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  1. I got robbed on my bloodline! I got a bukijutsu bloodline. The only problem is that my bukijutsu skill is the lowest skill I have. I also already specialized in ninjutsu... Oh, and before anyone says "just train your bukijutsu higher" the gap between my ninjutsu attack skill and my bukijutsu attack skill is so high I'll almost never catch up, and even if I did I'd be weaker than if I just continued ninjutsu attack training. It's around a 300,000+ point gap!
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    Game reset

    NO! No reset! #Aggro #Triggered >
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    Please excuse my newb ignorance, but I'm confused. Why is the war system broken? What needs to be done to fix it?
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    C3 Stats Thread

    Darkzumi D Missions: 311, Errands Run: 41,942 Offense Taijutsu 10,780; Ninjutsu 54,798; Genjutsu 10; Weapon 1,830 Defense Taijutsu 53,594; Ninjutsu 35,935; Genjutsu 34,490; Weapon 54,601 Generals Strength 9,391; Intelligence 9,664; Speed 11,949; Willpower 9,391 So anytime I get attacked by a random jerkwad while trying to do missions or train, I always lose - usually in only one round. Ninjutsu is obviously my main offense, but it always gets blocked, so I'll contine to train that. I've been trying to train Taijutsu and Weapon defenses more or less equally. I haven't been training my generals at all, been doing D missions to increase those and upping Speed via my occupation gains. My main Ninjutsu attack is Defensive Assault, which is at level 112. What should I focus on training to prevent myself from getting one-shot killed all the time?
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