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  1. Link

    Raiding tips?

    I used to raid without a ragebar for a little. What you have to do is bookmark all of the important links in your bookmark bar like all four directions, combat, scout, camp, wake, sleep, wake, and anything else you end up adding. Using the light layout will make your loads a little faster but you miss out on the quick travel arrows. If you scout area and then travel using the quick travel arrows your scout page is refreshed every square you travel, don't know if many people know about this or use it. Try not to stay awake on any of the main map locations for too long or Samui will scout you. Don't wait for pages to load just keep sending queries.
  2. Alright, maybe they can keep their summons but add "reduced jutsu training cost" to daily events ;D
  3. absolutely right, and reduce anyone who has the summons level to 1 when it's released to the public. This should be tested in the development environment, not the live server.
  4. Link

    Remove sleep

    The way I'm imagining this is an "Active Regen" and an "Inactive Regen" When you're asleep, afk or in the hospital you have "Inactive Regen" which is dependent on your "Active Regen" "Active Regen" is basically the current regen but tweaked just a little by adding your house regen and a new idea of "guts" "guts" could just be a simple modifier based on something similar to adding all of a ninja's stats Health Offense Defense Generals EM EXP maybe jutsu level somehow If you add all these things your "Guts" would get larger the more you train and play the game it could work something like Awake = Active Regen + [(baseline#)/"Guts"] hospitalized, asleep or afk = Active Regen - static# based on rank, penalize lower ranks less maybe I like the "Guts" idea or something like it regardless because new players get the regen and stronger players don't.
  5. Link

    Remove sleep

    If this were strictly a PvP game there would be no leveling, we would all start at max stats. There would be no EM, missions, random encounters, battle arena, events would all be "go here and fight!",there would be no professions. If this game was strictly PvP it would be like hearthstone.
  6. Link

    Remove sleep

    Chats while asleep is fine, even make tavern chat accessible from anywhere on the map if you ask me. Rename it something like shadow network or whatever ninjas do to communicate over long distances.
  7. Link

    Remove sleep

    I like the idea that sleeping will reduce your regen by a static amount and better houses will reduce the regen reduction of sleeping but never to the point where sleeping regen is = to awake regen. So it might look something like this 100 regen awake 60 regen asleep with no house 74 regen asleep with bungalow 95 regen while sleeping in the best house in the game This model would make crafting professions a little awkward since they have to be sleeping to craft. Maybe the sleeping requirement could be removed from professions and item repairs. It might even be a good idea to reduce the pages you can visit while asleep down to only chats and your inbox. "Guts" factor is a great idea. Gives new/lower exp players a chance to catch up. Needs more detail though
  8. Link

    Remove sleep

    It might work if regen worked in the reverse to where you get the maximum regen possible while awake and sleeping reduces regen? What Lucy said
  9. There would be high rank jutsu from C,J, and EJ so that yes, you have to train some new jutsu. No, you are not unique or getting screwed because of being chuu rank. That's how I imagine it could work. I also think that this whole notion that taijutsu should be weighted towards dmg and less effects while genjutsu is the opposite should be dumped. Make battles much more effect oriented so that when someone buffs thier offense and I debuff their offense the next turn I am rewarded.
  10. Link

    Day vs Night Event

    There was an event?... I'm online all the time and I never noticed any notifications. Was all evidence deleted? What were the prizes? le gasp 24 hour notification before events at least please.
  11. I think Cedzen is right on the money with his post about blowing the rank system open.
  12. I absolutely agree with this. As far as the whole discussion about PvE not having a place in TNR well I think that is just fooey. PvE can be a great pass time, and help prepare for PvP. It increases activity of otherwise non active players which will increase PvP. To say that PvE will not improve PvP, I think, is just misguided. PvE can add new dynamics to gameplay in a way that PvP cannot and vice versa. Even in the current system, PvE map squares are a regular place to check for PvP.
  13. I don't know for sure, but it would seem to me that implementing a sensei feature with benefits will just be an overall bad idea. Don't you guys remember core2? charging for players to be their students, the smaller villages will not have enough sensei and players will quit/leave smaller villages to play in larger ones just so they can have the stat boost. I just don't see how the sensei feature will improve this game for new players, it speeds up training for people who decide to stay genin for the protection. I actually have to turn people down from being my student pretty often because I don't have space but I always am able to help them by answering a question or directing them to the tavern/forum/staff.
  14. I tend to agree that sensei should be left alone mostly. I like Nuktuks idea of a mission activated by the student and finished by the sensei. It could be a daily thing to keep new players logging on. If there were baseline benefits that didn't increase over time I think that would be a better model, otherwise prepare to pay $20 to have a sensei with max stat boosts hahaha
  15. If you built your character around CFH and they remove or change it, that's nobody's fault but your own(similar to me ranking up with assumptions). I agree with everything Tifa is saying. CFH is NOT supposed to guarantee a win for J vs EJ, in fact ranking up is supposed to guarantee a win for EJ vs J or three J with CFH to DKO at end game, at least that's what I had read on here before. It would make 0 sense to rank up to EJ if you lose to J who CFH, absolutely 0 sense. EJ need summons No CFH if you're the aggressor.
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