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  1. I believe the formula was (your ranks base regen + house regen)*(PvP regen/100) In your case: (495 + 14)*(5.1/100) = 25.96 562 + 25.96 = 587.96 This should be your regen per minute while asleep, or 9.8 per second.
  2. Titus


    The same way Shroud declared on us when we were below 45%
  3. Spam clicking registers the attack link faster than a script does, so this won't prove anything.
  4. Titus

    Disabling CFH

    Erida calls me in, Naix calls in Prince and it's still a two for one. Prince even attempted to do so, but was blocked by Kira. Not saying it's fair or that I agree with it, but that's the trade-off, and how it was intended to work, as far as I know. What I'm saying is, is that it can be unfair to both sides depending on how it goes.
  5. For any chance of winning a close 2 vs. 1 battle, I think it should be kept the way it is. 50% would more than likely destroy those chances, imo.
  6. Does that mean he can get his respect days refunded?
  7. Are you supposed to be losing respect days for challenging and losing? It isn't in the manual. The only relevant thing related to it is: But just because challenging a clan leader is the same as for kages, it does not mean that the penalty for losing is the same, as it is not specified. After randomly losing leadership over my clan, I reclaimed it. Insanity pressed the button to challenge me for the role, and we were immediately put into combat after he did so. After him losing, he lost out on 55 respect points. Again, no mention of it. I think there should be a confirmation page before putting you into battle to prevent this from happening by mistake, as Insanity thought there was one. Casanova also said he had lost respect points after challenging Cikon for leadership over Oracle back in the day. Apparently he lost respect points for winning, though. It'd be nice if we actually knew what happens for winning/losing a challenge over clan leadership.
  8. It could be, but the tag does not specify. However, I reckon most will jump to the conclusion that it's a 50% reduction in damage. I don't really like the idea of a 50% reduction in damage either, but that's just what I get from reading the tag.
  9. Username: MephistoZaje, Nagarochi, Prince Location: Combat page Bug's Effects: The reduction on AoE jutsus is inaccurate -> Prince deals 197256 lightning damage to Nagarochi -> Prince deals 177471 lightning damage to MephistoZaje He most definitely is not hitting either one of them for 350k. I believe all AoE jutsus have the same reduction except for Ironwood Forest? How the bug happened/how to reproduce: Engage in combat with 2 other people and use an AoE jutsu on either of them.
  10. As you can see, it reflected both of her elements, and it now reflects more damage than it did before. I don't know what you find interesting about dying in 1 hit.
  11. Wasn't there supposed to be an option implemented in your preferences to allow you to choose between SF and exp? It's only allowing you to sort by SF atm.
  12. https://gyazo.com/6f0130f898f5b4ba6a3c46da1ec31c51 This may not be a bug since she was called on on round 4 and she needed to last to round 8 in order to call, but how is this even fair? lol SF calculation is crap. There was no way for her to live long enough to call. I recall you being able to call the turn after on the dev server. When MephistoZaje called in Evoli against Gengar, he was able to call me in the turn after.
  13. I meant that the SF he could call in was reduced when calling because it's not taking your current hp at the time of calling. To break down that post, I believe he's saying that your SF is always calculated by your max hp when you get into combat, to prevent people from purposely attacking somebody while they're damaged, so that they can cfh. Your team SF does, indeed, change when someone has answered your call, but the the max SF of the person you can call in is what is getting lowered. This is due to the fact that the system isn't taking your current hp when calling, but rather your total hp, lowering the max SF you can call in. Your RSF is what determines whether or not you're able to call on your opponent and on what round.
  14. RSF stays constant throughout the battle, it's based off of you and your opponents' SF. It's currently taking your max hp at the time of calling, as opposed to your current hp - which is how it is intended to be. That's why Nuk's SF dropped as well, and why people are unable to call in people of relevant strength to themselves.
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