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  1. To which they can refer to the thread for ideas should they need to, Cedzen.
  2. Bans don't do anything, my suggestions covers exactly what you're talking about, so does Darkens. Cutting their current regen is good enough, either rolling back accounts or cutting their regen is sufficient for those people that used those points. You have to remember unless you have de facto proof that these users performed the exploit, they're nothing more than bad people.
  3. It's been an extremely long time since I've used this account here, did you miss me?
  4. First party offenders : The exploiters: I'd recommend the following; 1. Regen being cut as per Darkens suggestion, Items removed if able along with any remaining points. 1A) If the accounts in question can be rolled back to an earlier date this would be a better solution. 2. Take away any future use of their Nindo, replace a significant area such as (Rank, Name, Bloodline, etc) with the title "Cheater". This provides the social stigma to deter occurrences from this user and any other user who wish to further exploit the game. Second party offenders : The people given points out of nowhere: I'd recommend everything the first party offenders would get hit with except the second part as they did not commit the exploit themselves and as far as anyone knows they just received them. Unless anyone can prove further on a case by case basis that a second party offender is not actually a first party offender by way of admission of guilt then you can't really prove much. Punish the people you can punish is about the best way to sum this up.
  5. PHOTOSHOP CS4 EXTENDED IS AMAZING Very very very easy 3D capabilities, A must have, the above is my very first graphic in CS4 extended haha!
  6. Just updating I did a few banners for a friend, I hate the font he wanted me to use. However, I did enjoy attempting the text on this banner. I think I could have made the text border a little darker to blend in more, but he never used it so bleh.
  7. Are you using gimp by any chance? if you're using Photoshop you can look up some easy border guides on youtube, probably even Gimp, cause really the borders are just killing it for me, the newest three sigs you made, the third one is awesome, I'll give you that the sigs are pretty cool, it's just the border. Either way, work on your borders, and the text always check dafont.com they have pretty cool free fonts there.
  8. Nice outcome, I don't really know how much it looks like water lol but I like it. Though I decided to take it a step further. I decided to create another layer and did Filter > Render > Clouds on that layer. Then the Filter > Blur > Radial Blur with the same numbers as in your tutorial. Then Filter > Sketch > Bas Relief using the same numbers as in your tutorial. Then set the blending mode to linear light and created a new layer used Image > Apply Image. Then added the color using the same method as above.
  9. 7.5/10 I actually like the way you designed it, could have used a little bit more work, not bad, but not great in the middle really. Good job though.
  10. I actually like your sig, cute girl, nice word placings, good "girlish" background, I like it, could use a lil border but doesn't need it. 9/10 (cause nothings ever perfect )
  11. Tatsuya patted Miharu's head gently with a smile happy that she enjoyed the treat his mother made. The children of Sato, at least the one that lived around him, all enjoyed what his mother made. Especially an old friends sister similar to Miharu. "Hm? Oh, haha, it's nothing, my friends sister, back in Sato is just like her, I'm used to it." Tatsuya spoke as he began to tie the long staff to his back as he looked around. Then he heard Chiaki mention her siblings, and instantly became amazed. "Jounin? Really? Wow, you must be proud of them. I have no siblings haha, it's just me, my dad, and my mom, then the rest of the family. But they're helping out here? I still wouldn't mind meeting them later on." Tatsuya replied with an enthusiastic tone, taking a pause to slightly catch his breath. "So, did you just get here to? Like me?" Tatsuya asked curiously to Chiaki leaning against the wall slightly interested in her response, deciding to make small talk if no one needed them at the moment.
  12. (OOC: So sorry I've been busy coding a theme for a friends forum) Tatsuya nodded to the words of the girl who appropriately was now named Chiaki, he was overjoyed by the politeness in the young girl. It was more than he got from even the adults. He assumed it was due to his tattoo, but their stares he did not pay attention to. "Oh this little girl is your sister? What a cutey, I'm sure if I had a sister she would be as cute as her." Tatsuya replied in a polite manner not trying to sound creepy, he had never had a sister so never knew what it was like to have one. He chuckled slightly reaching into his back pocket to pull out a brightly colored wrapper of what looked like a hard candy. With a big smile Tatsuya kneeled on one knee with an open hand offering the dessert to the young girl. "My mom likes making little things she finds out from friends for me when I want a little sweet. Or for my dad when he's away from the village, maybe you'd become a fan of her desserts to." Tatsuya spoke of his mother reminding him how far away from home he was, now really feeling how his dad felt. But in his quest for power, this academy was a necessity, so here he was. Though it was quite odd seeing himself offering candy to a child. Especially with the first impressions most people get due to his clothing and tattoo. "Chiaki-Chan and Miharu-Chan was it?" Tatsuya asked with a bright smile on his face now looking up at Chiaki. "I would love to meet your siblings if any of them go here. Or, if you're new here to, we could make friends together?" He wondered if he worded that right, but still waited for a response from Chiaki.
