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  1. I have really loved TNF and the people I've met on tnf. When ti first died down a new site crated by Enkou called Jinsei arose but eventually over time it died down as well. Several older members of this site have joined this new site if you wish to give it a look over. Your new home | Rules Index | Ad Section (Link Back) Join our story The World of Ninja is set on a continent far from the events of the Naruto manga and anime, forty years after the events of the Shinobi World War. Our setting is still feeling the effects of that war, even so long after, for a Rogue Ninja whose name has been erased from history sought out to create his own Tailed Beasts, using the residual chakra found within the Juubi's branches found in our continent. His failure to control the beasts, however, caused his death, and unleashed the new Bijuu upon the land, preventing the nations present from advancing alongside the others of the world, for Naruto's Peace never reached their shores. Make your own mark in our evolving storyline, build your own story-be a ninja! Develop your character the way you want to We have a very diverse set of potential jutsu and character traits to choose from; our attribute system allows you to focus anywhere you want; it's possible to possess almost all of the fantastic abilities from the manga, such as Sharingan, the Eight Gates, and with a bit of luck and planning, even one of our site's custom Bijuu! What's more, by posting, completing missions, or as rewards for events or promotions, it is possible to obtain a currency called Ryu, which can be used to purchase additional attribute points, more jutsu, or even more "Advanced Abilities", such as the Eight Gates, for example. Traits Traits are skills a ninja possesses that enhances their abilities in some regard, usually as a result of performing a particular action, though some traits can also be passive. Every character gets a base number of trait points to spend on any trait they find in the Trait Section, and can purchase additional traits with Ryu accumulated from missions or posting, allowing an even further level of customization to your RPC. Economy and Military Our site features a dynamic Economy and Military system, allowing you to complete missions designed to improve your own economy or degrade that of an enemy-having a poor economy or a poor military leads to adverse side effects, such as losing villagers and land to neighboring countries or not having as great a force to defend your village from Bijuu or Rogue Ninja. Ultimately, this means that any ninja can potentially have a devastating effect on the lands in the forum. Advanced Abilities We've all seen the fantastic abilities some ninja possess-bloodlines like the Byakugan or Sharingan, the power of a Jinchuuriki fully in sync with his Bijuu, the terrible strength of the Eight Gates; while ninja are incredible in their own right, it is often these abilities that let one stand out. Well, it's possible to possess one or more of these by spending Advanced Ability Points-though buying the first stage of one by no means locks you in to only that one, allowing you to mix and match Advanced Abilities to create your own unique character, such as a wielder of the Byakugan and the Eight Gates, or a Jinchuuriki who can use a Cursed Seal. To date, our forum allows you to possess as Advanced Abilities: Medical Ninjutsu Chakra Sensing Chakra Absorption Unique Weapons Advanced Elements Sage Mode Cursed Seal Jinchuuriki Bloodlines (In this instance, we have four from the manga, and you may also make your own) Eight Gates Ongoing Promotions Within the forum, there are a number of promotions you may participate in. Joining the forum nets you a New User's Pack, which contains an additional Jutsu Slot, 5 Additional Trait Points, and 20 Additional Attribute Points. On top of that, you may participate in our Advertisement Promotion, in which you can earn 500 Ryu for every RP forum in which you post an ad of ours (and a bonus of 1000 for every tenth forum). There is no limit for that last promotion-that's right, no limit at all. ~~~ Come join the World of Ninja today!
