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  1. The EJ special genjutsu has a heal of 2.3% of damage(at level 100) 4.6%@200 Multiple jounin and even the chuunin heal genjutsu has a higher heal than this EJ special jutsu also,the Bloodline jutsu(for Skybreak Dragon ) Darkcloud is plagued with a similar horribly low residual damage,even at lvl 100 and 200 the res damage is beyond negligible. My problem? The jutsu Kraken Gaze and Dark cloud has effects far beyond their counterpart for other offenses,especially considering genjutsu is suppose to have the higher baseline for effects. My question is,why is it that at lvl 100 Kraken gaze will be healing less than a lvl 20 jounin heal ninjutsu(shatternstone was it?)(really any heal jutsu will work as an example) So, can someone explain to me the balance behind these 2 jutsu having such negligible Effects at EJ rank? the time and investment it would take to get these both to lvl 100 chakra and ryo wise is not worth it for the end reward of what they seem to give(I can't comment on the residual dmg for kraken gaze since I haven't unlocked it either,but I can't imagine its anything amazing due to the current trend with heal/residual genjutsu at jounin/ej) *But..Zaney senpai obviously it will heal more at endgame* I can't comment on endgame damage,but lets put it into a perspective I can predict and comment on,say a month from now I'll be dealing 100k damage average,I'll be healing 2.3k(a month from now we'll prob have close to 600k hp) 2.3k dmg healed 100k damage dealt,enemy Nin user does 40k and heals 3k health,at more damage they'd have outhealed me with a normal jutsu,vs me using a special jutsu(of the highest rank) and probably hitting higher. Same can be said for the Bloodline jutsu with its horrible Residual damage,at lvl 100 and 200 the res will still be in the hundreds for first turn. *Ok..ok..But..it has 3 effect effect tags so they can't all be op* Yea ok,I can't even say fair enough because this is either poor farsight from a design perspective or just one big overlook balancing wise. So lets say with 3 effect tags we have 1 value that all 3 effect tags should make up,to keep it balanced or inline. lets say this value is 100 So lets distribute it using 100 as the value 50 to offense debuff 25 to res 25 to heal seems fair right?wrong instead of having 3 effects,what you end up with is some poorly bred mongrel of a jutsu the heal and Res are now useless,and the only useful thing is the offense debuff,essentially it says 3 effects,but really it only has one. the problem is that,with the values on the heal/residual being so low,they don't scale the same as say a general/deff buffer/debuffer 2.3% debuff/buff scales better than a meager 2.3% heal based off damage. tl;dr:Give jutsu one or 2 properly distributed tags or just one tag,rather than 3 or 2 tags with only one being useful.
  2. I think there is a problem with how fast you get deleted for having less than 10 members,since it's definitely not the activity points thing,we got over 200 in one day. Also if it's a member thing,some other bug prevents a few of them from even joining,so we'd need an admin to manually put them in to even gather all 10 players.
  3. The user KakashiUchiha is also affected by this same bug,neither can join the new clan.
  4. zaney

    Anbu Squad question

    ah,ok. Anyone has any idea about the anbu hospital reduction system,is it working?
  5. zaney

    Clan jutsu question

    But currently Darken says he can't,so is the function not implemented yet?
  6. Username:Uchihalelouch Location:id=9&act=clans&act2=clandetail&cid=29 Priority:High Bug's Effects:Clan deleted after making How the bug happened/how to reproduce:Shroud kage created a new clan,it later got deleted after an hour of being up *If its not possible to get the clan restored,would like the clan remade with the same Clan Name,and the element set to water.
  7. what does this mean exactly? is this different than the preset clan jutsu available already? also a new clan was created and no option to chose what jutsu would be available to it was given.
  8. Username:Lelouch Location:clanStatus Priority:med Bug's Effects:Kage not allowed to chose clan element How the bug happened/how to reproduce:Created new Clan,set element to random Village is shroud Clan:Uchiha(current element is Earth) Element we would like it to be changed to if this gets fixed is Water.
  9. zaney

    Anbu Squad question

    Currently Elite rank and nothing apart from soldier pills have been unlocked,is there anything above elite rank?
  10. "Access restrictions prevents you from accessing this location. Be sure to check your current location. Return" not fixed. but at least it appears now.
  11. zaney

    C3 Jutsu Thread

    Ah,so that means they probably just add a static value then(Armor buff jutsu) since assuming you don't have armor,% value of 0 is 0. Ok thanks.
  12. Username:Lelouch Location:?id=95 Priority:low Bug's Effects:No anbu chat when inbattle How the bug happened/how to reproduce: Walk outside of village,Anbu chat vanishes from communication menu,it's also not available when in battle.
  13. zaney

    C3 Jutsu Thread

    So Armor effect jutsu only work vs people with Armor?
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