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  1. (ooc: Back. Sorry for the long delay~) It would be a lie to say that Juniko was not surprised at all at the sudden disappearance of their opponents. That posse was truly like a sudden burst of wind. Just as they randomly appeared, they randomly dissipated. She at least gave them props to knowing that going against Shin and herself was something way over their heads. The young kunoichi merely blinked at the giant of a man before shaking her head. Oh the egos of shinobi these days. And them with no skills to back it up at that. Sometimes it made her wish she no longer had to deal with the people of this earth. "They were quite...overzealous," she commented as azure orbs looked straight into Shins. Despite the recent happenings, those three stooges were the last things on her mind. As of now she was beginning to become rather curious of her temporary "comrade". He was shown to have immense strength just like her, though on top of that it was clear that he was able to open up to at least three gates without breaking a sweat. And Juniko thought that she had an unbelievably high endurance. This guy was a monster. "You fight well," she commented, a compliment escaping her lips being a happening most unusual.
  2. Sounds like a plan. Do you think Hayato can be in good shape (in terms of the basics) by the end of June? I kind of want to have him attend the med-nin exam haha.
  3. She was glad that the man besides her understood the necessity of moving the fight outside without hesitation. It seemed as though there was some sense left in the world. As the Sannin walked alongside the giant, the gaze of her eyes immediately flashed from the ration sparking swordsman to the red headed female. Indeed these opponents were stronger than the average shinobi. However, they still seemed to lack the power needed to even contend with the particular duo of Shin and Juniko. As the redhead clapped her hands together resulting in a large heat wave, this was immediately stopped by a circle of ice. As the heated force hit the ice barrier, an instant hissing sound erupted followed by a heavy circular stream of surrounding steam. The ice formations successfully canceled out the force of the katon jutsu in exchange for being completely melted upon contact. Juniko simply stood there, a sly almost condescending expression on her face before leaving Shin to deal with the two swordsman bodyguards. With the movements of the young woman's figure obscured from her opponent's eyes due to the surrounding wall of steam, the kunoichi flashed through a series of hand seals as she pushed forward towards the red head. At this time, a few other locals emerged from side streets and took a stance behind both Shin and Juniko. They had been abused and taken advantage of by the red head's organization for so long, that enough was enough. Nobody in the past had been strong enough to deal with this organization, but with these two new strangers now in town, a new kind of hope for the villagers arisen. A few of these villagers had the abilities of a genin level doton shinobi. In order to help the two travelers fighting this battle, the villagers were willing to do everything in their power to protect the surrounding buildings. At least that would be one less thing Shin and Juniko would have to think of.
  4. I am in no way arguing against your decision for denying me permission to have kage bunshin, and I respect your choice. Though I would very much appreciate a reason as to why I would not be fit for the technique. This is so I can at least be given a chance to work on completing whatever I lack in terms of qualifications.
  5. Hello. Not sure if i'm doing this right, but I might as well give it a shot in the dark~ I would like to request permission to have my Sannin Takashima, Juniko learn Kage Bunshin. Although she doesn't seem to have any open A ranks left, I am intending to sacrifice one of my open S ranks for this technique. The reasoning behind allowing her to learn this is that she has been exposed to the technique more than once. In the past her sensei Renato had exposed her to this technique, as well as had multiple exposure throughout her lifetime through NPC threads and events. I would link you guys to these threads, though I guess a lot of the threads of my time have been deleted. The second reason is that she is one of the highest ranking shinobi of Nagare who has also never shown a sign of disloyalty to the village. With Nagare being one of the most heavily attacked village in all of Seichi history, I think it would be reasonable to allow one of it's strongest ninja to help defend the village in any way he or she can. To do this, learning Kage Bunshin would be ideal since "Juniko" can be in multiple places at once in the event of a village invasion. She has good ties with the current Kazekage, who I would imagine would have access to a scroll to teach her Kage Bunshin since he does have Kage Bunshin Tai no Bakuhatsu himself. I know that the profile I linked says that she is a tai spec, though I am currently in the process of re-vamping her into a Nin/Tai. I would just like to know if I can have access to this technique before I go further with anything since it decides how I go along with my plans. Thanks for taking your time to read this. Mod Approvals: 1. 2. 3.
  6. So..what's a Catus XD. I'm sure you meant cats? I googled catus just in case it really was an animal I didn't know about, and got redirected to "cactus". Animal speech with Cactuars!