  2. Jutsu Scroll RPC Name: [shinobi] Kisho, Tenken [Genin Medical Intern] Level Up RPC Name: [shinobi] Dao, Luv Li [Chuunin] New Level and Experience: 19 [125/200exp] Old Stats: Ninjutsu D - C - B Genjutsu D Taijutsu D - C - B - A Seals D - C Strength D - C - B Speed D - C - B - A - S Intelligence D - C Endurance D - C - B - A Stamina D - C - B New Stats: Ninjutsu D - C - B Genjutsu D Taijutsu D - C - B - A Seals D - C Strength D - C - B Speed D - C - B - A - S Intelligence D - C Endurance D - C - B - A - S Stamina D - C - B Done
  3. Luv liked how Akagi would get unease around her with the smallest of pushes on her end. Finding it cute she'd blush herself at his fumbling around. Walking and talking on the move to go meet the infamous trader she'd go into more of a conversation with him going over various things like what she had been up too since they last met and ask what he had been up to as well, after answering his question about Khellendros. "I've always had him. He just wasn't with me at the festival. This here is Khellendros. He's my trusted companion and fighting buddy. He maybe small but don't let his small stature fool you, he has the heart and power of a dragon!" Hearing the compliment Khellendros would roar a very tiny and insignificant roar, the best a tiny lizard of his size could muster that gave the opposite effect of the power of a dragon. Still satisfied he'd sit up proud after a quick shake before laying back down on Luv's shoulder as he watched her blind spots for her with peerless tenacity. Coming up to a large trading company building with the phrase Kyoto's Supplies, Luv would end her conversation with Akagi and open the door. Several people would be hustling around moving boxes and yelling at each other about trading nuances. Off in the corner in what seemed to be a bar like section for drinking in eating would be a middle aged man, a little thick with a full beard but otherwise well dressed and polite enough looking. Positioned to either side would be two tough looking men watching guard and a young but beautiful woman sitting beside him laughing and drinking. It'd be impossible for even those with advanced hearing wouldn't be able to make out what they were saying with all the sounds of the building and people yelling, plus something was making what she could hear slightly echo in her ears, as if disrupting her senses a little. It would be obvious to the pair that this was the many they were looking for, this was Kyoto. Fitting the description perfectly he'd stand up before the two could approach further or say anything to wave them closer to sit at the table he was at. "So you two must be the shinboi that were sent to get information from me? So tell me more about the situation, tell me why I should give you the location of the Middlemist Red? For being just a merchant Kyoto was proving to be quite scrupulous and informed knowing who the two were and getting straight to the point he left went straight to the business side of things. A good thing Luv would think given their time crunch but while Luv listened she'd let Akagi do the debating with the man, she had a feeling he'd be better at it anyways having lived the clan life. While Akagi answered, if he choose to, Luv would scan the room using her advanced senses to see if she could pick up anything of note. Odd fuinjutsu symbols could be seen drawn into wood and brick in various places but what caught her attention is that her ability to hear into other rooms, smell well and other the like were muted and reduced greatly. Clearly this was a place to have conversations without anyone being able to listen or even smell in as the entire placed smelled heavily of cheery wood with no other smells. Upon futher inspection of the two guards next to Kyoto would also prove to show they had weapons on them and were quite alert noticing that Luv was having a look around where as the drunk woman next to Kyoto continued to drink and sit there eyeing Akagi with a sinful look.
  4. Nodding back to Akagi she'd remember all her experiences with him as of late, first meeting at a festival they sparred where she proved to have greater taijutsu skill in a interesting game while he showed to have some unique jutsu. "It's funny. I've paired up with other shinobi from other villages than from my own as of late. Still I can't help but feel it's for the better. Tensions are on high right now and if us younger generation is on better terms than maybe....just maybe the future holds a bright light to it." Feeling him out she'd watch as he moved. For him to be on such a mission meant he had increased his skills quite a lot like her and they felt the two of them could handle such a mission. Not surprising since Luv was on par with some of the newer less known Elite Jounin, even though she was still but a Chunnin. Moving up the ranks in the new village proved to be a slower process after the Upheaval anyways. Having her attention broken from thought, the older man sitting down going over medical texts would lay down his clipboard and clear his throat. Standing up he'd move over a white board that could swivel and spin to allow people to see what's been written or drawn on either side. Spinning it so the back became the front a well drawn and colored image of a flower display would be depicted. "As you both are well aware a large amount