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  1. This can be moved to WIP. Lost the muse. Sorry about that.
  2. I will now slowly get back to RPing. So, bump!
  3. Nope. I'm not in favor of this. There'll be no end to these kind of applications. By stacking one such thing over another and another, this will probably lead to ridiculous word counts. Word reduction is a trait of the Intelligence stat. Bonus reduction for having training partners/sensei was meant to promote collaborative trainings. And I think the current cap at 50â„… is plenty already.
  4. Good to go for the clan.
  5. Poisons have an activation period. So, not instant. Offensive seals aren't for an entire thread. So, not indefinite. And I'm not sure where you are getting the less chakra part from. All jutsu cost the same amount of chakra. Comparing a combination of two or more things to a single jutsu isn't really fair.
  6. Forgive me if I'm missing something. Am I reading this right? Two cues for no cost except for a jutsu slot? I'd be okay with this if you numbered the cues in order and paid for every failed cue with at least partial chakra. Say you make two cues, you make one the first and another the second. If your first cue failed, you lose some chakra and your second cue can be in place.
  7. This basically splits the speed stat into two. Next thing we know, someone will be trying to split the endurance stat into two saying they get a higher endurance against blunt attacks while lowering their endurance against attacks that cut; and it won't stop there. Balancing it all could be a hassle. But if we can manage that, I don't see a problem with it as long as the jutsu doesn't buff the stat beyond its own rank. I'm not a fan of techniques that bypass rules simply by adding some disadvantages. It could get out of hand real quick.
  8. A simple punch is a taijutsu. You are injecting chakra into someone. This is more than a simple taijutsu. A Ninjutsu/Genjutsu equivalent of this will require performing handseals or charge up, which will take time. If there are instant taijutsus with chakra abilities, then I'm gonna find those and discuss them with the staff. But of course, before that, let's see how the other mods feel about this. Edit: The idea is to balance everything. Not giving charge-up times and giving a long duration will make Ninjutsu/Genjutsu versions of this to be extremely weak. I'll bring this to the notice of the other RP mods.
  9. This and one other jutsu made me think about the duration types we have. I'm gonna have a discussion with the RP staff. Will get back to you once we have a consensus. As for the blocking... Yes, I think it will work. As long as you make solid contact. Also, as I edited into my previous post, this will require the usual charge-up time. No insta-stealth-debuff.
  10. Four-post duration seems too long imo; it defeats the purpose of having upkeep. You'll seldom require a debuff to last longer than 4 posts. And even then, you can simply perform the jutsu again. For Genjutsu and Ninjutsu, there is the time required to perform handseals/charge up chakra. A quick punch or jab doesn't have that. So, I'd say this already has an advantage over them. I'll be okay with this if you mention you must charge up an A-ranked worth of chakra before punching or jabbing your opponent. And please mention that your attack needs to land. The contact you make when someone blocking or swatting away your punch shouldn't count towards this; I'm guessing that's what you mean by a "solid hit".
  11. The debuff can't be applied indefinitely until it is healed. This will require a set post duration. I'd say two posts seems reasonable. Also, I'm not okay with this being applied with only a quick jab or punch. It takes time to inject chakra into a person. So, at least one good second of contact should be required for this to work. Does this work with an attack at any point in the body?
  12. I'm guessing these buff the Endurance stat to the rank of the jutsu? If so, please mention that explicitly in the description. And with the current rules for buffs, the requirements and limitations you have given to the jutsus aren't really required. So, even someone with C-rank Endurance could use Turtle Mode Alpha; only they'll be paying double the chakra cost. Does "this cannot be used with other similar buffs at the same time" apply to jutsus from the same mode too or only those from other modes? One can first use Beta, followed by Alpha, which will reduce the cost and upkeep.
  13. Bump? Also, I'm working on removing the "need permission" requirement for the clan. In addition, the clan won't be limited only to Yugegakure. Given good reasoning, even Bandless can be part of the clan.
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