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  1. *looking at this thread like "A wild _____ appeared!"*
  2. Modern computers do not exist, though first generation computers do (think room sized computers that work with a few bits at a time). You can check specifics in the Weapon and Item Handbook under "Technological Limitations." Guns don't really exist in Seichi. OOCly they have balance problems and ICly they are too lame in comparison to the abilities of ninja to succeed. We do have crossbows and stuff though. The limits are also found in the same section I linked to above.
  3. There used to be more, but it basically made everyone able to just go jutsu heavy with only a few levels given to those stats. Now to make a jutsu heavy ninja you need to work for it, and even then, once you reach the higher levels, getting to 10-15 of rank jutsu is more than enough for 1v1 fights against RPCs of the same level.
  4. You don't need to max out a single stat right away you know. You can up another stat instead. As for why low level characters have smaller chakra pools, that's because they are basically still starting out and don't have the experience required to have a big pool or good chakra control in the first place. Even in 4.0 lower ranked/leveled characters will have less chakra available than others who are higher ranked/leveled.
  5. *burns the snow, makes it spread* Because yes
  6. Snoooooooooooow We only got a couple inches. I am le sad
  7. They do not affect the character. Only jutsu and leveling up a stat via stat points will make your RPC faster. As for training with weights, it is something that can be stated in thread that those are there.
  8. Since this is a new character, you can change your 3 free D rank jutsu for each style to whatever you like. Unfortunately, you do not have the training required for having other jutsu and will just have to RP it out like the rest of us! This does mean that you can learn C rank ninjutsu. You just have to train for it.
  9. You must be this old *points to scale* to ride the relic coaster.
  10. *throws fire snow at pana* Because I am Blaze and throwing regular snow would be out of character
  11. 1) Don't get rid of my snow. I like snowboarding 2) As Ryou stated 3) ooo politics. #FeelTheBern
  12. Approved to start. You may NPC by yourself.
  13. Open but not especially active. But we are here and ready for people to be active.
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