of students have fallen ill and sick from a poison attack. I want to applaud you both for getting here so quickly in such a short amount of time. I'll cut to the chase The poison that is killing them is slow acting and the final stages are very painful, so much so you'll wish you were dead well before you actually die. The downside to this powerful poison is that medical jutsu can't seem to remove it from the body. There is a cure for it and that's why you two are here. The cure for the particular nasty poison requires the rarest flower known throughout Seichi. Within the oils of the flower lies the cure and two are to retrieve it. Let me be clear. You're both here as representatives of your villages and both expected to put aside your differences and work as a well tuned team. We know that is a tall order but if we are to save these kids lives, the lives of your brethren then it needs to be done." Pausing for a moment the older man would remove his glasses and pinch the bridge of his noise as if fighting off some headache. Rubbing his eyes he'd replace the classes before sitting down and continuing. "There is a inscrutable man by the name of Kyoto. This man is a wealthy merchant that has set up base here in earth country and he is known to have the the contacts or knowledge to obtain the elusive Middlemist Red flower. Sadly he has quite a bit of pull in countries with various political figures so we can't simply just squeeze the information out of him. He'd rather die than give up a chance to use the information to his betterment. Your mission is to persuade Kyoto to provide that information and get the flower. We only need one bloom of it but if you can get several that would be best." After giving the pair a run down of the mission he'd usher the two out of the room after providing the two with Kyoto's location over in his personal office building about 30 mins away on foot. Walking out Luv and Khellendros would wait outside for Akagi to catch back up as Khellendros sat alert on her shoulder. Waving to him she'd give a large smile and move up to give the lad a hug. She already knew he didn't like the teasing from their last encounter but it was cute and he wasn't that bad looking either anyways. "It's great to see you again! Looks like we'll be working together on something pretty important this time. I must say you've grown a lot to be selected for an A-rank mission. Pretty soon I'll be unable to resist you myself. Come on let's head to Kyoto's. Sadly we can't dilly-dally around with time being important for the kids. Let's talk on the move."
  5. http://www.theninja-forum.com/index.php?/topic/48114-mission-middlemist-red/ Mission up
  6. Sitting at the heart of the continent, this rocky country houses the Shinobi Academy and serves as a bustling route between the east and west. Sharing borders with five other countries, the nation represents a rich mixed culture and experiences the most dynamic climatic conditions. Apart from the fierce winds that polish the grey stones to a shine, the country is also subjected to the cold and snow imposed by the Frost and Snow countries, the hot winds from the Sun country, and relatively colder winds from the Wind country. Today on this cold chilly day, a large amount of Academy Students from TSU have fallen ill and sick from a poison attack from missing- nin the night before. While ANBU track and hunt the culprits an equally important mission has been commissioned out. The students aren’t getting better and the poison can’t seem to be removed; even with medical jutsu. A cure for the particular nasty poison is possible but it requires the rarest flower known throughout Seichi. Within the oils of the flower lies the cure for children from each of the villages and only Kyoto, a wealthy merchant, has the contacts or knowledge to obtain the elusive MIddlemist Red flower (as it is hidden or remotely located beyond the reach of the PCs). Your mission is to persuade Kyoto to provide that information. At the Shinobi Academy Hospital in a conference room paced Luv as Khellendros lay comfortably on a large burned treated oak conference table, the cool polished finish working to sooth his hide. Being particularly invested in this mission due to some of her clan being effected by the assult she clinched her fist until a tiny bit of blood formed around her nails until a single drop fell hitting the ground like a symbolic tear. "Where is this other person? Are they even competent?" The question would be directed towards a older man sitting at the end of the table calmly resting his arms on the table as he read from a clip board. Luv with her advanced eyes able to make out formulas and theory seeing the word Middlemist Red mentioned several times, but otherwise the gist of it was lost to her neither being particularly super smart, just above average, and she had no training in medical practices, other than where vital spots where and general first aid. Looking up the man would simply smile and reply "The other person is skilled enough. You're both jounin level ability according to your villages. That could mean anything really but it sets a base. Once he gets here we'll start and I'll go into more details of the mission and where you two will start. You were early after all so be patient." Satisfied the doctor would go back to his studies while the pair waited.