  13. A chuckle escaped Tatsuya's lips as the girl looked and observed him, accompanied by her bow was a polite bow, where he had only gotten rudeness and stares. Although her eyes were on his tattoo it was much more than he had gotten from anyone as of late. He answered her bow with a respectful half bow. With that he made sure the staff in his right hand was stable and firm in the ground before leaning slightly on it. "Aha, I don't need much, just a few friends. I saw you in the courtyard earlier, are you looking for something?" He asked in his slight Sati accent. He looked around nearly forgetting his manners he immediately turned his attention back on the two small girls and half bowed again. "Sorry sorry, I'm new here, um. My name is Itou Tatsuya, of Satogakure." Tatsuya scratched his head lightly with a foolish smile feeling slightly stupid for forgetting his manners like that. Perhaps it was the new settings he was in, but no matter, his attention was now back onto the girl hoping to make a friend. Though she was younger than him, friends in a new place, even a school, was needed. He hoped it wasn't to odd, as most of the students at the academy were much younger than him. "Oh, I hadn't noticed you there." His attention had been on the girl who spoke so much so that he almost didn't notice the other smaller and what looked like, a younger girl, than the one that he had spoken to. "Aren't you a cute one, is this your sister? Or is it your first day?" Tatsuya asked, trying to be as polite and friendly as possible, the two girls looked alike, hopefully he hadn't offended the second one. Maybe they were the same age, and one was just shorter than the other. Either way his foolish smile extended slightly, showing the embarrassed expression on his face, just hoping the awkward silence would go away quicker than it came.
  14. OOC: Here is muh character. My very first role play post for three years! Hurrah!~ (Ps: :3 hope ya dun mind me joinin) ~Enter~ It had been years since Tatsuya set foot into a training academy, much less, one so advanced such as this. He had been here only once before, only in the lobby area, with his father. A small smile crept upon his tattooed face, as he approached the facility stopping to look up and around taking in the grandeur of the estate. It wasn't much of a hot day, though, with long sleeved black shaolin shirts and pants, well, that's a different story. Looking around in the courtyard he could smell the smell of a thousand flowers, experience the sounds of feet moving to a specific rhythm, of wood hitting wood with the intent on hurting the other carrying the weapon. The small grunts of irritated children trying to get past the defense of their opponent. The noise was all to familiar to him, in a way, it satisfied his urge for battle, the Sato were proud warriors who's use of deception was widely regarded in a very high light. Tatsuya slowly untied his five foot staff twirling it a few times before slamming one end into the pavement making a loud echoing sound that turned quite a few heads. His presence would be known, and now it was. He looked around only to see a small girl much smaller than himself race off towards something. Seeing it odd he took off after her, though in a brisk walk rather than a full out sprint, using his Bo Staff as his walking stick. He only went half way when the girl disappeared, shaking his head and shrugging it off he pushed his way into the lobby area of the facility, bowing giving respect to the man behind the desk. Tatsuya looked both left and right determining where the hallway for the classrooms were located abruptly walking towards and through them once he found them. It was quite nice inside the academy, who knew they had air conditioning. Tatsuya took a deep breath walking around the halls forgetting about the girl he had seen disappear who knows where. He strolled down the hallways without a care into his mind. Well, that is until he had heard two girls voices somewhat near, to his understanding the classes weren't starting yet and there really wasn't anyone in the halls, so again, he decided to investigate. Upon turning the corner he saw the same girl from earlier, accompanied by another girl, this was odd, at least to Tatsuya, what were the chances of that happening anyways? He peered down at what looked like the older of the two. "Hello." Tatsuya started off with not hoping to startle the girl knowing full well she wasn't paying attention to where she was walking.
  15. I added three mental weaknesses upped the two mental strengths one level to make them legal. Above memory and Intelligence Below average Knowledge and IQ to balance them Took strength down to good Took speed to below average to balance or should I take it down one more? Took out Weak sense of smell, no real need for it. Put endurance as above average, because it doesn't make sense to have the mental strength and not the physical, I put the mental reaction as below average so it can balance both.
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