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  1. Shouten

    Buki users curse

    So ive been using an Item for awhile now and it's never come to be a problem until I beat "Keyla". It's now damage is worse than a paper fan as well as its an village item of Samui. What's the point in adding these feats for buki users if they won't stick to Buki users? We have no stuns no heals 1 round buff and debuffs ... Tai has OP offense and coverage when it comes to stuns buff & debuff.. And effects last longer than a round or two So... How come tai tags are better than Buki? Surely this will get shut down anyways ... But what's the deal with all this? Taking the heals away because I beat your girl (less than 8 hours after beating Keyla weapons just gone) Even my actually damaged dropped or is my account bugged? Seems it's been tampered with IMO If we as Buki users obtain our Heals back that would be great doubt it will Worthy of an attempt Just saying people crying over losing due to me healing 😂😂😭😂 Sounds like a poor gamer to me just cause your with Pana don't mean you will win every battle get off the gas
  2. Shouten

    Unable to repair

    User name: Shouten Priority: med/high Bug effects/how big occurred : unable to repair certain items. Trying to repair my G.A saber it's difficulty increases randomly by 1 I was able to repair it with my iron repair kit, then suddenly it stopped working. Click pic for view of details
  3. That's why I implemented them both. Popcorn points were my original thought,
  4. Why it matters: Provides user something else to do with their Pop corn points besides rolling for scrolls and other items. which scrolls are useless if you have them and can't sell them/care to rank to EJ knowing someone else possibly wants it & can't afford it.(even if using alt for small crimes) How it benefits us: Money involved which you nearly purchase some sort of currency on many ROG games. Allows for the players to purchase Ryo with reps or popcorn points beneficial to the game, as more of more money. Roughly around 1 usd per mil Ryo.(prices can be altered) Also, prevent scams amoungst those who purchase Ryo amoungst other as Mods nor admin could restore the payment if it were to so happen as scams occurs thru such actions
  5. Shouten

    Regen bug

    Yes, I'm well aware of the penalties, which I had already suffered before purchasing our couples home. Making my regen 75.25 I've not been a memeber for a complete day. Though, the penalty shouldn't have any effect upon my GR purchase. Let's say that we take away the 17 regen before my rep purchse. It would have been based at 58.5 roughly.
  6. Shouten

    Regen bug

    Shouten Samui: Buying Regen : Possibly due to me having all 4 forbidden quest active at once Pana has confirmed my account is bugged and that he has to have Terr fix it later today if possible Not sure if this may only be occurring with my account or not. Just a few moments ago I've recently purchase Giant GR which did not give me the proper benefits. I have just moved to Samui. Purchased a couples home(regen was at (75.25) after making the purchase my regen didn't even go up by 10 at all
  7. Those are by far the fire and earth weapon jutsu for EJ that have misspelled words. I will post the others as well once I've looked over them throughly. Which I would need to purchase more reps to do so. Unless TNR staff allows me to try them out wirhiut losing any of my personal reps to figure out bugs and misplaced wordings -thanks for the top Senpai-
  8. I'm currently spamming Flamewake desecration which is special Buki type Compared to most of the weapon jutsu this jutsu is only level 10 as of now. And it's damage is by fa the best for Buki(EJ) users. I doubt I can say that it would require endgame for it to be more effective, assuming once it reaches soft cap the damage and effects should somewhat start to take place doing 1/2 othe percentage as it would be compared to it being hard capped. Though, some of them are broken. I'm currently spamming Flamewake desecration which is special Buki type Compared to most of the weapon jutsu this jutsu is only level 10 as of now. And it's damage is by far the best for Buki(EJ) users. I doubt I can say that it would require endgame for it to be more effective, assuming once it reaches soft cap the damage and effects should somewhat start to take place. Scaling from 1/2 the % as it would be compared to it being hard capped.(if that's correct) Though, some of them are broken. Forbidden jutsu | Special | bloodline | normal Was expecting bloodline jutsu to hit harder, mine seems to do so
  9. Lately my primary EM quest has been completing itself without me doing any of the effort at all. Once I activate it, and hit logbook once more it's already completed without me traveling at all. Only works for my primary though. Not sure if it's buggy because of me activating all 3 of the forbidden jutsu scrolls all at once. I've informed Alba of this, sorry for the late part take in submitting this
  10. Shouten

    Jutsu combat cost

    That could actually be useful. Though if they were to add this feature more than likely it would be listed underneath the jutsu's information. Instead of having it upon the battle front page
  11. Shouten

    C3 Jutsu Thread

    This is not including tai users bloodline jutsu nor the aura assault with a stun/forbidden Taijutsu move Even an AoE stun jutsu. Tai,Buki,nin,gen if correct damage cal. Wise. Tai with the worst of tags. Yet, theirs are better than every offense. Bukijutsu users can't even share a common stun jutsu. Yet alone tai has an AoE stun jutsu. And with tags way bette than any Buki user. Gen users effects should be way better than tai's as well effect wise. Most Taijutsu from what I've seen in the dev forum has higher % in effects. Pana edit: Use spoilers.
  12. Shouten uses the jutsu Summoning: Ninja Chicken Description: Shouten forms hand seals and smashes his hands on the ground. A small puff of smoke blasts of from his hands. The smoke swirls together, forming into a inconspicuous chicken. I will consider that Senpai. Sort of difficult operating from an mobile device Shouten uses the jutsu Rubble Rumble Description: Shouten takes out a Kunai and courses earth-chakra into it. One saturated, Shouten flings the weapon at Living Shadow and forms a single hand-seal, releasing the chakra, shattering it mid-flight. The scrapnel pelts the ground around Living Shadow and each chakra-filled bit of scrap causes small pebbles and rocks around it to burst away, pelting everyone in the vicinity of the impact zone with high-velocity So if this jutsu description was cut off. Though the text error or grammar error is present here. I'm posting these due to nexi asking me to post them here. I was originally just going to on the ones with text errors to someone if higher authority willing to fix the tiny issue with the grammer
  13. Description: Shouten dash away, disappearing and reappearing in seemingly random locations around Lake Guardian, shift his speed till his movements seem more illusionary than real. As Lake Guardian becomes more and more disorientated, Shouten slash his Double Headed Axe from multiple angles. Cut down on Lake Guardian with speed unmatched and strikes that can barely be followed. BBE bloodline jutsu~ I will post the other bloodline jutsu for it. Think it's the chuunin one that has off text. Jutsu should even mention the bloodline more as awakening or mentioning the heritage it's prowess. I mean it it suppose to be the oldest S rank in the game, why not? (personal opinion) I am the last BBE user active. Haha
  14. Description: Forcing fire chakra into his hands, Shouten takes out a Small Metal Fan and infuses courses the chakra into it. Shouten goes into a whirling dance around Living Shadow, waving the now blazing fan in wide, circular arcs as he steps around it, keeping it focused fully on its defense. Fire trails the weapon, burning Living Shadow as the sharp ribs slash and cut it. Sun's torment~
  15. Battle Log 01:57 AM - Round 3 Shouten uses the jutsu Flame Bullet Description: Shouten forces fire chakra into his arm as he grabs a Kunai from his pocket. Feeding some of the fire chakra into the Kunai, Shouten sets it on fire and flings it at Lake Guardian with great speed. The chakra allows the Kunai to accelerate at improbable speeds, blasting towards Lake Guardian as a miniature meteorite Also, this jutsu is named flame bullet yet, it's launched at you as a meteorite. Meteorite strike would be more profound
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