  7. Tech it could fit in a lot of the divisions since so many of them are similar. I was trying to place it in one that didn't have anything yet and as leaders it's good to be able to tell if your subordinates are lying lol. I'd have to see what the changes will be but for now Dragon would be good I think, if that works? It can always get changed later.
  8. I see the similarities and your concerns but I took that jutsu into consideration when making this A rank. Cell regeneration is a instant effect and can heal against any attack the moment it happens. Mine can't heal above a moderate wound and takes a full post to heal. There are big differences in power. healing hands can heal big wounds but it takes awhile. This is basically just a contingency healing hands that's weaker in what it can heal but quicker in what it can heal if that makes more sense.
  9. This was an ability from the anime so that's where I got the concept from. Yes people will always try to build counters to anything and everything, not just lie detecting. If that's what they want to spend their slots on then what's the harm in that? Some people want social jutsu, not just combat jutsu. Justu like this also avoid godmodding. People can simply rp "I'm a perfect liar and your enhanced senses can't detect that", Beyond that ANBU is the one place you can get mind reading jutsu. This isn't mind reading but it's parallel so wouldn't they be the one people that could do something like this? If for some reason this is a banned concept, even to ANBU who say they can mind read, then please add it to the banned concept list and move this to WIP.
  10. Natural Flight Rank: B (Tai) Requirements: Physical Wings, B rank Strength Description: [Passive] With this Taijutsu Based Special Ability an rpc is provided with a method of flight, using an actual physical construct on the body that allows for flight; such as wings. Flight requires realistic wingspans and strength. An rpc is capable of flying at the speed of their speed stat. An rpc of lesser or greater size requires less/more strength to correctly use their wings.
  11. By speaking to them with the animal speech jutsu, or in this case bug speech. Another option would be through a jutsu that allows you to communicate with them. As for the living in body thing I plan on making a global SA for that given my kikai clan specifies many have bugs living in them and it's not an original idea being it came from the anime.
  12. I disagree that bugs should be based off ninjutsu. They should work like puppets instead in regards to their slot. If you have bugs that have a ability that is primarily ninjutsu in nature then they take up a ninjutsu slot. IF their ability is taijutsu in nature then taijutsu, etc. I also don't think they need to have a chakra cost to controlling them. If you want to yell out commands that's fine. If you want to use mental commands then give them a hive mind ability linked to you and have them take up a genjutsu slot. I also think we should come up with a way to make pets fit into more builds.An option is to have them work like puppets or how I suggested bugs. Instead of getting jutsu they just have one special ability and that ability will decide what slot they take.
  13. What happens to the chakra after the clone is destroyed or released? I can understand if it's destroyed it's lost but what about released on your own accord, can you just absorb it back or would that require some upgrade? What's the maintenance cost given how much chakra is spent on making these? Wouldn't they just be self sustaining at that point? Do you spend a C rank per post or does the clone? Do they have all your gear as well? I.E S-rank slotted armor? Not just shadow clones but this goes for elemental clones as well. That said I feel there needs to be more of a gap between the two jutsu. Here's why. Shadow clones can travel longer distance and you get their memories on death but other than that they aren't that much stronger in exchange for the large chakra sink, if you think about it. Elemental Clone - Costs Less to form and you can pick how much you give it so more versatile and safe in the chakra department. Elemental Clone - One less stat in each department. At lower levels that's an issue but at higher ranks it's still one very powerful clone as they can still use all jutsu regardless of the reduction of stats. Elemental Clone - Can use the element it's made of and all genjutsu/taijutsu. That's still a massive amount of ones jutsu, possibly their entire list if they only were to take Katon and non-elemental jutsu for example.
  14. That wasn't really clear it would have that effect. You gave no descriptor like blinding distortion.
  15. Ah, the standing still part wasn't there when I first commented I don't' think. Though it reads you can still use in combat and moving, just the image is distorted. My option when compared to Chakra Sense I is that this is still the stronger jutsu. Maybe raise it to B rank or wait for a mods opinion on the matter. Either way I like the jutsu concept. Nice job.
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