  7. So yeah, no more posting while sleep deprived for me XDDDDD
  8. Added in the clause that it can only be used as clothing. It can be layered with something else sine I intend to make this my armor. I am not going to be running around in a nylon body suit unless I make her the iPod dancer logo xD. And also since I think the clause was skipped over, I am given resistance to a temperature change that is one rank below that of the slot cost the clothing this material will be made into. It in no way can "get away with resistance to all temperature techs that match to the assigned slot", nor "gains immunity to all adverse effects of temperatures". Just for clarification :3 Never the less, perhaps a compromise can be made by adding another draw back and removing a strength? - I removed the protection against Hyouton - Added the clause that this material in exchange for its passive heat/raiton protection, makes itself extremely cold. Heat is sapped from the user's body, bringing their core temperature down to an extremely cold level. Prolonged use will cause the average body to go into shock and before succumbing to hypothermia.
  9. Why don't you do a joint exam? If the chuunin exams are the same as I remember, there should be three different stages, right? Maybe each person should be responsible for one of the stages similar to how they did it in the cannon. I'll be less work for one person as well. This also gives the chuunin exams multiple different views/directions to prevent things from seeming the same. But yeah this is from an old timer just trying to get used to today's modern system.
  10. we have a useless kunoichi and my pansy shinobi...Yay nagare team XD
  11. Either way, I did add a second clause saying that this can't be put in a profile unless app'ed in a separate item. Not sure if this helps, but thought I'd do a shot in the dark lol. And you feel old? I'm still in the age BEFORE legendaries were made official >_<; *flails arms*
  12. Technically Insulate itself will not take a slot cost. A slot cost will only happen once a person makes some sort of clothing or whatever out of it. And even then, it's not the textile that will require the slot, but rather the clothing item itself. I just want to make it clear that no matter what kind of clothing is made out of this material, the slot rank of it will always be at least a B.
  13. That makes it much clearer. I added an item rank then since the item rank only limits the rank of ninja allowed to use the material. I also added in some other things to hopefully clarify my points.
  14. 1. Oops LOL. I accidentally left the flame retardant aspect in the description after the first couple drafts xD 2. I'm aiming for the temperature defense to be passive in exchange for it being easily destroyed by pretty much anything (for real, it can be torn by a regular kunai, any kind of cutting wind, having it stretched too much, it can be burned off with direct contact with fire, it probably can even be torn if thrown in the washing machine and not dry-cleaned) besides being baked or placed in the freezer. 3. It's strictly for clothing use. 4. It's the slot rank of the item that the person makes this material into. Example, if the user creates a cape with this material that requires a B slot, then the cape will be able to withstand temperature/raiton damage of C ranks and below. The same concept of making a...Nylon hat (LOL) that takes up an A rank slot, it can withstand temperatures/raiton damage of B ranks and below. Any item that this material is made into however, should automatically cost at least a B rank, but can build up from there in the app. process. Can you explain the difference between balancing something as an item rank and slot rank to me please? To me they're the same thing haha.
  15. Item Name: Insulate Item Type: Material (fabric/textile) Item Rank: B Dimensions: N/A Weight: Nylon Appearance: Nylon-esque appearance Specialties: Insulate is a treated insulated fabric which is designed to prevent any kind of drastic heat change. This material is resistant to the temperature change of katon and can disperse raiton. The heat rank or ration rank of jutsus that it can defend against is one rank below the rank of the item this material is made into. However it's main purpose is to protect against the dangers of harsh climate changes for travelers, preventing the traveler's body from overheating. It's the ultimate cooling material. Unfortunately, because of the the high focus of temperature resistance, this material is extremely vulnerable to tearing or cutting since even a glancing kunai or a strong focused punch can cause the material to easily split. It's flexible, but if it is stretched too much, it is easily torn. Although the material is also aimed to protect against the temperature change, the material itself is not protected from being burned/singed through in direct contact with fire no matter what rank the fire is classified. The material in exchange for its passive heat or raiton protection, also makes itself extremely cold. Heat is sapped from the user's body, bringing their core temperature down to an extremely cold level. Prolonged use will cause the average body to go into shock and before succumbing to hypothermia. It can come in an assortment of colors/patterns Slot Cost: B+ *Notes* - In order to use this material one has to incorporate it into an applied item. You can't simply tack this onto a profile by itself. - It's strictly for clothing - This stuff can easily be destroyed by pretty much anything besides being baked or electrocuted. For real, it can be torn by a regular kunai/shuriken/butter knife, any kind of cutting wind, having it stretched too much, it can be burned off with direct contact with fire, it might even be torn if thrown in the washing machine and not dry-cleaned, etc. - To clarify the burning/singe through limitation, the Takashima can walk in between two fires fine, though the moment the fire touches the material it'll instantly burn off that area, leaving them defenseless. Owner: Takashima Clan
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