own. You can even see the pieces of it from the Shine Sandworm. LOL. Free Promotions. I remember Nellis scolding us not to press the war button every three weeks. He said something like, "LEAVE ME ALONE!" or something. He's such a Tsun~Tsun. But worse of all, Big Poppa Pana keeps on not acknowledging Shine as his favorite village! At least we have ALBA. He's such a Tsun~Tsun. So sad. So sad. Part III will probably less rumbling and more story telling with uncle Raku. <3 <3 <3
  2. I hope this initiative would materialize as soon as possible. I need some guide as bad as the newbz in this game. I dont even know how to move left, right, down and up anymore.
  3. PART I. Back in my day, Shine was a deserted desert and where all retiring OP players are going as their retirement home! (can you believe that?! the blaspheme! blaspheme!!!) I was a Silence native and part of the COMS gang (Arphee, Tristin, LadyofFaith, Sheele, Icefang and our great leader Halcyon. I know I am missing some people, my sincere apologies), but I got tired of Silence's perviness so I went Shine. LOL. Jk. I left because I wanted to be the number one village healer, but I cant compete with Tristin and other Silence healers, so I went to Shine... With a girl. I forgets her name, but she rage quits. Oh well. So I started the "Revive Shine Project". Its simple 4 things: make a new brand for Shine, gather all the Shineys, spark some hope with them, and then go to war. 1.) In making a new brand for Shine, I opted to revive the Shine Sandworm for brain-washing marketing purposes. NeferiousKid stopped posting news for almost a year and I was really nervous asking Alba for the writing rights. She readily agreed, probably thinking, "this one weird guy wanted to write for Shine? Good luck with that!". After acquiring the writing rights, I tried referring Shine ninjas as "Solarians", because a change of name is one of oldest trick in the book to set the pace of change of brand. With a "Solar" in it, infinite energy and activity was associated with it......but it didn't stick. It was ridiculous. That's one of things in life that you got to accept that brilliant ideas might not be right thing for that particular moment. oh well. But I still continued the Shine Sandworm, handing out shoutouts, improving content, setting up a template.... until Teni came, the best Shine Sandworm writer. But that's another story. LOL 2.) In gathering Shineys, we nurture young and highly talented newbies with strong potential (teni, ven, kenshin, xaki, vestige, menace, troyce, epo, and others), improving the few people who did actually stayed (CrimsonNinja, Universe, LonelyShadow, Supercell and KuyaScorp), pooching some people here and there (Ishmira, Slayerv121, Silvess, Icefang, ReploidZero etc), and targeted old OP retired guys (Hyuu, Nellis, Koro, Zelso, Baam, Jojo, Chrom, Omura, etc...The core we have had the potential powerhouse that can contend with other villages, well except Samui. They are too OP back then). GOD! It was really hard, especially convincing the old guys to return. It was like courting a girl to become your girlfriend. It was never easy. Especially Nellis. He rarely talks. I mean I know he reads, but he's like a moody cat. He's one interesting guy, though. Fun fact, Pana is also a Shiney. There was this legend that all Shineys are Pana's kids. Yep, Big Poppa Pana with his big motor bike and dragon tattoos is the father of Shine. He denies this, though. We gotta talk to Keyla for this. Kek. Whiskers is our cat. Konoki may have a crap ton of RPing cats, but Shine only have one cat.... 3.) Hope. Yep, selling hope is both the easiest and the most cumbersome. Its easy because you're selling something intangible, but sounds important. Most cumbersome because everyday you got to have fresh ideas, get yourself motivated and believe the hope itself... 4.) and.... WARZ!!! damn! It was hot! I remember our winning rate is as horrible as the Starwars Solo movie (oh don't you dare start with me), but hey, everything can be answered by warring. GF broke up with you? go to war! Nellis returned to Shine? go to war! Universe got bored with some Spanish drama series? go to war! WAR! WAR! WAR! All of these aligns greatly to my plan of world domination the Revive Shine Project. Anyway, I will try to continue and elaborate things on my Part II. I'd probably make 69 parts of these, so...
  4. Rakusai

    The Shine Sandworm

    Shine Sandworm Editor-in-Chief: Teni Writer: Rakusai Rakusai's Corner Sound check! Sound check! mic check! mic check! I'd probably write a rap song or a diss track, but I dont think my older would oblige. LOL So how are you guys? Its been awhile since we got into the forums (wow! it works! its aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalive!!!). Its my first time in many months (or was it years?) since I logged in the game. The notification for the C3 Anniversary Event seems has gone ballistic, but it still something. Hey! Who's still in here on August 2019? DAILY REPORT (see attached. image) That's all folks! Till next time! shortest news ever. ¤ Shine's resolve is absolute ¤ Rise up, Praise the Sun!
  5. In the loneliness of the endless desert, while most of us are silent... we are here. we are here.
  6. They pay my salary, so they got me good... LOL! JOKE! Those IT people are hot chicks! I dont have the heart. hahahahahahaha.... huhuhu... So when's the event start?
  7. To be honest, I have no idea what's with the game and user base landscape nowadays... but yea. this is just me throwing some ideas just to keep things running. WARZ!!!! Joke. Christmas should be a season of giving.... so we give em WARZ!!!! Since my workplace decided to block TNR, I have given up logging in the game on a consistent basis (hence, the twice a month login. huhuhu). Basically, I'm now a forums lurker. I check the forums everyday. Like every day. Unless they send me to some island without internet, I go here in a daily basis. God, I miss you guys. HELP!
  8. I'd prefer we recycle some the old stuff we'd been getting since the last few years or so. Even Pana's hammer would be good too if it'll see the light of the day... But for the events? Just the usual would be nice. -Evil Santa's ninja elves tries to sabotage Christmas; -All village ninjas must keep the ninja elves at bay by attacking them in random directions; -1 ninja elf killed = 1 Santa bag -if the village a killed a certain number of ninja elves, the villagers will get village goodies (which is independent on the individual goodies) -There should be a quota per day, otherwise the village will penalized (say, damage to village walls, structures etc.) -Outlaws, because of their evil leanings, have a role to sabotage, so they got immunity from the ninja elves horde. -If outlaws killed a villager, it'll be a minus to the kill points that the village needs to reach -if the outlaw got killed by a villager, that's +5 kill points
  9. Any Christmas event? Any ideas for Christmas event?
  10. Believe it or not, Tax Law is not my strongest practice... hahahaha... huhuhuhuhu.... I sincerely think that's an interesting point. For Genin alt: We should allow this. Situation: While your genin alt would pile up cash (in a form of tax avoidance, but definitely not Al Capone's Money Laundering), your main chuunin/jounin/EJ will eventually need that ryo... and when it does, you'll get hit by the tax set by the village kage. There's no escaping tax.... hue hue hue hue... For outlaw alt: We should also allow this. Situation: Get your main outside the village while carrying bunch of loads of ryo and then your outlaw alt robs you... you wont get taxed but what will happen to your village ninja main's development? Usually, we get an outlaw alt to sustain the main's needs but not the other way around. If its on reverse, it just means that your outlaw account is your main and we shouldn't tax the player playing the outlaw game. I was actually thinking if the same tax feature should be extended to the outlaws, but I think it'll ruin the outlaw's game play of being individualistic and no-strings-attached path of pillage, plunder and rap (yes, rap. Like Eminem). We should keep the "high risk-high return" concept to them. But what if the tax feature did extend to outlaws? Does this mean the outlaw boss becomes a mob boss of sorts? Would he/she the unifying force of pillage, plunder and rap? I have no idea. I hope somebody will give a good take on this. Thanks to Sayszar for the effort of opening this tread.
  11. 1. What if Villagers don't want to pay? The villagers shall be taxed mandatory basis because.. well... its tax. It should be made automatic in this game as per the village Kage's wishes (Kage's should be given higher options in this game. I really want to discuss this in a more thorough manner, but that's for another tread). Tax is the lifeblood of the village(nation). If its not mandatory, that'll be mere contributions. There are already features in this game that the players may use if they don't want to pay the tax percentage set by the kage: 1. Kick their kage out of office; 2. Change new village; 3. Stay Outlaw; 4. Use socializing skills; and 5. Etc. Also, we can introduce new features such as: - Players may not be taxed if their account is already 7 days inactive (Villager can use this as a sign of protest) - Genins and Academy Students are tax exempted. - Villagers will be taxed every 24hrs with cash in hand plus cash in bank regardless of the transaction within the day. - The villager may reach a negative ryo state on the 1st day, and the subsequent days just 1ryo. (I have to explain this more, but...) 2. What if some don't go around making munniz? - if you got zero ryo within 24hrs, you won't get taxed. Hopefully, this will make the Ryo currency relevant somewhat. Thank you for your time reading.
  12. As I was thinking how to make the ryo currency into a relevant ninja world currency, we can: 1. Have monthly taxes. We gain ryo by errands or stealing and then we lose them by buying whatever's on the store. Too simplistic. The village kage may tax its citizens like Sim City style (adjusting taxes from 1%-20%) so the kage can use it to buy buff or structures for the village. We do have a present feature for that, but we can make a category (raiding points for offensive stats, ryo taxes for support stats). 2. Bring down the prices of products such as houses into something affordable. Yes, houses in real life is expensive, especially if you're trying to build a freaking mansion in the middle of New York, but we can always introduce a flexible payment of installments: If you can't pay the weekly rent, you'll lose it. It could be a rent-to-own or a permanent lease, its up to the game coders or admins or whoever is/are in-charge (Has Terr returned?). In summary, this is a ninja stat old school RPG and economics should be in the minimum... but since this game has long become a community, it doesn't hurt to make the game play a bit complex - at least in terms of economics. I should have elaborated some of the points here, but it'll be too long and I'm afraid nobody will read it.
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